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Brain Slam Giveaway – win tix to Finbar’s Live Comedy Quiz Show




Are you free tomorrow night? That’s Wednesday June 24 – go check, quick!


Cancel whatever you had planned because we have 4x Brain Slam tix to give away, valued at $20 each!


All you need to do is LIKE ClapTrap Comedy & XS Entertainment on Facebook and tell us in the comments below why you need a night of fun comedy, woodfired pizzas, AND drinks with friends at Finbar’s Live Comedy Quiz Show BRAIN SLAM.


See Sam Coward & Clayton Storey battle it out with Cardie Boyle and Howie Tampling tomorrow night at Finbar’s Lounge Bar, Maleny, in an all-new live comedy quiz show featuring Quizmaster, Simon Denver. (He’s a little concerned because he knows SAM WILL CHEAT!).





Two teams battle it out in a fiery contest of knowledge and wit!

Join them at Finbar’s on Wednesday 24th June to see Quizmaster Simon Denver host the next comedy night, where he challenges two teams to out-wit and out-knowledge each other (out-knowledge, wait…is that even a word?)!



brainslam_miniSpecial Guests include Sam Coward (Hot 91 FM’s Breakfast DJ), Clayton Storey (if you’ve been to a comedy at Finbar’s you’ll know who he is), Howie Tampling (South East Maleny’s 12th Sharpest Mind) and Cardie Boydell (technically she’s a doctor, so that’s kind of scared everyone else a bit), and of course, your Quizmaster Simon Denver (playwright and director, and he ‘reckons his mum once said he’s a bit of a legend).



This is a panel show not unlike Spicks & Specks, QI, and Never Mind the Buzzcocks, so come out, sit back and find out if the contestants make a fool out of the Quizmaster, their competition or themselves!



Not to mention all the perks of Finbar’s Lounge Bar and Jen’s Famous Woodfired Pizzas!


Please note this is an 18+ event due to language and concepts.






ClapTrap Comedy is about creating opportunities for both lovers of comedy as well as comedians themselves.


A successful comedy industry is about professional comedians being employed but also allowing comedy to be affordable for everyone who wants to get out and watch a bit of live stand-up. This is the aim of ClapTrap Comedy. Affordability for the audience, but also sustainability for the comedy industry.


The comedy industry in Australia is thriving with some of the best talent IN THE WORLD – and the world deserves to experience it. These are hard working people, and talented writers & performers. A true asset to Australian society. The world needs comedians. Not so much to lighten up, but to see things from a different perspective.



LIKE ClapTrap Comedy & XS Entertainment on Facebook and COMMENT BELOW. Winners will be notified via email.




The breakdown you have when you’re not having a breakdown and why I need a break


Life is crazy.


We are busy.


Craaazy busy.


It’s not new news. We’ve always been busy. Sometimes I delight in it (I’m easily bored).


I often hashtag #crazybusy and #xsneverstops but I don’t often stop to contemplate the implications of this. The other day I hashtagged #xsneverstopsbutxsmightneedto


This is why.


Last week I crashed my car. I was tired, I was at a roundabout, I looked and then didn’t look again quite soon enough, and I hit the girl in front of me. She had gone to go and she stupidly/safely, thinking better of it, had suddenly stopped again. Fuck! I knew I had no insurance and I was about to discover that neither had she. Ordinarily I wouldn’t be near enough to hit her. Ordinarily I wouldn’t be too tired to drive. Ordinarily I would have listened to that little inner voice inside of me that said when I got out of bed that morning, “Do the school run and go back to bed. Enough already. Stop.” Instead, largely because I’ve always associated that little voice with the onset of a migraine, I blinked, dressed, continued to ignore the little voice sans migraine, and headed to yet another event that followed hot on the heels of our 10 days and nights of fabulous Noosa Long Weekend Festival events.


For the last few days, while my car has been out of action, I’ve been in Toowoomba, where my grandparents have lived for as long as I can remember. (Of course there is history beyond that, before the beginning of my memory, and it’s an interesting story but it doesn’t matter for the moment).


I used to think of Toowoomba as a town of schools and churches but now I realise it’s actually an aged care mecca.




