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Sunshine Coast Theatre Festival 2012 – it begins!

Well, actually, it’s begun! (And our TVC on Channel 7 has been seen by many locals in the last week or so during the lead up!). Last night the Sunshine Coast Theatre Festival kicked off in fine fashion, with four plays up for adjudication by Kate Foy.

Those who were in attendance (I was at Metro Arts for The Danger Ensemble’s Loco Maricon Amor – catch it if you can!), saw:

The Big Cats

Act One Theatre Inc

Drama 45mins

Chook Chook (AT)

Caloundra Chorale & Theatre Co.

Comedy 45mins

…Here’s The Thing (U) (AT) (CL)

Noosa Arts Theatre Inc

Comedy 35mins

Stoic (U) (AT) (CL)

Actor’s Gym

Drama 40mins

This morning we saw two plays.


Caloundra Chorale & Theatre Co.

Drama 40mins

Downstage (U)

Vanity Project

Comedy 25 minutes

Sessions continue today at 1pm and 7pm and tomorrow at 9am and 1:30pm, with the final adjudication to follow.

Saturday 1pm

Still Life (U) (AT) (CL)

Miranda’s Dressing Room

Drama 30mins

Day Trippers

Act One Theatre Inc

Comedy 35mins

Pieces (U) (AT) (CL)

BATS Theatre Drama 45mins

Whatever Happened To Humpty?

Fractal Theatre (JUNIOR)

Drama/Comedy 50mins

Saturday 7pm

Narcissistica (U) (AT) (CL)

Excalibur Theatre Company Drama 50mins

Anticlimax (U) (AT) (CL)

Random Acts Comedy 30mins

Three Angry Brides (U) (AT)

Noosa Arts Theatre Inc Drama 40mins

I’m a Pisces, he’s an Asshole (U) (AT)

SAD Theatre Company

Comedy 30mins

Sunday 9am

Dead End (U) (CL)

Crash Box Theatre

Drama 30mins

Crush (U) (AT) (CL)

Hills Players Inc.

Drama 45mins

Level 12 (AT) (CL)

Golden Glove Productions

Comedy 35mins

Flame (AT) (CL)

Beenleigh Theatre Group

Drama 35mins

Sunday 1:30pm

Touched (U) (AT) (CL)

Ipswich Little Theatre Society

Drama 50mins

To Whom It May Concern

Mousetrap Theatre Company

Drama 25 mins

All for The Nation (AT)

Ipswich Little Theatre Society

Comedy 30mins

Who The F*** Is Erica Price? (U) (AT) (CL)

Brisbane Arts Theatre

Drama 40mins

Check out the website for all details and grab a festival pass for just $35 at the door. It’s the best value theatre ticket this weekend! (23 plays over 3 days)!

Next weekend, see and support the Youth Theatre Festival, at Lind Lane Theatre on Saturday 25th from 9am.

Chook Chook Caloundra Chorale and Theatre Company

Chook Chook by Caloundra Chorale and Theatre Company



world theatre day 2012

Happy World Theatre Day! 

World Theatre Day Message 2012 from Jake Witlen on Vimeo.

I remember reading a post by Travis Bedard about Why World Theatre Day.

“World Theatre Day isn’t about creating a global theatre experience. It’s about celebrating the local theatre experience globally. World Theatre Day is an acknowledgement that we are all doing this thing that we love.

And the internet allows us to share those local celebrations and revel in the fact that we’re not alone in our pursuit, and that no matter how many times they try to prove it to us mathematically, theatre is not dead.”  

Travis Bedard 2009

N.B. The bold is mine, not Bedard’s, just in case you were trying to skim over the contextualising quote.

