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USC Learning and Teaching Week

Okay! Firstly, sorry about the delayed reviews for OTHER DESERT CITIES, TEQUILA MOCKINGBIRD, MEDEA & GREASE. I’m teaching again and writing a heap of copy that actually pays me at the moment and I’M TIRED. I’ll catch up, I promise, but in the meantime, you must know that you just can’t go wrong with Brisbane theatre right now! IT’S ALL GOOD!




I took Poppy to Grease and she LOVED it! I took Sam to Medea and he LOVED it! Aroha and I were stunned by the relevance and power of Tequila Mockingbird – it’s such a brilliant adaption and so current – and Mum and I actually recognised Other Desert Cities, by which I mean, THAT IS OUR FAMILY. Sort of…in the lead up to one of us publishing a book (no, it’s not me, it’s the Melbourne sister). So go to whatever you can manage to get to right now, before the madness of Brisbane Festival takes over the city and you find you’ve missed EVERYTHING THAT WAS ALREADY HERE. JUST SAYING.




This week is a big one at USC – it’s Learning and Teaching Week – celebrating all things learning and teaching, with the major focus being on blended learning: an agile response to a dynamic world. I live tweeted the opening ceremony this morning but I may have hashtagged both #usc ITweek AND #uscLTweek so you’ll probs have to search both. Sorry about that. Tired. What was so inspiring was the fact that USC are doing a heap of blended learning stuff already. And there’s a massive wish list, of course, but incorporating technology into teaching has been happening for some time now. The next phases are really exciting, and the next major event during the week (there is loads on so check out the program here) is George Siemen’s Keynote Address on Thursday afternoon.





Keynote address Professor George Siemens


Connecting learners: technology, change and higher education

by Professor George Siemens, Athabasca University Canada

When: Thursday 29 August, 4.30–6.30pm


Location: Innovation Centre Auditorium, University of the Sunshine Coast, Sippy Downs Campus


The internet, mobile technologies, and social media have opened new opportunities for educators to connect with learners. Essentially, today’s technologies have thinned the walls of classrooms and enable learners to engage globally with peers and educators. These changes impact the role of educators in universities, the mode(s) of learning delivery, and even the roles of learners. This presentation will explore the changing world of education and consider how online and blended learning impacts control and responsibility in the learning process as well as the skills needed by learners to succeed.


  • Opening remarks
  • Twilight Keynote address — Professor George Siemens
  • Vote of Thanks –  Kylie Readman, Director, Centre for the Support and Advancement of Learning and Teaching (C-SALT).
  • 2013 Learning and Teaching Week awards – Professor Greg Hill, Vice-Chancellor and President and Kylie Readman, Director, C-SALT.

USC Theatre

Opening Ceremony USC Theatre


About George Siemens



George Siemens is an academic and researcher on learning, technology, networks, analytics, and openness in education.


He is the author of Knowing Knowledge, an exploration of how the context and characteristics of knowledge have changed and what it means to organizations today, and the Handbook of Emerging Technologies for Learning. Knowing Knowledge has been translated into Mandarin, Spanish, Italian, Persian, and Hungarian.


Dr. Siemens is the Associate Director of the Technology Enhanced Knowledge Research Institute at Athabasca University, and a faculty member in the School of Computing and Information Services and the Centre for Distance Education.


He has delivered keynote addresses in more than 30 countries on the influence of technology and media on education, organizations, and society. His work has been profiled in provincial, national, and international newspapers (including NY Times), radio, and television.


His research has received numerous national and international awards, including an honorary doctorate from Universidad de San Martín de Porres for his pioneering work in learning, technology, and networks.


Dr. Siemens is a founding member and President of the Society for Learning Analytics Research (


In 2008, he pioneered massive open online courses (sometimes referred to as MOOCs) that have included more than 25,000 participants. He blogs at See also George Siemens’ interview on MOOCs and Open Education




Problogger Training Event: why I’m going to be there and why you might like to be my roomie for the weekend!


So will I be seeing you at the ProBlogger Training Event in September?



It’s my first. That’s right. I’m a ProBlogger Training Event virgin. And I can’t wait to pop my little conference cherry at the quirky QT Gold Coast September 13th – 14th.


If you’ll be there I’d love to hear from you, and if you’ll be there and you haven’t yet booked your accommodation, you could be my roomie! I thought I’d have one but she’s elected to go overseas instead. SO UNLESS YOU’VE ALSO BOOKED A TRIP OVERSEAS IT COULD BE YOU!


QT Gold Coast room


I have a gorgeous room at QT booked, so there’s no driving involved, and included in the package is breakfast both mornings and dinner on Saturday night! It will cost you just $255 for the two nights of the conference (that’s less than the ProBlogger Training Event special price per night!), and we’ll get to hang out!


Just DM me on Twitter or comment below if this sounds like you. We could be roomies!




The Problogger event always has such a fantastic program, with so many awesome speakers, that the whole conference this year booked out within hours of the original tickets going on sale. I’m super excited about the recently announced Lounge Sessions, which are a little more intimate, giving attendees the chance to ask lots of questions.


And I have LOTS of questions! You see I need to decide what to do next.


I’ve been reviewing theatre for three years, and occasionally I write something about something on my other blog. Add to that a weekly arts column for the local print media, and I’m happy being in the thick of it! When we’re not making theatre we’re supporting it, and I don’t want to stop supporting it (I love it!), but I want us to make more of our own type of theatre. For Sam, this means directing and producing, being given free reign over a text or an idea that grabs him. For me, this might mean writing. Wow. See how non-committal I am? (This is driving Sam crazy!). This is because I’m also a teacher, and I can make better money supply teaching than writing at the moment.


But while I’m teaching I’m not writing. So instead of committing fully to one or the other, I’ve been STAYING RIGHT HERE, frozen on the spot, doing what I’ve always done online and teaching less. I’d love to be teaching MORE OFTEN. Because, you know, income. And routine. I can teach during the day, and review theatre and write at night! Yes, I can. It’s what I’ve been doing for a while now, this juggling thing. I don’t mind juggling. It means I can HAVE MY CAKE AND EAT IT TOO MARTINI AND DRINK IT TOO. POOLSIDE. WHAT DO YOU THINK? Yes, I hear you…


QT Gold Coast drinks by the pool


Wouldn’t it be easier if I were happy to just stay teaching? YES. Yes, it would be. In so many ways, life would be easier. I envy my teaching friends who’ll never do anything but teach, and travel in their holidays. I’ve never stayed long enough at one school – or in one system – to earn long service leave, and I can’t even imagine that life.


I want to write – I need to write – and if I were going to just write, wouldn’t I be doing it? Yes, alright, thank you, I’m DOING IT, but the blogs the way they are are not what I mean. JUGGLING HAS ITS PITFALLS. And that’s why the ProBlogger Training Event IS GOING TO CHANGE MY LIFE. I’m going to come away BUILDING BETTER BLOGS. That’s right. Something, or someone there will be the thing that helps me get on track and really get writing. SAM, YOU’RE KILLING ME; DON’T SAY IT WON’T.


Remember, I HAVE A ROOM AT QT that I’d love to share with you if you’re going to be there, for the event or just for the weekend! For details just DM me on Twitter or comment below. It’s a great deal and I’m really nice to holiday/work/live with.


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