My grandfather is 96 years old. My grandmother is 83. Grandpa still lives at home, and so did Grandma until she contracted pneumonia and suffered a serious fall last week, which put her into hospital and meant that the discussions about aged care facilities began again. Grandpa is actually still fairly “independent”. It’s as bewildering as it is impressive. He’s almost blind but he knows where everything is…as long as he’s in his own home. He sometimes spills the sugar when he’s making his tea but there is always somebody around at some stage to help clean it up.




I should tell you, I’m very late to this party – the discussions actually began over five years ago – tentatively at first, and then, just two years ago, application forms were requested, facilities were visited and with great diplomacy and delicacy, the subject of moving to a care facility was broached again with Grandpa, who wouldn’t hear of it. Of course not. Stupid, really. What were they thinking? Or, in his words, I’M NOT GOING ANYWHERE.


Last week Grandma suffered a fall and discovered that simply breathing was difficult. Mum and I have visited every day and each day, although there have been some ups and downs, she seems brighter and livelier, even “bubbly” and “ready to come home next week!” You can imagine the twinkle in Grandpa’s eye as he says this, knowing he wins, again. This, after so much talk (so many tears to hold back!), of not returning home but going into a home, and Mum’s sister, and Mum and I persisting with ongoing comparative studies of no less than eleven places in town (and well outside of it! “Highfields? Hmphf! Too far!”). Sometimes one of them will agree, “Oh yes, that does sound nice, doesn’t it?” And I feel like I’ve been here before. Oh wait. I have been. Different party, same theme, starring Sam’s mum. Good to have had a rehearsal. From one decision to another, and back again. It can drive a person crazy! The next part of the decision making process is obviously about letting go and taking a step back from the process itself. Ultimately, once again, the decision is rightfully Grandma’s and Grandpa’s. We might just need to change how we feel about giving them the space and time to work things out for themselves. To fumble with the remote control. To lose things, forget things. To spill the sugar. To see out their days in the comparative comfort of their own home…




Some of the homes are actually lovely and others are, well, best left out of the conversation. You can tell when you walk into a place, whether or not somebody you love might like to spend the rest of their days and nights there. There is the matter of design, décor, landscaping, meals prepared on the premises, coffee shops, colours, smells, and warmly lit (or not) corridors to consider. There are either happy, smiling people working there and living there, or there are not. There are fees. And there are admission processes. And then there is Centrelink. Since July 1 2014 a whole lot has changed, making it difficult for families and administrators to fill the rooms available. That’s right. The rooms are there but most places won’t admit a person until Centrelink has processed a particular portion of the paperwork, which could mean a wait time of up to 10 weeks. Meanwhile, there are rooms – empty rooms. And conflicting information and advice from each facility and government agency. It makes it all so much more difficult. Stop. Spoiler alert!



That leads me to letting you know that I’m bowing out for a bit. I’m continuing to rely on our wonderful team of reviewers to keep up with the Brisbane scene. I still love theatre, I love seeing the shows, and I love having the conversations about them, but I need to take care of a few other things at the moment, including family matters, our growing business (hooray!) and also, me. I’ll keep doing some teaching, which earns me more money than reviewing (ie some as opposed to none), I’ll keep posting the reviews our writers submit, and I might even stick around on social media. I still love Instagram. I’m going to let you know about our upcoming events, including the Sunshine Coast Theatre Festival (with special guest adjudicator Margi Brown Ash!), Keep Calm and Cabaret, and the launch of my sister’s book Dress, Memory and Brisbane Writers Festival. But this writer needs to get back to writing…and sitting and reading and dreaming, and drinking cups of tea with friends, and getting to know our child and her friends, and growing our food and talking with the chickens and walking on the beach.


I’ll see the things the Matilda Committee needs me to see and I’ll see the things I desperately want to see. It might not be your thing and for that I’m sorry, but not really, because I’m truly completely and utterly exhausted. Physically, mentally, emotionally drained. And frankly, I’m disappointed that you didn’t make it to see our recent things. They were really good. I know. Too busy. TOO FAR! (Insert the sigh of one who knows she is beaten by apathy more than by distance or time-poor existence). It’s okay. Really. You have your own stuff to work on too. Everybody, keep doin’ the work. There will always be someone (nearer) to see it.


If you’re a Brisbane based writer and lover of theatre do email me, or find me on Facebook or Twitter. We’d love to have you on board.