With that in mind, I thought it pertinent to share with you, Sam’s President’s Report, which he read at the Sunshine Coast Theatre Alliance AGM on Monday night. Please feel welcome to leave us your feedback about the Alliance, Sunshine Coast theatre in general or to comment on World Theatre Day events in your area. And remember, if you’d like your production reviewed, or if you need some support by way of consultation or a workshop or a visit from one of us, during any part of the pre-production or rehearsal process, send a request or an invite at least 3 weeks out, to

President’s Report

With a relatively slow start to the year I am pleased to report that 2011 ended with a bang, the Festival was a great success and the separation of the Youth and Open sections went as smoothly as could be hoped; laying a stable foundation to continue growing both sections. Thanks to the Festival Committee (John B, Jacqui Mata Luque, Julia, Synda and Stephen).

The website has seen significant growth in the past 12 months and is truly the number one source of theatre related information locally. We have plans to upgrade the website in 2012 and hope to continue its exposure and usage. Thanks must go to Synda for her tireless efforts in managing the site, mailing list, directories and any other design/print jobs that pop up, which Synda takes in her stride and always makes us look good.

The 2011 committee also saw the inauguration of the Season Launch Soiree, a great night and the first time in a long time we have had the community together, under one roof. It was a good start; far from perfect but again sets a platform on which we can improve in future years. Huge thanks must go to the enigmatic Julia Loaney for her amazing Event Coordination of this event.

Most notably the 2011 committee voted to include any and all performing arts related entities into the Alliance, albeit with different levels of membership. This marks a significant milestone in the Alliances history and now will truly align all theatre groups, choirs, dance groups and the like, to share resources and form a stronger community for us all. Whilst the details of this change in constitution have yet to be ratified the sentiment and unanimous vote has ensured its go-ahead.

My main aim for 2011 was to raise the profile of theatre on the Coast, and whilst I am happy that we have gone some way to achieve this, I still feel the bulk of this task lies ahead. We need to show Sunshine Coasters that a weekly serve of culture can be found on local stages and not just in their yoghurt. We collectively need to shout out our success stories and demand a greater presence with the local media.

For many members 2011/12 has been a difficult year, with volunteer numbers dwindling, directors almost non-existent and companies struggling to recruit new members for both on and off stage duties. These challenges, coupled with shrinking audience numbers, means we all have a responsibility to find a remedy and together support and nurture the way forward.

To this end, I now ask anyone who reads this to consider the need, validity and value of “the Alliance” what does your group get out of it? What do you get out of it? Is what you get out of it worth what you put in?

I can see the need for collective representation, but to whom and for what? It hasn’t done us much good with the media, really. We haven’t secured any grants on behalf of anyone (this is a full-time job, even in the pro-am companies) and we have really only gone some part in achieving the set objectives as per our constitution.

The Festival would run without us – the keen would ensure it – the advertising discount would be maintained by the media houses, under the Alliance umbrella or not, the biggy would be the web site and directories; which could be maintained commercially if so desired.

So, again I ask: need, validity, value?

I personally have answers to these three questions, but do you? Does your theatre?

The commitment might only be 12 nights per year, but they are 12 nights we could better spend elsewhere if our efforts go unsupported or appreciated. I will continue my mission of raising our industry’s local profile whether or not I be involved with “the Alliance”……

I intend to stand again for re-election for 2012/13 but in doing so, I seek a mandate from those delegates who would like to see us become more active, which means becoming less bogged down in protocol at meetings and genuinely focussed on improving the standard, audiences, network and profile of all Sunshine Coast Performing Arts pursuits.

Thank you to all 2011/12 Delegates for your service and I hope that together we can effect some positive change, as the same ol’ same ol’ just aint’ good enough.


