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The Wau Wau Sisters’ Last Supper

Brisbane Festival

The Wau Wau Sisters

The Wau Wau Sisters’ Last Supper 

Brisbane Festival and Judith Wright Centre

Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts

25th – 29th September 2012

Reviewed by Michelle Bull

‘F**k yeah!’ The Wau Wau Sisters have arrived and the night just got naughtier.

Hosted by the Brisbane Festival, New York’s Wau Wau Sisters (Adrienne Truscott and Tanya Gagne) badly behaved circus/burlesque/comedy extravaganza, The Last Supper, opened to an energetic audience at the Judith Wright Centre on Tuesday night.

Deliciously provocative, smart-mouthed and blasphemous, The Last Supper is bound to offend those who patrol the higher moral ground, but if you like theatre that doesn’t take itself too seriously, has the balls to ‘go there’, wave it in your face and shout out a few superlatives, you’re seriously going to love The Wau Wau Sisters The Last Supper.

Now any show that requires a full body frisk and bag search upon entry has definitely got my attention. Props to the Brisbane Festival/Judith Wright Centre and their bright-eyed-bobble-headed ‘Air Hostesses’ for making this friendly pat-down a theatrical experience; we all thought it was all part of the show!

I’m pleased Brisbane is being challenged by productions that evoke such a strong response be that positive or negative, even if that does mean the odd frisk or two to manage potential risk. I would say however, if you are offended by jibes at Christianity, extremely salty language and a bit of skin then perhaps the Wau Wau Sisters are not for you. Although for those who don’t mind a little trip into the back alleys of morality, brace yourselves; you’re in for a ride.

After a lengthy start in which mustached ushers/hostesses offered stacks of communion wafers, which were rumoured to be laced with a little something extra, there was a kafuffle down below and the unconquerable Wau Wau Sisters were spread-eagled before us…Wau! Where’s that wine?

The Wau Wau Sisters

Opening with a routine that tumbled through naughty catholic schoolgirl flirtations to a mock crucifixion and some pretty nifty balance tricks it was clear from the outset that this was a show that would make the writer of Fifty Shades blush and run for a cold shower. With ferocious enthusiasm and intent the Sisters continued their transformation into country singin’, tart-mouthed beauties from the South, and began their race through the gamut of spirituality, from Christian ceremony to trance-like hippy rituals with a good dose of smut thrown in for good measure.

Like any good fun loving romp, audience participation was used to great effect, and involved the entire crowd so be prepared to embrace your inner silly-sausage, Brisbane! The dress up sequence was a riot (frilly knickers and all), and the trance-like hippy love-in, while a little drawn out at times, tripped between Peace, Love and Woodstock and the hilariously lewd and ridiculous (I shall never look at a banana the same way again).

For the country music fans the Wau Wau Sisters offer up a cheeky song or two, playing their bright red ‘ponies’ as only they could. The highlights were a song played and sung whilst one sister balanced strategically on the others feet and…er…wandering toes, and the facetiously funny Jesus is Coming which drew a strong response from the audience and no doubt pushed those sitting on the fence one way or another.

However for all the silliness and mayhem, these dynamic and skilled performers managed the organised chaos to a tee. Their sharp-witted and playful taunts at the audience took no prisoners, and smashed the fourth wall down with bare breasts blazing. (A word of warning here, you may end up close and personal with some tits and ass but as one punter pointed out, much to the amusement of his companions, ‘Relax, it’s only a boob’).

Its this sense of abandon that remained a highlight of the show and the fearlessness in which they ran with making a complete mockery of Christ and Christianity; not to everyone’s taste but ballsy, shocking and dare I say funny none the less!

The fabulous physical skills of the duo featured throughout the show were also a highlight. The aerial duet was a complete spectacle and was executed with the same ferocious energy that propelled the show right through to its climactic end; a complete striptease in front of a motley Last Supper scene that saw the sisters embracing nude under a cascade of red wine while bare-chested hippies and cross-dressing cowgirls blew party whistles in complete ridicule of the familiar Christian picture.

Aside from its controversial content, which personally I found a strength of the show, my only reservation about The Wau Wau Sisters The Last Supper was that it seemed slightly one dimensional; the constant sexual insinuations and profanities losing their impact after a while suggesting (given the comic skill of the performers) a gag with a little more depth would have balanced the blatant dirty joke and energised the pace so that as an audience we didn’t become desensitised. That being said, the show remained entertaining and lulls in pace were quickly overcome.

The Wau Wau Sisters’ Last Supper is not for the faint hearted, twisty-knickered or easily offended, but for those among you who like a bit of scandal, the Wau Wau Sisters are guaranteed to tantalise, titillate and tease, slapping you on the behind with a big cheeky wink and shouting “F**k Yeah! Lets have some fun!”

If you’re lucky enough to score some tickets, do it, you know you wanna…