And that’s a wrap! Noosa Long Weekend Festival 2014


And that’s a wrap! Noosa Long Weekend Festival 2014

 #NLWF2014 #NLWF14 #NLW14




We’re back! But if you’ve been following on social media, you won’t have missed us at all! We’ve been tweeting and instagramming for the last 10 days from the 13th Noosa Long Weekend Festival! And what a festival!


Oh yeah. Right. There are still some theatre and cabaret reviews to catch up on…dating back to MAY. I KNOW. I’M APPALLED BY ME TOO.


But those will have to wait a little longer because you should really know what you’ve missed out on SO YOU CAN BOOK EARLY FOR NEXT YEAR’S NOOSA LONG WEEKEND FESTIVAL! Lock it in!


Noosa Long Weekend Festival July 17 – 26 2015


There really is nothing like a Noosa Long Weekend – it’s 10 days of warm winter sunshine, beautiful beaches, the best accommodation, bars and restaurants, and top shopping, arts, literature, forums, food and fun! I honestly don’t know why you’d be anywhere else.


XS Entertainment has been involved before – we took Erotique to NLWF12 after sell-out seasons in a Mooloolaba shop front and at the Sydney Fringe Festival in 2010. We had developed Erotique after staging Arthur Schnitzler’s La Ronde, and never felt satisfied with the woman’s character, played at various times by Sharon Grimley and Sarah McMahon (and in Schnitzler’s original script was written as a male character, a fop; we hated him). The Woman we created was elusive but she’d been so strongly brought to life by Sharon, and then by Sarah, we couldn’t let her rest. Or, she wouldn’t let us rest. Sam proposed a new show, which would focus on The Woman, and he cast the three of us to play her – Sharon Grimley, Stephanie Brown and me. Steph was also engaged to choreograph the show, and once I faced facts and realised I was too busy (or too distracted) to write the thing myself, we collaborated beautifully and each wrote our own monologues and selected our own songs.


As far as process goes, Sam and I love to work this way, allowing the performers to sing the flesh onto the bones of their characters and discover for themselves why they end up doing what they do. Sam hasn’t always directed this way – he used to be bossier! I’ve loved seeing him discover a magical relationship mantra that goes something like, “Watch, listen, trust, adjust.” He didn’t tell me that, it’s just what I see. Perhaps he’ll disagree. We often disagree and so the two of us working together is not always ideal. The rehearsal studio can get quite heated at times, and it’s not anything to do with the eroticism of the show! Due to its adult content, this show has been particularly challenging to rehearse at home, where an eight-year old has learned to come to terms with getting her own dinner, tidying the kitchen and disappearing to put herself to bed twice a week. We don’t want that to ever happen again. However, everyone has certainly appreciated Poppy’s newly acquired barista skills. She was even making money from the Managing Carmen cast, who left a tip for her at the end of the night!


I don’t consider dancing to be my strongest point so Steph’s fabulous choreography was challenging for me. (With any luck, those of you who saw the show wouldn’t have known!). Don’t expect me to take on a dance role again anytime soon, although if I continue to get enquiries I’ll consider giving Burlesque classes. Seriously. Hopefully we’ll see some of those enquiring aspiring strippers work really hard before October on stylishly shedding their layers and singing and chatting away for our inaugural Keep Calm and Cabaret competition because here’s the thing: let’s keep the styles evolving. Some of the best feedback we got from audience members at Diabolique was:


I love the old burlesque but I love your new burlesque more.


You girls can sing!


The character was so strong and the story was so beautiful and sad we forgot you were nearly naked!


This is theatre to make you think.


It’s theatre on a high wire.


This is cabaret? I like this cabaret!


Highly sophisticated.




Beautiful theatre.






We were lucky to have Travis MacFarlane stop by to design our lighting after just one viewing of the show.


Of course the audiences responded to Managing Carmen in an entirely different way. The production was cleverly staged, just as beautifully lit, and so funny, starring Frank Wilkie, Adam Flower, Simon Denver, Marina de Jager and Ashleigh Muekenberger.


“It was hard,” says Sam, of directing two productions at once. “The greatest challenge” he says, “was to keep two teams who were very different in nature, in style and in preparation, in my head at the one time.”


“I’m very proud to again prove that local talent can mix with our national and international talent. We can hold our own.”