Sam Coward


Sunshine Coast Youth Theatre Festival: Results


Karen Crone

  • Best play (intermediate) Romanov
  • Second Best play (intermediate) Romeo and Juliet
  • Best director (over 25) Robyn Ernst
  • Best director (under 25) Brandon Manday
  • Best unpublished play Peta Beattie: Romanov
  • Best actor Patrick Rykiert
  • Best supporting actor Tom Jermyn
  • Best actress Katherine Ernst
  • Best supporting actress Elizabeth Mahoney
  • Adjudicator’s award Ashleigh Cooper
  • Best play (junior) Phantasmal
  • Second best play (junior) Switch On/Switch Off
  • Best supporting actress Jasmine Tuppack
  • Best supporting actor Braydon Munroe
  • Best actress Jaida Wardie
  • Best actor Jaiden Velt

Certificates of Distinction were awarded to:

  • Jaziel Turpin
  • Billie Kugelman
  • Jyothika Pratap
  • Samantha Forte
  • Jasmin Tuppack
  • Taylor Russell
  • Travers Southwell

Karen Crone & Robyn Ernst (BYTE)

Peta Beattie (BYTE) & Karen Crone


sunshine coast theatre festival: results

Sunshine Coast Theatre Festival August 19-21 2011

Buderim Memorial Hall

Adjudicator: Karen Crone

The Donahue Sisters – Act 1 Theatre (Best Play, Best Director, Best Actor in a Drama – Female)

Vectura – Excalibur Theatre Company (Second Best Play, Best Supporting Actor Comedy – Female, Adjudicator’s Award)

Nothing – Noosa Arts Theatre (Third Best Play, Best Actor in a Comedy – Male)

God Goes To A Shrink – SAD Theatre (Best Unpublished Script, Best Actor in a Comedy – Female)

So! Where Is It?” – Random Acts (Best Actor in a Drama – Male)

Bar and Ger – BATS Theatre Company (Best Supporting Actor Drama – Male)

Mistress Macbeth – Dalby Players (Best Supporting Actor Drama – Female, Certificate of Distinction)

Punch – Golden Glove Productions (Best Supporting Actor Comedy – Male, Certificate of Distinction)

Not Forgotten – Brisbane Arts Theatre (Certificate of Distinction)

Death of An Anarchist – V1 (Certificate of Distinction)

Roulette – Hills Players (Certificate of Distinction)

A Game – Ipswich Little Theatre (Certificate of Distinction)

Into The Mist – Random Acts (Certificate of Distinction)

Mark Lucas (Adjudicator’s Award) & Excalibur debrief with Sunshine Coast Theatre Alliance President, Sam Coward
The festival continues with the youth section on Saturday September 3rd at Lind Lane Theatre, Nambour.

Sunshine Coast Theatre Festival: day 2 adjudicator’s comments

Adjudicator’s Comments – Karen Crone

Day 2: Saturday August 20th

Session 1

Sometimes on Saturday morning things take a bit longer to get going. Mornings are difficult: we used to have a half hour call. It’s now an hour call. A company warm up is important.



  • Leave behind the outside world. We’re in the world of magic & illusion
  • Re pace and energy: sometimes we actually hit “driving”
  • Interesting choices…
  • Audiences have to tune into accents so what we have is pedestrian time v theatrical time. You can afford to take more time.
  • Re use of props unnecessarily: Interesting choice of the motorbike onstage. If you bring something on stage you must use it.
  • Re ends of lines: a very natural Australian way of speaking; the dropping of the energy at the ends of lines
  • Emotion, feeling & humanity is passed across this magical space
  • Actors are telling a story collectively

Death of an Anarchist


  • Peta, who played the maniac, was amazing. That big voice!
  • Ensemble, consistency, focus, accents
  • Really strong, strong visual pics
  • If it weren’t for our playwrights writing the dialogue we’d have very little to say up here. Be absolutely exact with the words
  • Loved the idea of control and chaos
  • Use of unison (we all give together, we all look together) the power of unison (we love unison as human beings)
  • We need to be able to see the person’s face. Loved the idea (entry via side door) but they needed to step further in. It’s all about the storytelling
  • Balance. A lot of the action happened OP
  • Sight lines
  • Our auditorium almost reflects the stage
  • Re Prompt & OP: Alan Edwards’ influence. It can only ever be Prompt & OP (saves confusion). It’s base stuff but it’s important to me to pass it on
  • As an ensemble they worked really well together, they were very tight
  • Asides are hard (the journo). If we can’t hear it we can’t laugh
  • Farcical, OTT characters; build on the chaos and make it even more chaotic
  • Stage combat is like learning a dance. You have to learn it until it’s inside you. eg So! Where Is It? Importance of rehearsal (re-hearing) is so we can play. We are so comfortable, so strong that nothing can throw us.


