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Suncoast Repertory Theatre

Black Box Theatre, Old Ambulance Station

September 29 – October 8 2017


Reviewed by Xanthe Coward



MUSE is the best new Australian indie work we’ve seen this year. Written and directed on the Sunshine Coast by Simon Denver after XS Entertainment’s Sam Coward challenged the playwright at the poker table one night to write something new and irresistibly real, this darkly comical piece dives deeply and unapologetically into human nature, hook-ups, marriage, lies, loyalty and the world of live theatre, capturing our imaginations and clenching its fist around our hearts. Honest, unsettling and a catalyst for some of the most interesting conversations you’ll ever have with your lover, MUSE is the very best sort of provocative performing arts.


Upcoming at Brisbane Powerhouse is Wax Lyrical’s production of Jason Robert Brown’s The Last Five Years, which also looks at the dissolve of a relationship. And there are many other good works that explore the jealousy, resentment and resignation leading to the end – or not – of a relationship. Where MUSE differs from what we’ve seen before is that it’s violently articulate and neatly structured, offering a balanced view of the issues, inviting us to join these individuals on their journeys and at the same time, reflect on our own lives and loves.

An unexpected theatrical device is cleverly incorporated to make us consider how much of what we tell ourselves and our partner is actually reality and how much is fantasy. So much of what might seem like a good idea at the time is complicated and also, outside of society’s norms.

Denver’s text questions why we do what we do, juxtaposing human nature and free will against a traditional view of marriage and monogamous relationships. Set within a theatrical context, two weeks before a classic play goes up and the leading players become entangled in an illicit affair, MUSE avoids cliche and draws on truth. Denver is a keen study of human behaviour; in this work you’re sure to recognise aspects of yourself or someone you know.


Refreshingly, Denver presents all sides of the story and also, fully drawn female characters – the actor-turned-academic wife, Jemma (Mel Myers) and the free-spirited leading lady, Ngaire (Rachel Fentiman) – rather than the token women we’re so used to seeing, still, on our stages and screens.


While Jemma flails alone at home beneath a stack of undergraduate essays and an endless supply of red wine, her husband, Kris (Brett Klease), is enjoying post-rehearsal drinks with his free-spirited millennial leading lady, Ngaire. When things come to a head, Jemma confronts Kris and then Ngaire, and the terms of engagement are settled over a couple of unsettling scenes. Kris turns to his geeky gamer/coder brother, Julian (Howard Tampling), only to hear from him the voice of reason and the loyalty line he wishes he could tow too. Meanwhile, the director of the play within the play (Adam Flower), just wants to put on a good show.

Sans production values (we know it’s been produced on the smell of an oily rag) the work speaks for itself. While there’s some effort to make in terms of taking it to the next level (some of the musical choices to bookend scenes are a little too obvious and a design aesthetic is less so), MUSE is the most intriguing and moving night at the theatre this year on the Sunshine Coast. SRT must be encouraged to seek further support for a return season next year, or a move sideways in the ecology, which will allow a broader audience to experience the beauty, tragedy, hope and truth of MUSE.


Job’s Right – The Second Coat comes to Noosa for 3 shows only


That’s right! It’s your LAST CHANCE to see the hardcore comedy smash hit Job’s Right – The Second Coat when it comes to The J, Noosa this week!






For 3 performances only (tonight Wednesday June 3, tomorrow night Thursday June 4 and Saturday June 6 at 7:3opm) Potty and the boys are at it again!

This show is NOT for the kids, but it’s for everybody else so book online today or try your luck and turn up at the door. Job’s Right – The Second Coat is easily the funniest show you’ll see on The Sunshine Coast this year! #takeatradie


Brett Klease

Brad Thomson

Shane Cassidy

Clayton Storey

Sam Coward

Darren Heskes

Anna McMahon

& Joy Marshall as Mrs Hunt!

job's right2

job's right1

job's right_poster_final



The Only Chick on the Construction Site: A chat with Anna McMahon


We caught up with Anna McMahon, the only chick on the jobsite at Job’s Right – The Second Coat!




What’s Job’s Right – The Second Coat about?

7 years after Job’s Right…another day…another worksite….another client….another stuff up!


How did you find yourself in this show?

I am very lucky to say I was privileged to have worked with the talented Simon Denver and SRT last year in Rock In The Water – another successful SRT show winning over 30 awards around the 2014 South East Queensland Festival Circuit. Any excuse to be part of this company and their slick productions.


What was your first impression of the show? Of the role? (Had you seen the original installment of Job’s Right? Have you ever had a role like this?)

That is a very good question….having seen the first installment I certainly knew what I was in for! But if anyone had seen the first Job’s Right, they would remember from their belly hurting after laughing so much! My role is only 1 of 2 female characters…and all I can really say is….I am a female Chippie with a very, very bad attitude.


How did you prepare for the role? For working with a cast of all males except for “Aunty Joy”?

