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Painter turned Playwright: Job’s Right – The Second Coat


Painter’s play gets a second coat of laughs

Story by Megan McKander for Sunshine Coast Daily

May 4 2015





PAINTER by day, actor by night, Brett Klease has told how penning a crude, yet hilarious play pulled him from deep depression after a workplace accident.


The boots are back on and the popular Sunshine Coast play Job’s Right is back on stage after a seven-year hiatus.


Described as a construction of five comedians playing out the real-life tribulations of a building site, Job’s Right – The Second Coat has been a long time coming between laughs.


Described by local tradies as “raw, real, earthy and funny”, the original play took to the stage in 2008 and centred on a gang of house painters led by work-weary Rick (played by Mr Klease).


Along with his offsiders, the politically incorrect Murph (Shane Cassidy) and the lovable larrikin Wally (Brad Thomson), the fellas stumbled and bumbled from one disaster to another. Somehow they survived to paint another day.


But behind the gags and witty one-liners lays a deeply painful past.


Brett fell from a mezzanine level of a house in 2003 while working as a painter.


He fell face first into the ground. He says it was theatre that saved him in the end from a spiral of depression.


“I’ve hit the ground and luckily I had a respirator on so that took all the impact up into my cheek bones, in a way it saved my life,” Mr Klease said.


“If I had hit my jaw bone or the side of my head, I would have died.”


But Mr Klease did not get off lightly. You wouldn’t know it, but he now lives with a steel plate in his face to replace his right eye socket, cheekbone and sinuses.


“My face was smashed, I couldn’t do anything. I had 12 months of recovery,” he said.


“I become addicted to morphine and one day I looked into the mirror and realised I had a problem when I saw the little pupils.”


Motivated to change his ways, Mr Klease knew he couldn’t walk the boards, but he could pen a play.


His good friend and theatre identity Simon Denver suggested he write what he knew best, and so came the first inception of Job’s Right.


job's right2


The play sold out venues in 2008, with more than 70 people turned away on the closing night due to demand.


The Second Coat is staged by Job’s Right Productions and the Suncoast Repertory Theatre. and will play at three Coast venues in May and June


Word of warning, Mr Klease said, the show does not hold back.


“There is language, and lots of it, because that’s just the way a worksite is,” he said.


“The play was well received the first time, when people got past the language.


“What they need to realise is the swearing is not there to be foul-mouthed or vulgar, it’s there because that’s the natural speak on a worksite.”


“You don’t watch what you say on a job site, so we don’t watch what we say on stage.


“I want guys to come and see this that work on a job so and say ‘absolutely, that’s exactly right.’

“There’s no blokes in tights, this is real and raw.”


“This show is full on, once the humour and the physicality takes off, this show goes through the gears and takes off like a Ferrari.   “You can’t’ even fit a Tally-ho paper between the lines.”


Job’s Right – The Second Coat Coast opens at The Events Centre Caloundra on May 14.


job's right1

Job’s Right: the Second Coat


The Events Centre Caloundra May 14-16,



Nambour Civic Centre May 28-30,



The J Noosa June 3-6,




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Job’s Right – The Second Coat comes to the Sunshine Coast

Job’s Right – The Second Coat

It’s a cult of a play…

job's right1

Wanna know what REALLY happens on a job site?!

When Job’s Right pulled the curtain at The J in March 2008 over 4700 people on the Sunshine Coast had witnessed what could only be described as “a cult of a play”.

Perfectly described by one of the hundreds of local tradies who saw it as “Raw .. real .. earthy … and funny!”, the original play was centred around a gang of house painters led by work-weary Rick. Along with his offsiders, the politically incorrect Murph and the lovable larrakin Wally, the fellas stumbled and bumbled from one disaster to another. Somehow they survived to paint another day.

Well, it’s seven years later and they’re back! Rick, Murph, Wally and their social conscience, Spanner. Writers, Brett Klease and Simon Denver, have penned a brand new script. And has anything changed? No! It’s another day … another site … another client … another stuff up!