Brown Paper Projects & BATS Inc

  • I love the title, love the idea of it!
  • Stakes not high enough. Really wanted to feel for George. We didn’t feel for him.
  • Always trying to get there and never quite being there.
  • Re energy: work from centre
  • be careful, especially “whispering”. We need to hear what’s being said.

Session 2


JPC Productions

  • Some lovely work by those 2 actors
  • Re stagecraft: remember, there is pedestrian time and theatre time
  • At times, you were getting too close to one another in profile. A little bit more of…well, there’s something when an actor looks out and we see them looking. eg Michael when talking about the deceased wife. Eyes averted but I actually wanted to see his pain.
  • Re long runs: you have to come to these lines the very first time. Pre-empt and audiences see that. And we don’t want to see that.
  • Re beats and changes of pace: we got into a bit of a rhythm. The game was an opportunity. Be Tony Barber! And then go back sometimes to being Harry.
  • Too close together too much of the time.
  • Re setting: angle the bed or put it long-ways
  • Re breathing: You learn it (a play) the same way as you learn a song. Find where you breathe and drive thru to the end of the line. Often the end of the line is what we need to hear.
  • Re dynamics: looked really, really smart
  • I loved the idea of the mirror. Was there another way to have done that? We knew it would happen. Slower or more stylised…


Noosa Arts Theatre

  • Great camaraderie between Frank and Michael. This has developed since Noosa (National Playwriting Competition)
  • Re details: Fiona announced that her beer is the “last soldier” but then there was more beer n the esky. Audiences notice these things.
  • Meegan’s character, Fiona, was a fantastic foil for the two men.
  • Re gags: Wait to get your gag. It’s about time. We are hearing it for the first time.
  • Re pace: pace is not going really, really fast; it’s sandwiching the cues, cues on top of each other.

Session 3

Talk about the two faces of drama!


Hills Players

  • Incredibly confronting. Quite astounding. Jenny & Robert actually transported me. A very compelling performance by Robert. A strong connection between the two.
  • Actors have to make decisions. Robert made good decisions. When we internalise it, it draws us in and actually scares us.
  • Re set pieces and props: If it’s on the stage it’s got to be there for a reason
  • Re light and shade: sometimes it could have been lighter, which would have taken us deeper.


Golden Glove Productions

  • Surprised that there wasn’t more laughter. It’s very funny. Play with that opening image and see what you can find.
  • Fantastic bond between the two actors.
  • Accent work was great
  • Raise the stakes. The stakes need to get higher and higher. They needed to peak just a little bit each time.
  • Comedy comes in threes. Great comedy in Kate’s three attempts at busking and we really enjoyed the payoff. We loved the dance.

Session 4

I think we have to thank Sam. His energy is infectious!


Excalibur Theatre Company

  • I had the most fantastic time with VECTURA. When I read it, I couldn’t wait to see it and it didn’t disappoint.
  • Re the placement of everything on stage, direction & performance: fantastic work, Mark; you’re a champion.
  • What an ensemble! Good choices made by all of the actors. I just wanted a little bit more of the stutter (Michelle).
  • Shirley, I thought you were fantastic holding your own with those three
  • All of the elements came together. Fantastic.
  • When you do your response to boom tick a boom, I wanted to see your face.
  • Re stylised work: sometimes I don’t get into really highly stylised work but the attention to detail was key here. When I put on a show I start with broad strokes and build, build, build more and more…all of the elements come together.
  • The detail that you put into that work was just fantastic.


