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Painter turned Playwright: Job’s Right – The Second Coat


Painter’s play gets a second coat of laughs

Story by Megan McKander for Sunshine Coast Daily

May 4 2015





PAINTER by day, actor by night, Brett Klease has told how penning a crude, yet hilarious play pulled him from deep depression after a workplace accident.


The boots are back on and the popular Sunshine Coast play Job’s Right is back on stage after a seven-year hiatus.


Described as a construction of five comedians playing out the real-life tribulations of a building site, Job’s Right – The Second Coat has been a long time coming between laughs.


Described by local tradies as “raw, real, earthy and funny”, the original play took to the stage in 2008 and centred on a gang of house painters led by work-weary Rick (played by Mr Klease).


Along with his offsiders, the politically incorrect Murph (Shane Cassidy) and the lovable larrikin Wally (Brad Thomson), the fellas stumbled and bumbled from one disaster to another. Somehow they survived to paint another day.


But behind the gags and witty one-liners lays a deeply painful past.


Brett fell from a mezzanine level of a house in 2003 while working as a painter.


He fell face first into the ground. He says it was theatre that saved him in the end from a spiral of depression.


“I’ve hit the ground and luckily I had a respirator on so that took all the impact up into my cheek bones, in a way it saved my life,” Mr Klease said.


“If I had hit my jaw bone or the side of my head, I would have died.”


But Mr Klease did not get off lightly. You wouldn’t know it, but he now lives with a steel plate in his face to replace his right eye socket, cheekbone and sinuses.


“My face was smashed, I couldn’t do anything. I had 12 months of recovery,” he said.


“I become addicted to morphine and one day I looked into the mirror and realised I had a problem when I saw the little pupils.”


Motivated to change his ways, Mr Klease knew he couldn’t walk the boards, but he could pen a play.


His good friend and theatre identity Simon Denver suggested he write what he knew best, and so came the first inception of Job’s Right.


job's right2


The play sold out venues in 2008, with more than 70 people turned away on the closing night due to demand.


The Second Coat is staged by Job’s Right Productions and the Suncoast Repertory Theatre. and will play at three Coast venues in May and June


Word of warning, Mr Klease said, the show does not hold back.


“There is language, and lots of it, because that’s just the way a worksite is,” he said.


“The play was well received the first time, when people got past the language.


“What they need to realise is the swearing is not there to be foul-mouthed or vulgar, it’s there because that’s the natural speak on a worksite.”


“You don’t watch what you say on a job site, so we don’t watch what we say on stage.


“I want guys to come and see this that work on a job so and say ‘absolutely, that’s exactly right.’

“There’s no blokes in tights, this is real and raw.”


“This show is full on, once the humour and the physicality takes off, this show goes through the gears and takes off like a Ferrari.   “You can’t’ even fit a Tally-ho paper between the lines.”


Job’s Right – The Second Coat Coast opens at The Events Centre Caloundra on May 14.


job's right1

Job’s Right: the Second Coat


The Events Centre Caloundra May 14-16,



Nambour Civic Centre May 28-30,



The J Noosa June 3-6,




job's right_poster_final




Sunshine Coast Arts February 1 2014


SCD Arts Saturday February 1 2014


Xanthe Coward




Book theatre tickets early – if you snooze you lose!


Last year people missed out on tickets to local productions because they left booking too late. Queenslanders are notorious for leaving their bookings until the last minute so it should be no surprise to people when they miss out on seeing some top live theatre in their local area. To look at the bigger picture, producers and presenters need to see some good numbers early or they might be forced into considering cancelling a production. By booking tickets as soon as a season is announced you can secure the best available seats and get your calendar sorted to ensure there are no clashes and no friends offended when you’ve missed their show. With the option to book online now there’s really no excuse.


Sunshine Coast Season Launch Soiree


It’s not too late to get tickets for next week’s Sunshine Coast Theatre Alliance Season Launch Soiree. Join member groups over drinks and canapés, as they present a sneak peak at what’s happening on stages across the Coast in 2014. A cash bar will be available. Limited capacity. February 8 at Noosa Arts Theatre from 6pm. Bookings or call 5449 9343


Hamlet. Psyched.