I’ll offer some more reflections on the festival along the way, as we catch up on the reviews that are missing here.


In the meantime, check out Barry Alsop’s Eyes Wide Open Images from Noosa Long Weekend Festival 2014! Cheers!





Queensland Theatre – The Best of 2013

Queensland Theatre – The Best of 2013




Before 2014 really gets started (I know! It already has! Is it really nearly February?), I thought I’d post this. If you’re new to my blog, welcome! And welcome back, old friends! Sam and I are so busy already this year, with far too many events to tell you about here; an XS Update will have to come next! This post is just to take a moment to look at what we saw last year…and it was more than I thought!



XS Entertainment reviews theatre in Queensland. By Queensland we actually mean Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. And by reviews theatre we mean responds to theatre. Occasionally, when we get the chance to travel, we write up the productions we see elsewhere. (Only very occasionally because, as you see from my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds, my other roles in life are FOODIE, TOURIST, SHOPPER, FRIEND, WIFE & MAMA)… #xsneverstops #theadventuresofpoppy


This is the first time in five years of seeing a lot of theatre (I’ve been blogging about it for three), that I’ve actually considered how many productions we’ve managed to get to in a year! (Did I miss any? Let me know, below in the comments). It just goes to show how much good stuff is going on, especially in Brisbane.



Now look, it would take even longer to include the links to our reviews here (and I wanted to post this before QTC’s first show of their 2014 season AUSTRALIA DAY) so if you want to re-read something, search the title of the production using the Search bar to bring up any posts that make mention of the show you’re looking for.


You’ll see that in 2013 we had a great deal of help from our fantastic team of reviewers, so that we could cover as much as possible. My sincere thanks to the producers, presenters, publicists and venues who made that possible. And biggest thanks and love to our stellar team of reviewers! If you’d like to join the team and review some live theatre in 2014 (Gold Coast and Toowoomba peeps, I’m looking at YOU!), do send your bio and writing samples to


We don’t do awards but does so you can nominate, and then vote for, your favourite creatives here


Also, I have news about another lot of awards, which I can’t tell you about yet! #sorrynotsorry #vagueblogging


In the meantime, check out the 2013 Sydney Theatre Award winners and consider the merit of awarding any “achievement” in the arts… What do you really think about awarding our artists?



So sans trophies and titles, here are my favourite productions, in no particular order, from 2013


Venus in Fur – QTC (QPAC)

Other Desert Cities – Black Swan Theatre Co (QPAC)

The Mountaintop – MTC (I know, it was a MELBOURNE THEATRE COMPANY production and it was one of the best of 2013 so I’m taking the liberty of including it here. I can’t wait to see what QTC do with it this year).

Animal Farm – shake & stir (QPAC)

Tequila Mockingbird – shake & stir (QPAC)

Rumour Has It: Sixty Minutes Inside Adele – The Little Red Company

(Judith Wright Centre)

Motherland – Ellen Belloo & Metro Arts (Metro Arts)

White Rabbit Red Rabbit – WTF (Brisbane Powerhouse)

Le Foulard – (Brisbane Powerhouse)

Driving Miss Daisy (QPAC)




FOOD – La Boite (La Boite)

Meow Meow – Noosa Long Weekend Festival (The J)

Strange Attractor – SRT & Noosa Arts Theatre (Noosa Arts Theatre)

West Side Story – Noosa Arts Theatre (Noosa Arts Theatre)

The Pitch & The China Incident – QTC (QPAC)

I Heart Alice Heart I – WTF (Brisbane Powerhouse)

Carmen Sweet – EDC (QPAC)

Slava’s Snowshow – (QPAC)

ARGUS – Dead Puppet Society & Powerkidz (Brisbane Powerhouse)


This is the theatre XS Entertainment saw in 2013



South Pacific – Gordon Frost Organisation (QPAC)

Out Damn Snot! – shake & stir (La Boite)

Strange Attractor – SRT & Noosa Arts Theatre (Noosa Arts Theatre)

The Illusionists – Tim Lawson (QPAC) (Meredith McLean)


Lisa McCune & Teddy Tahu Rhodes. Image by Jeff Busby.