Same dog. Different fleas.

job's right2

The client, Mrs Hunt, wants a shrine to her late husband built so she can communicate with the spirit world. She is backed by Nathaniel, her Designer / Colour Therapist / Feng Shui expert. If you add to this mix a feisty female carpenter, Potty, and Mrs Hunt’s belligerent son, Michael, the fur is gonna’ fly. If it can go wrong it will go wrong!

Warning: This play doesn’t not contain bad language. It contains HEAPS of bad language. It doesn’t contain men behaving badly. It contains men behaving VERY badly. This play is not funny. This play is REALLY, REALLY funny. It has all the right laughs for all the wrong reasons.

Featuring some of the Sunshine Coast’s top talent, Job’s Right – The Second Coat is hardcore comedy at it’s best! Remember, it’s NOT for kids, but it’s for everybody else! Don’t miss it!

Book online or call the venue nearest you.

The Events Centre, Caloundra May 14, 15 & 16 (Bookings: call 549 10702)

Nambour Civic Centre May 28, 29 & 30 (Bookings: call 5457 777)

The J, Noosa June 3, 4 & 6 (Bookings: 5329 6560)

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Daisy Pulls It Off


Daisy Pulls It Off


Buderim Memorial Hall

October 4 – 12 2013


Reviewed by Xanthe Coward




Denise Deegan didn’t write Daisy Pulls It Off as a comedy, but it’s riotously funny in parts and overall, a top night out for the whole family, which is not something that our local theatres offer on a regular basis. This is certainly something different, refreshing; it’s time we had more of it!


Like settling into one of Shakespeare’s classics, it takes a little while to get the gist of what these “plucky young gels” are going on about but once we’ve switched on, tuned in and taken on board the nuances of the language (bell-like exclamations of “JUBILATE!” not withstanding) this clever little parody of all things proper and British is delightful. Half the cast is able to play it perfectly straight and the performances from these girls are superb.


They include the super talented Anna McMahon as Daisy Meredith, Rachel Fentiman as Monica and Megan Anning as Sybil. We can’t see the tongues-in-cheeks but we know they’re there and that alone makes this show worth catching before it closes this weekend. It’s pantomime for grown-ups, a true send up of the proper British boarding schools recognised by many of the more mature members of the audience. But regardless of age and experience, the perfectly flawed characters and fabulous adventures, including pillow fights and treasure hunts will have every member of the family chuckling.


Anna McMahon & Megan Anning

Anna McMahon & Megan Anning


When Daisy wins a scholarship to attend Grangewood School for Young Ladies it’s not all sticky buns and hot cocoa.


She must prove her worth through a series of (mis)adventures, save her chums and play hockey like a pro. Indeed, the hockey match is an outstanding scene – my favourite – and proves once again that Simon Denver is a director of a different kind.


If you’ve seen his stuff before you’ll recognise the little touches and if you’re new to this brand of theatre on the Sunshine Coast, well, welcome! And enjoy. Let’s hope BATS keep this good co-pro thing going and produce a few more of the lighter variety of plays just like this one. If you’ve been away from the theatre for a little while, it’s a topping idea to come back!



God of Carnage


God of Carnage

SRT & The Lind

The Lind Theatre

10 – 13 July 2013


Reviewed by Xanthe Coward


Yasmina Reza’s God of Carnage is a comedy of manners – without any manners whatsoever!


‘I work like a painter. If a painter is doing a portrait of someone, he’s not interested in their childhood. He paints what he sees.’ Yasmina Reza


I love working with Simon Denver and I love watching his work. His latest production for SRT at The Lind Theatre in Nambour – Yasmina Reza’s acclaimed God of Carnage – suffers only from a ridiculously short season, so BOOK NOW before reading on. You don’t want to miss this one.


