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The BFG – Inside Out Theatre Company’s debut


Inside Out Theatre Company

Lind Lane Theatre

9th -12th May 2013


Reviewed by Poppy Eponine


Today we went to see The BFG. It was raining and we made it in record time, to see the show that our friend Russell put on with kids outside of his school. (Well, some of them are probably from his school). Mum didn’t actually book online, which turned out to be a bad idea because they sold out the season and we had to wait and see if two people were not going to turn up. We were lucky that two people didn’t turn up, probably because of the rain, and we got to see it. It was amazing!


You should watch the show before you read the book but if you’ve read the book already the show is not scary because you know what’s going to happen. I read some of the book so I knew that it would be fun, funny and EXCITING to see live on stage! Mum says it’s important to tell you that the real story by Roald Dahl was ADAPTED for the stage by David Wood. So it’s not the WHOLE story by Roald Dahl but it IS his story and David Wood turned bits of it into a play.


Georgina Howarth & Giants The BFG

The BFG is not the only giant. There are bad giants too and the bad giants looked amazing with their spooky monster heads, blood on the tip of their teeth and painted costumes. They were fantastic costumes. Somebody must have put all their energy into making the beautiful costumes.


Those bad giants jumped around a lot and they bossed the Big Friendly Giant around. They shouted and they were like, “I’m the boss now!” There was a baby giant and his dad (not his real dad, just his show dad), and they were in orange. There was a green one and a pink one and a yellow one and a blue one. And a weird-looking camel lady, the queen of the Vikings, who was actually the Swedish queen. That was our friend Denise, who we saw before the show. They all had plenty of time to get ready.


I liked the Big Friendly Giant the most because he was so friendly to the kids. He was the one and only dream catcher giant. He felt a bit alone because he was different but he wasn’t sad about it. And he was the only giant with massive ears to hear lots of sounds to make sure he could keep hidden.


I also liked Sophie. Sophie was a little orphan. The Big Friendly Giant snatched her out with his great giant hands – he actually took Sophie out through the window – and now she will have to live with him forevermore. Sophie was the best main character as well as the Big Friendly Giant. They were the best actors and I completely know why they were chosen for those parts because they were so good. The Big Friendly Giant was exactly perfect just like in the book and he talked just like in the book. The actor got ALL of his words.


At the end the bad giants get captured and the Big Friendly Giant has to say goodbye. I got a bit emotional. I cried on Mum’s shoulder and I put my tears on Mum’s cheek as though she was crying too. But I was glad that everything turned out well for everybody. And everybody got to see the bad giants in the zoo.


Tim Gill The BFG

My favourite part of the story was when they go catching dreams and when they come back home they check what sort of dreams they’ve got and the third one is a bad dream so in the end they use the bad dream to give the bad giants nightmares. The golden dream is the best and the pink dream is a tiny bit like a nightmare but still good. And then it’s the green dream you don’t want in your head because it gives you nightmares. They used sparkling, glowing disco bracelets to show the dreams in jars. Before they put them in the jars, dancers were wearing them. There were dancers and narrators to help tell the story the whole time.


The lighting was terrific, they even got a special check to make sure they knew exactly when to do the lighting and nothing went wrong for the backstage people. Except for the projection, which was clever, but the Big Friendly Giant flicked on and off the screen when he was really behind the curtain. But it didn’t matter because the show must go on!


There were other clever things too, like a china doll for Sophie and puppets for the queen and her army men. They were funny and they kept laughing and talking in funny accents. The audience laughed and thought they were really funny.


The bad giants tried to eat all of Sophie’s friends but they escaped and they got tossed around but not eaten. And there were the funny fruits, snozzcumbers, that no one liked at all. But if you want to be as skinny as a line you had to eat them. But no person should be that skinny. Never, ever. Unless they are starving to death.


The BFG Inside Out Theatre Company

The BFG is the best show for kids I’ve seen on the Sunshine Coast and I hope Russell puts on more shows for kids because my mum and dad only do shows for grown ups. His shows are like the Harvest Rain shows for kids that we sometimes see in Brisbane, like James and the Giant Peach (Mum says it was adapted by David Wood too). Now we can see shows like that here on the Sunshine Coast!


Russell’s directing was excellent and he did an excellent job with all of the characters, and with so many kids involved. AND he told us he wants to start a school for kids who want to do shows. I think it’s an excellent idea because that’s what I do at BYTES but not all kids can do BYTES. If there was something like BYTES at Lind Lane Theatre lots of kids would want to do it and they would need to do more than six shows because they would sell out the season just like this one.


I will let you know what Russell and Judi and their Inside Out Theatre Company are up to next so you can get your mum to book online so you don’t miss out on a show!


P.S. This song wasn’t in the show but the scene is so funny with good sound effects so I wanted to put it up here anyway. It’s a little bit rude but it’s okay because it’s in the story so it’s in the context.












Poppy Eponine is nearly seven and she knows what she’s talking about.