The Pirate Show – XS Entertainment (See Function Centre)

A Night With The Mob – XS Entertainment & Free Spirit Entertainment (Sol Bar)

Driving Miss Daisy – (QPAC)

A Doll House – WTF & (Brisbane Powerhouse)

Parah – WTF & (Brisbane Powerhouse)

The Pitch and The China Incident – QTC (QPAC)

The Economist – WTF & MKA (Brisbane Powerhouse)

White Rabbit Red Rabbit – WTF & (Brisbane Powerhouse)

Holding The Man – La Boite (La Boite)

Gob Squad’s Kitchen – WTF & (Brisbane Powerhouse)

I Heart Alice Heart I – WTF & (Brisbane Powerhouse)

The Last Supper – WTF & (Brisbane Powerhouse)

Propel – EDC (Bille Brown Studio)





Matilda Awards – Matilda Committee & Gardens Theatre (Gardens Theatre)

Cavalia – Normand Latourelle (The White Big Top)

End of the Rainbow – QTC (QPAC)

Legally Blonde – (QPAC)

SPANK! The Fifty Shades Parody – AB Presents (Twelfth Night Theatre)

Veronica’s Room – Lind Lane Theatre (The Lind)

Travels With My Aunt – Noosa Arts Theatre (Noosa Arts Theatre)

Infinite Space – Melbourne Ballet Co (Nambour Civic Centre)

Tell Me On A Sunday – Harvest Rain (Mina Parade) (Michelle Bull)

Escape From The Breakup Forest – Mixtape Theatre Collective (Judith Wright Centre) (Meredith McLean)


Christen O'Leary



Herstory – Imogen Kelly & Judith Wright Centre (Judith Wright Centre)

Legally Blonde – Ambassador Theatre Group & John Frost (QPAC)

The Orange Grove – Sue Davis & Noosa Arts Theatre (Noosa Arts Theatre)

FOOD – La Boite (La Boite)

Next To Normal – Oscar Theatre Co & QPAC (QPAC)

Le Foulard – Brisbane Powerhouse (Brisbane Powerhouse)

Rumour Has It: Sixty Minutes Inside Adele (The Little Red Company) (Judith Wright Centre)

The Poof Downstairs (Powerhouse) (Guy Frawley)





Hot Shoe Shuffle – David Atkins Enterprises (QPAC) (Stephanie Brown)

A Tender Thing – (Brisbane Powerhouse)

The Pirate Show – XS Entertainment (See Function Centre)

The BFG – Inside Out Theatre Co (The Lind)

The DAM(N) Project – (Qld Con)

Animal Farm – shake & stir (QPAC)

Sons of Sin – The Danger Ensemble & Judith Wright Centre (Judith Wright


Guys and Dolls – MFAC (Matthew Flinders Performance Centre)

National One-Act Playwriting Competition Noosa One-Act Play Festival – Noosa

Arts Theatre & Noosa Long Weekend (Noosa Arts Theatre)

Mother Courage and Her Children – QTC (QPAC) (Meredith McLean)

A Clockwork Orange – Action to the Word (QPAC) (Meg Ham)

The Ten Tenors – (Guy Frawley)

The Séance – La Boite Indie (La Boite) (Meredith McLean)

UTA Uber Kool Ja – (Guy Frawley)

Of the Causes of Wonderful Things (Powerhouse) (Guy Frawley)

Perfect Tripod (Powerhouse) Guy Frawley

Briefs: The Second Coming (Powerhouse) (Guy Frawley)





4 Seasons In 1 Night Starring Bobby Fox – Noosa Long Weekend Festival (The J)

Circa Zoo: Wonderland – Noosa Long Weekend Festival (The J)

Tom Sharah: It’s Raining Me – Noosa Long Weekend Festival (The J)

Julie, Madly, Deeply – Noosa Long Weekend Festival (The J)

Que-Reste-t’il? Starring Robyn Archer – Noosa Long Weekend Festival (The J)

Happiness – Noosa Long Weekend Festival (The J)

Carmen Suite and R&J – Noosa Long Weekend Festival (The J)

Chaplin – Noosa Long Weekend Festival (The J)

Meow Meow – Noosa Long Weekend Festival (The J)

Rumour Has It: Sixty Minutes Inside Adele – Noosa Long Weekend Festival

(berardo’s restaurant and bar)

Mrs Bang Is Back! – Noosa Long Weekend Festival (berardo’s restaurant and


Noosa Long Weekend Festival Highlights – Noosa Long Weekend Festival (The


Slava’s Snowshow – (QPAC)