“It was SO much better than the film.” Rachel Fentiman


I have to admit to having never seen the film (2011), which from all accounts remains pretty faithful to the text, translated by Christopher Dangerous Liaisons Hampton, but lacks understanding of the humour inherent in the dialogue. When I was at Sydney Theatre on Tuesday night to see The Maids, I stopped in the foyer and bought a copy of God of Carnage from Glee Books, and completely forgot to read it. But even for the non-theatre goers – or should I say, especially for the non-theatre goers – this is a wonderfully easy play to follow, and funny because it’s so familiar. The awkward moments are superbly uncomfortably so, and the witty upbeat banter and barely veiled vicious attacks are just what we expect in the circumstances. Theatre is a mirror and whether or not we like what we see, Reza’s razor sharp observations of diametrically opposed parents who meet to resolve an incident between their boys, is spot on. When the shiny veneer of polite conversation and pseudo mutual respect is stripped away we see all manner of undesirable qualities rise to the surface of even the most (seemingly) together “grown up”.


The joy and success of this production lies in its casting, and in the deft hand of Denver. Attention to detail is key, and Denver hasn’t missed a trick. If casting is ninety percent of the job, tweaking the performances must be the final ten percent. This is the ideal Sunshine Coast cast for this play, and each experienced performer is allowed ample time and opportunity to shine. I know these actors and their performances in this production are some of the strongest I’ve seen from each of them. Something tells me it won’t be the last we’ll see of this winning combination.


If you’re looking for a fast-paced 90-minute fun, funny, high voltage start to your night out, God of Carnage is it, but only until Saturday. Insightful writing (inspired by a real life event!), intelligent direction and a top-notch ensemble make this production a must-see. Theatre makers and theatre lovers will know they’ve seen something special, and for those who think they’ve seen it all, particularly the teachers of drama and directors of local theatre, some of whom have been so vocal lately about what good theatre looks like, you simply can’t afford to miss experiencing God of Carnage. I hope we see a return season sometime soon, but don’t count on it. Do yourself a favour and see it straight away. You’ll be glad you did!


Frank Sharon GOC-1

Featuring Frank Wilkie, Brett Klease, Sharon Grimly and Kate Cullen, God of Carnage must be the best non-musical on the Sunshine Coast this year.










Next at The Lind for a strictly limited Sunshine Coast season The Tipokis present Jason Robert Brown’s Songs For A New World




Strange Attractor

Strange Attractor

Noosa Arts Theatre & SRT

Noosa Arts Theatre

24th January – 2nd February 2013


Reviewed by Xanthe Coward


Unmoving figures – six silhouettes in hard hats – beautifully backlit in red, eliciting thoughts of Empty Chairs at Empty Tables, appear behind a white backdrop out of the darkness of an almost bare stage. It’s already a tragic picture and I’ve come into this production cold. I’ve stayed away from rehearsals and other than the synopsis; I’ve not read a thing about Sue Smith’s Strange Attractor. You would think I might have heard updates or insights from Sam from time to time. You would be wrong. We are ships in the night when working on different productions.


A basic bar, a fridge, a punching bag and a few tables and chairs set the scene for what must be one of the most important newer Australian plays, about an unexpected death that rocks an outback rail construction camp.


It’s a pity that Strange Attractor runs for such a short season (and that the Sunday matinee was cancelled due to the storm), because so many will miss out on this moving drama. It’s not often Sunshine Coast audiences get the opportunity to experience something that falls outside of the farce or musical theatre genres and this is probably the best of its ilk you’ll see this year. (I guess we’ll see what else is in store at the Sunshine Coast Theatre Alliance Soiree in Mudjimba on February 9thhave you booked yet?). It’s a strong ensemble with powerful performances from some of the Sunshine Coast’s best actors; its strength is as much in its silence as in any of its conversation.


Moments of unease are relished; the characters wait between lines, without slowing the pace of the play, masterfully stretching the uncomfortable silence into the undeniable reality of the nightmare that follows a tragedy, breathing, waiting, considering, and content to disperse further unease with a look, before moving on. This takes a certain degree of discipline and experience and while the impressive results don’t surprise me, I’m once again bemused to see that the SRT Way just works. I’ll leave that for Sam and Simon to explain in another post. Suffice to say, the casting, by Simon Denver, is superb.