The wonderful thing about working with SRT is they are all about Team. For a faultless machine to work, one must trust, do what they are told and work hard…and the result is always something to be proud of. I have worked with these men and Aunty Joy a couple of times now…and I would always do it again in a heartbeat!




Describe the rehearsal room & rehearsal process.

Whether it be in Aunty Joy’s living room, spare back room, around her outdoor table, Brett’s outback shack, verandah or lounge room….SRT fits in spaces of all shapes and sizes! The rehearsal process is a fun one – all about comradery, trusting who you work with and making a commitment to your team.


Tell us about working with SRT & Job’s Right Productions.

An experience I would do again and again and again. SRT is professional to the letter, and Job’s Right Productions certainly are not any different.


Tell us about touring and why it’s important to take this show on the road, to three different venues on the Sunshine Coast.

A professional show performed by professional actors on the Sunshine Coast at affordable prices…what more can I say? If Mohammad won’t come to the Mountain, take the Mountain to Mohammad…if the audience don’t hear about Job’s Right, we will shout louder! Oh…and you will laugh until it hurts.


Why should we see Job’s Right – The Second Coat? What do audiences love about it?

Right from the voiceover at the beginning of the show…you are in for a treat! If you like a good laugh, you cannot afford to miss Job’s Right –Second Coat!




What sort of theatre do you want to see continue being made on the Sunshine Coast?

The same opportunities and standards that Brisbane and Sydney have should exist on the Sunshine Coast. The talent is evident, the need is there…no excuses Queensland, it’s time for our Coast to shine with the rest of them.


How does performing fit in around your other life as a teacher?

My life is a stage, my passion is theatre….when you have feelings like this, you just make it fit.


What do you think performing does for other areas of your life, like teaching, meeting people, etc?

Performance and The Arts is who I am as a teacher. That is my greatest strength in the classroom. Who doesn’t remember that teacher who told jokes, used funny voices, dressed up, told stories and made learning fun and engaging. Taking you on a learning journey to remember. It’s also not just about what it gives me but what the Arts gives kids.





What do you want to do next?

Well what I WANT to do next…that’s quite an easy one….is to be a regular on Playschool.

What am I going to do next in the meantime? Just keep swimming….acting…performing….teaching.


See Anna, Aunty Joy and all the boys in Job’s Right – The Second Coat at Nambour Civic Centre tonight, tomorrow night & Saturday and at The J, Noosa June 3, 4 & 6



job's right_poster_final


Job’s Right – The Second Coat Comes to Nambour


Job’s Right – The Second Coat Comes to Nambour


Tonight! Thursday May 28, tomorrow night Friday May 29 & Saturday May 30 at Nambour Civic Centre. All performances 7:30pm.




When Job’s Right pulled the curtain at The “J” in March 2008, over 4700 people on The Coast had witnessed what could only be described as “a cult of a play”. Perfectly described by a tradie who saw it as “Raw .. real .. earthy … and funny!”


The play was centred around a gang of house painters led by work weary Rick. Along with his offsiders, the politically incorrect Murph and the loveable larrikin Wally, they stumbled and bumbled from one disaster to another. Somehow they survived to paint another day.


Well it’s seven years later and they’re back. Rick, Murph, Wally and their social conscience, Spanner.


Writers Brett Klease and Simon Denver have written a brand new script. And has anything changed? No!


It’s another day…another site…another client…another stuff up!

To put it simply its the same dog, different fleas.


The client, Mrs Hunt (Joy Marshall), wants a shrine built to her late husband so she may communicate with the spirit world. She is backed by Nathaniel – her Designer / Colour Therapist / Feng Shui expert (Darren Heskes). If you add to this mix a feisty female carpenter, Potty (Anna McMahon) and Mrs Hunt’s belligerent son, Michael (Sam Coward), then fur is going to fly. If it can go wrong – it does go wrong. This avalanche of disaster is going to cause another tsunami of laughter.


job's right_poster_final


Warning: This play doesn’t contain bad language – it contains Heaps of bad language. It doesn’t contain men behaving badly – it contains men behaving Very badly. This play is not funny – this play is Really, Really funny. It has all the right laughs for all the wrong reasons.


Book online or call 5475 7777



Auditions: XS, SRT & Free Spirit Entertainment!




XS Entertainment

Suncoast Repertory Theatre

Free Spirit Entertainment


are holding combined open auditions

for their 2013-2014 projects


Saturdy 15th December 2012

Times available from 10am – 2pm


@ Embody Performing Arts in Nambour


ACTING AUDITIONS – please prepare a 2 minute monologue


DANCE AUDITIONS – please prepare a 2 minute routine


SINGING AUDITIONS – please prepare a 2 minute song


*You can audition for all 3 if you wish, only one audition time will be required.


You may be required to attend a call back at 2:30pm, which will be an open group call back.

We are looking for strong individual performers who are happy to work closely with a fantastic team. 



To arrange an audition please email –

The actual address is 3/131 Currie Street but you access the studio via Howard Street. Turn into the driveway beside the white wall on Howard Street. Embody is in the same building as Civic Video……. 

if all else fails call Sam 0402461062


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