Venus In Fur – QTC (QPAC)

ARGUS – Dead Puppet Society & Powerkidz (Brisbane Powerhouse)

Maureen O’Hara Spends A Quiet Night At Home (The Judy) (Guy Frawley)

Belladiva’s Aria Moderna (Brisbane Anywhere Festival at the State Library)

(Guy Frawley)

Jesus Christ Superstar (Brisbane Entertainment Centre)

Blaque Bordello – ACPA (Judith Wright Centre)


mrsbang-111 HIGH RES


The Lost Property Rules – QTC (Bille Brown Studio)

Mrs Warren’s Profession – STC (STC)

The Maids – STC (STC)

Little Orphan TrAshley – (Brisbane Powerhouse)

1001 Nights – Zen Zen Zo & QTC (Bille Brown Studio)

Songs For a New World – Tipoki Productions (The Lind)

Young Frankenstein – PAK (The Lind)

Babushka: I Can Keep A Secret (Guy Frawley)

Show Me Yours, I’ll Show You Mine – La Boite Indie (La Boite) (Meredith McLean)

Joy, Fear & Poetry – La Boite Indie (The Loft) (Meredith McLean)

A New Way to Pay Old Debts – Brisbane Arts Theatre (Brisbane Arts Theatre)

(Meredith McLean)

The Lady of the House – (Metro Arts) (Guy Frawley)

BLAK – Bangarra (QPAC) (Meredith McLean)

Don’ts For Dancers – (Judith Wright Centre) (Simone Mutimer)





Little Shop of Horrors – BYTE (Buderim Memorial Hall)

Other Desert Cities – Black Swan & QTC (QPAC)

Tequila Mockingbird – shake & stir (QPAC)

Sunshine Coast Theatre Festival – Sunshine Coast Theatre Alliance (Buderim

Memorial Hall)

The Glass Menagerie – La Boite (La Boite)

Double Think – Brisbane Powerhouse (Brisbane Powerhouse) (Meredith


Confessions of a Control Freak – (Judith Wright Centre) (Meredith Walker)

Blood Brothers – Harvest Rain & QPAC (QPAC) (Guy Frawley)

Taylor Mac – Brisbane Powerhouse (Brisbane Powerhouse) (Simone Mutimer)




West Side Story – Noosa Arts Theatre (Noosa Arts Theatre)

Leo – Brisbane Festival & Arts Projects Australia (Brisbane Powerhouse) (Guy


The Wizard of Oz – Brisbane Festival & La Boite (La Boite) (Guy Frawley)

Aurelian – Brisbane Festival & Metro Arts (Metro Arts) (Meredith McLean)

When Time Stops – EDC (QPAC) (Meredith Walker)

In Vogue: Songs by Madonna – Brisbane Powerhouse (Brisbane Powerhouse)

(Jenn J)

Opus (Brisbane Festival – Brisbane Powerhouse)


WSS_AS8_6941 (3) Credit Andrew Seymour



Daisy Pulls It Off – SRT & BATS (Buderim Memorial Hall)

Women In Voice: 20 Years – Red Chair, Annie Peterson & Judith Wright Centre

(Judith Wright Centre)

Adrift In Macau – Coolum Theatre Players (Coolum Civic Centre)

Our Turn! Griffith University Queensland Conservatorium Final Year Musical

Theatre Showcase – Griffith University & Queensland Conservatorium (QPAC)

Design For Living – QTC (QPAC)

QSO with Katie Noonan – QSO (QSO Studio)

Motherland – Ellen Barloo & Metro arts (Metro Arts)

Carmen Sweet– EDC (QPAC)

Grindr: A Love Story (Brisbane Powerhouse) (Guy Frawley)

School For Scandal – heartBeast (Trinity Church Hall) (Meredith McLean)

Connect Four – Alanya Bridge & Metro Arts (Metro Arts) (Meredith Walker)

Statespeare – shake & stir (Brisbane Powerhouse) (Meredith McLean)

Autobahn – Underground Productions (Schonell) (Meredith McLean)





The Beast – MTC (MTC Sumner Theatre)

King Kong – Marriner Group (The Regent)

The Mountaintop – MTC (MTC Fairfax Studio)