A beautiful, sophisticated soundscape by Howard Tampling layers haunting arrangements for piano (Darren Heskes) and guitar (James Allen) of classic Australian songs, the sounds of the storm, and weather updates during the Category 4 cyclone, which wreaks havoc on the camp and contributes to the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of popular safety officer, Gus (Sam Coward). It’s nice to see Brad Thomson back treading the boards after a too-long hiatus, and reunited with Job’s Right boys, Sam Coward and Brett Klease. Joined by Clayton Storey as Rube, David Breen as Chilli, and Jodi Bushby, the token female in camp, known semi-affectionately as Truckie, this lot come with language that may offend (though not as much as I’d expected!), and a moving story that they tell with care and a sense of responsibility.


Unexpectedly funny, you’ll find it’s extremely real – the people represented are tragedy-raw and hurting, and yet their Australian larrikinism comes through in crass jokes and deft humour for which your grandma would rap you over the knuckles but which you know is your only coping mechanism – and you’ll recognise that and enjoy the challenging repartee more than you think you could. But it’s a cautionary tale, almost a warning… I wonder if Sue Smith intended it that way. It seems this director did. But while there’s treasure to be found under their feet, no disruption is reason enough for the likes of these characters to call it quits, give up the gold and go home.

STRA poster-1

Whether our sensibilities want to accept it or not – we are officially into the Chinese Century! This country once rode on the back of the sheep – we are now the quarry of the world. The reality of this is quite simple…the vast oblivious suburban mass of Australia live on the fiscal crumbs from the mining table!


Hard truth – sad fact.

– Director, Simon Denver



Auditions: XS, SRT & Free Spirit Entertainment!




XS Entertainment

Suncoast Repertory Theatre

Free Spirit Entertainment


are holding combined open auditions

for their 2013-2014 projects


Saturdy 15th December 2012

Times available from 10am – 2pm


@ Embody Performing Arts in Nambour


ACTING AUDITIONS – please prepare a 2 minute monologue


DANCE AUDITIONS – please prepare a 2 minute routine


SINGING AUDITIONS – please prepare a 2 minute song


*You can audition for all 3 if you wish, only one audition time will be required.


You may be required to attend a call back at 2:30pm, which will be an open group call back.

We are looking for strong individual performers who are happy to work closely with a fantastic team. 



To arrange an audition please email –

The actual address is 3/131 Currie Street but you access the studio via Howard Street. Turn into the driveway beside the white wall on Howard Street. Embody is in the same building as Civic Video……. 

if all else fails call Sam 0402461062



short + sweet sunshine coast




Submissions for Actors, Directors and Independent Theatre Groups close on May 31st 2012


Got a 10 minute play? Sure you do!


Simon Denver adapted So, Where Is It? from the original one-act play, which he wrote for a festival in a matter of days after Sam Coward said one day over a few beers, “WHY NOT? WE’RE GOOD AT VIOLENCE.”

The 10 minute version only came about when I received a phone call during rehearsals for our gig at The Sydney Children’s Festival inviting us to submit something to Short + Sweet and Sam said, in the dressing room of the Seymour Centre, “WHY NOT? WE’RE GOOD AT VIOLENCE AND IT’S JUST 10 MINUTES.”

So, Where Is it? won Brett Klease Best Actor at last year’s Sunshine Coast Theatre Festival and the 10 minute version took out 1st place in the Gold Coast & Brisbane Short+Sweet competitions. It then went to Sydney (thanks to some of YOU! THANK YOU!), where it won third place.

With so many one-act play festivals happening across the Sunshine Coast, why not do the same? Or register your 10 minute play from the recent season in Buderim. IT’S JUST 10 MINUTES! YOU CAN DO IT!

You CAN do it. But do you need some help taking the red pen to your script? Register first! Just do it and then let us know! We can help edit and workshop your one-act play down to just 10 minutes or help you find a new script to work on.

Check out the vast collection that the 10 Minute Play Master, Alex Broun, has made available online for FREE.

The Short+Sweet QLD 2012 Brisbane+Gold Coast+Sunshine Coast theatre season runs from 1st August to the 19th August at

The Loft (QUT Creative Industries)

The Arts Centre Gold Coast

Lind Lane Theatre, Nambour


June 16th Director briefing and welcome drinks


June 23rd Sunshine Coast auditions


June 30th Rehearsals commence


Remember, it all starts with an idea….. 

This one was just so crazy…it worked!