Miranda’s Dressing Room

  • Two beautiful performers. Great story. We were all intrigued. It touched us because in each family closet there are secrets.
  • Different rhythms of Jenni’s character from the city and Sue’s character from the country but at times I wanted Sue to just smack Jenni! It needed a dynamic at times but that grew.
  • Stage directions are very important, the description of the set, you must at least read the stage directions. If the stage directions suggest that you shout, at least try it. It’s (the playwright’s) code.

It’s been a long day!  See you tomorrow!

Adjudicator, Karen Crone



I can’t believe the STEPS Grand Winter Ball happened almost 2 weeks ago! It was fantastic! Check out the photo galleries online

I’ll write it all up…soon. I know, I know; I’m way behind! We have so much to tell you! To be honest, we are all still in recovery mode, whilst simultaneously moving onto the Next Big Things, which include:

  • Sam’s intensive 2 week rehearsal period for a one act play, which was written in the first week of the 2 week rehearsal period and can be seen next week at Lind Lane Theatre, along with a couple of other little gems. Details below:
This is a joint production by Nambour Lind Lane Theatre Inc and Suncoast Repertory Theatre Inc. Any play bill that can boast the names Brett Klease, Sam CowardErrol Morrison and Joy Marshall is enough to make any director salivate. ‘New light through Old Windows’ are three one act plays that have been very deliberately chosen to give the maximum exposure to theatre in one evening. A comedy, a bitter-sweet biography and a pshychological drama all on the one bill.
”Into the Mist’ by Jo Denver. Directed by Jo Denver
Featuring: Joy Marshall as Dame Margaret Rutherford & Errol Morrison as Stringer Davis
‘The Actors Nightmare’ by Christopher Durang. Directed by Cathy Sheargold
Featuring: Adam Freeman as George, Claire Watkins, Catriona McKechnie, Mandi Hardcastle et al
‘So! Where is it?‘ by Simon Denver. Directed by Simon Denver
Featuring: Sam Coward, Brett Klease and Simon Denver.
Be Warned! This play contains adult themes, adult concepts and coarse language. It will be performed last and audience members who are easily offended may wish to leave before it commences.
When: Aug 3rd, 5th, 6th@ 8pm  and Matinee Aug 6th @ 2pm.
Bookings: Phone 5441 1814, or book online at:
  • Sam’s involvement with the Sunshine Coast Theatre Alliance, as President, is going great guns as we prepare furiously for the biggest drama festival in South East Queensland, held at Buderim Memorial Hall (the home of BYTES & BATS Inc) August 19th, 20th and 21st. Sam will be on stage again and I will be reviewing (and making elegant Alison Croggan style disclaimers about reviewing a play in which my husband is involved)!
  • We’re involved in Dancing With the Local Stars, which is the major fundraiser for the Sunshine Coast Hear & Say Centre. This year it’s a Bollywood theme and it’s looking amazing! The media for that kicks in soon so you’ll start seeing it, well, everywhere now that White House Celebrations is all over it!
  • We are taking on more corporate gigs because we love working with White House Celebrations! If you have a special occasion coming up or somebody you need to spoil at any stage, talk with Min and the girls about the limitless possibilities!
  • We are running audition preparation workshops in the lead up to Mary Poppins auditions on August 23rd in Brisbane (for children) and auditions for Universal Studios Japan on August 19th on the Gold Coast (over 18s). Workshops will be held during the first two weekends in August. For details and to secure a place, email
  • I’m continuing coaching privately (singers and actors) and teaching drama and vocal classes for children at Dance Edge Studios. The senior girls are loving working on Legally Blonde, now that exams and eisteddfods are just about done! Well, for dancers. We’ll see the actors, singers, instrumentalists and vocal groups in the next few weeks of Sunshine Coast Junior Eisteddfod madness.
  • I’m reviewing theatre in Brisbane for and on the Sunshine Coast for the Sunshine Coast Theatre Alliance.
If you LIKE XS Entertainment on Facebook, you’ll be getting our frequent updates, reviews, links and discussions over there but I will try to get back here to catch up! I promise! And one day there will even be a website. That’s right. It’s coming!