Prehistoric – Elbow Room & Metro Arts (Metro Arts)

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – Tim Lawson (QPAC)

An Oriana Christmas – Sunshine Coast Oriana Choir (Maleny Community Hall)

The Dark Party – The Dirty Brothers & Judith Wright Centre (Judith Wright

Centre) (Josh Kirwan)

Frankenstein – National Theatre Live (Noosa Arts Theatre) (Josh Kirwan)

Spring Awakening – Risk Theatre (La Boite) (Meredith Walker)

><R&J – La Boite Indie (La Boite) (Meredith McLean)

DUST Hubcap Productions & Brisbane Powerhouse (Brisbane Powerhouse)

(Meredith Walker)





NT Live’s Hamlet – National Theatre (Noosa Arts Theatre)

Circa Zoo – Circa & Judith Wright Centre (Judith Wright Centre)

Kupka’s Piano (Judith Wright Centre) (Guy Frawley)

Tom Sharah: It’s Raining Me (Brisbane Powerhouse)

Amy Housewine: Back to Crack (Brisbane Powerhouse)

NT Live’s 50 Years On Stage – National Theatre (Noosa Arts Theatre)

Rumour Has It: Sixty Minutes Inside Adele Return Season – The Little Red

Company (Judith Wright Centre)

Woodford Folk Festival – Woodford Folk Festival (Woodfordia)

CROSS-Stitch – Metro Arts (Metro Arts) (Meredith Walker)

A Murder Is Announced – Louse Withers & Associates (QPAC) (Meredith




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The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain



Do you know this film clip? You know the song.


One day I saw this version, or heard this version, and I cried my eyes out, and I became a bit of a uke fan.


Even now I hear it and my heart breaks. This rendition is how sad beauty can be. And how beautiful sadness can be.





If you’re a uke fan, you would already know that The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain are playing QPAC’s Concert Hall on Monday at 8pm.


If you’re not a big uke fan, don’t worry, YOU WILL BE! Because this is no ordinary night out! Look!



EXCITING NEWS! It’s our first giveaway!



Thanks to the team at JPPR you can WIN 2 complimentary tickets for Monday night’s performance in Brisbane, simply by ‘fessing up or imagining you play the ukulele and commenting below.


We have  2 x 2 tickets to give away.


Make sure you follow the steps for your chance to win and treat you and a friend to a fun night out!


1. Like our page on Facebook (by liking our page you are simply connecting with us and other creative types there. Feel free to continue sharing the love!).


2. Comment below to tell us that you’ve liked our page on Facebook, and then tell us in 25 words or less, what is the song you would most like to play on the uke and why?



The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

Winners will be announced here on Monday.

Following their recent roof-raising, foot-stomping show at the Royal Albert Hall, the exceptional Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain are coming back to Australia. As part of a world tour which has included sold-out concerts in New York and London, the “Ukes’ will be bringing their funny, toe tapping, all singing, all plucking obituary of rock and roll and melodious light entertainment to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne in 2013.

Since playing their first gig in 1985 the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain have gone from playing upstairs at a London pub to the world’s most prestigious venues such as New York’s Carnegie Hall, The Sydney Opera House and London’s Royal Albert Hall. The orchestra’s influence on the renaissance of the ukulele is undeniable with the “uke boom” seeing chart-topping bands such as Mumford and Sons join the phenomenon sweeping the globe with the celebrated ‘bonsai guitar’ well-and-truly at an all-time level of popularity.

Returning to Australia after their first tour earlier this year which saw sold-out concerts around the country, The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain are sure to be the hottest ticket this summer with a new show that will be an entertaining white-knuckle ride between twisted covers including Lady Gaga, Adele, Junior Walker, Black Sabbath and Michael Jackson.

With concerts announced today for Brisbane’s Concert Hall at QPAC on February 18, Sydney’s State Theatre on February 19 and Melbourne’s newly refurbished Hamer Hall on February 20, you will be hooked from the first chord when 8 ukuleles come together and are played at their best by world-acclaimed, highly skilled performers with a dollop of typically British humour.

The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain believe that all genres of music are available for reinterpretation, especially when they are played on their instruments bought with loose change – ukuleles!

Grab your friends and family and enjoy a night out like no other with the band that The New York Times recently named as one of the ‘five best concerts of the year’.