USC Theatre presents Hamlet. Psyched, directed by Discipline Leader of Drama at USC, Jo Loth, and featuring the second year Drama students, for three nights only in February. This original psychological thriller, based on Shakespeare’s classic tale of adolescent angst and betrayal, combines classical text and contemporary material to explore Hamlet’s mental state. Wednesday February 26 at 5pm, Thursday February 27 at 5pm & 8pm and Friday 28 February at 5pm at Chancellor College Theatre (P Block). Bookings online




The Making of The Great Lover


Love is very often a comedy and local playwright, Jo Denver, has penned this original comedy, The Making of The Great Lover, about a gorgeous young Italian who rises to fame in the sensual titular role in the famous film written by the wife of an aristocratic English pig breeder. Directed by Jo Denver and Michelle Connelly, this is a deliciously decadent tale of exotic desire, opening at The Lind in time for Valentine’s Day. Bookings online or call 5441 1814




Minefields and Miniskirts

Adapted by Terence O’Connell from Siobhan McHugh’s book, Minefields & Miniskirts is a collection of stories and memories from the women who were affected by the Vietnam War. Nearly a thousand Australian women played a part in the war and the lives of all these women were changed forever by Vietnam. For many of them it was the most vital and alive they had ever felt. The play features many iconic songs of the period written by female singer/songwriters including Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, Carole King and Buffy St. Marie. Minefields and Miniskirts delves deeply into the pain of war but don’t be afraid to laugh at its comical moments. No bomb ever killed the Australian sense of humour. These are the voices of those who were actually there: ordinary women revealing how they survived a war and discovered what they believed in. Fascinating, stirring stuff. Directed by Jenni McCaul and featuring Sharon Grimley, Tania Nash, Jannine Ritchie, Kitten Styler and Julia Verburgt. Strictly limited season March 14 – 22. Bookings online or call 5449 9343





Sunshine Coast Arts January 4 2014


So you know I have this little column in the local paper, right?


When Synda Turnbull asked me to take this on in 2013 (she helped keep the arts pages plump for the ten years prior), I had a moment of quiet indecision and debate about artists working for free, but decided pretty quickly that the column needed to continue regardless of whether or not the publication can afford to pay, which seems to be the most prominent current issue again in discussions online and amongst artists in foyers and coffee shops. I accepted the challenge to fit something else into my week gratis, because the value of the weekly exposure of the arts on the Sunshine Coast is worth more to me than say, $100 each week to write it. You know I don’t make money from blogging about the arts, either, despite inspirational writers and business heads all around me, like Styling You’s Nikki Parkinson, working to achieve just that ever since she left print media and logged on! Maybe this is the year, although up until July we’re pretty busy making actual theatre again – I can tell you more soon but there’s a bit of stuff embargoed for another week or so. If you’re following us on Twitter and Instagram you’ll be the first to know.


Are you an artist working for free in some capacity? How’s that working for you?


A number of people suggested I post the columns here, so here they are. A bit of catch up first, and then I’ll post the copy each weekend. If you can pick up the paper on a Saturday, I suggest you still do that because of course there are a heap of arts stories that I’m not able to cover…


If you’re a Sunshine Coast Theatre Alliance member with some copy and fantastic images for me, email


SCD Arts Saturday January 4 2014

Xanthe Coward




In 2013 Sunshine Coast theatre got braver and bolder. Behind the scenes we saw some new systems put into place and some key people come and go. The Sunshine Coast Theatre Festival in August enjoyed its best ever attendance, and box office records were set for Noosa Arts Theatre. With Sunshine Coast Theatre Alliance President, Sam Coward, at the helm for his third consecutive year, we enjoyed new confidence in untapped talent and in the rediscovery of some favourite performers, designers and technical operators. Noosa Arts Theatre’s acclaimed production of West Side Story, a September sell-out directed by Sam Coward, reminded us just how deep our local pool of talent is, and challenged preconceived notions surrounding community theatre, from its inception to its final curtain call.


The Sunshine Coast Theatre Alliance Season Launch Soirée is your next opportunity to rub shoulders with local theatre types and find out how you can be involved. Join the makers and lovers of local theatre at Noosa Arts Theatre on Saturday February 8 from 6pm. Limited tickets available. Bookings online


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Take the kids to this entertaining panto and have just as much fun. This traditional version of the classic fairy tale is directed by Susan Dearnley and runs for a strictly limited season at Noosa Arts Theatre January 4 – 19. All tickets just $12. Bookings online or call 5449 9343



While Cinderella searches for her true love, enjoy cheering the goodies and booing the baddies along the way. Directed by Mary Newton, BATS’ panto runs January 11 – 19. All tickets $12. Bookings online or call 5445 2515


NT Live Screenings


Free Air Entertainment and Noosa Arts Theatre continue their screenings of Great Britain’s superb National Theatre productions with Othello January 10, Macbeth January 17 and The Habit of Art January 31. Bookings online or call 5443 9343





Images – Men In Black (MIB) for SRT’s The Mystery Bus at Woodford Folk Festival 2013-1014. Images by XS Entertainment



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