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short+sweet results 2017


Short+Sweet Festival 2017

Short+Sweet Qld & Brisbane Powerhouse

Brisbane Powerhouse

July 19 – August 5 & September 2&3 2017


Reviewed by Eleanora Ginardi



Who is your super hero”, “Mother I think I’m in love”, “Super Mario”,  Got it stuck in my head”, “Good bye Norma Jean”, “This bus is late, uncharted territory”, “Our daughter is an Emo” – Just some of the lines from the collection of 10 x 10 minute shows at Short+Sweet festival, held at the Brisbane Powerhouse in August.


This show presented works that were as diverse as a Merthyr road bus shelter. The evening hinged on the unexpected through showcasing local, Queensland emerging talent. Laughter and vulnerability held space together, with highlights being some of the solo acts which were uniquely brave and honest; performers jumping head-first into a sea of emotions and tugging us along for the journey. Many of the acts were inclusive in activating audience participation. As the shows progressed, the audience got more and more involved, immersing and plunging into the stories and experiences of  local artists.


The Hope Project, written, directed and performed by Scott Wings, delved deeply into the sense of belonging. Over and over, Scott kept asking and repeating and deconstructing what it means to belong, eventually blowing up the notion of belonging. BELONG, Belong. BEEEELOOONG. Beelong. BLONG BLONG BLONG BANG.


Another one act play which touched deeply was the very physical and disciplined performance by Jake Hollingsworth. The Theory of Emotion, written and directed by Jake, gracefully took us on a journey of life, exploring the ups and downs of being a mother from a creature-like world. Retelling the story of human existence and what its like to be a mother from a mans perspective physicalised and contemplated by a young mans body.


Another hard-hitter, Good night Daphne by Mathew Filkins explored overcoming abuse, and dug deeper into incapacitating any kind of abuse; be it physiological, emotional, physical, or often difficult to separate, slapping the audience in the face with a topic that is often difficult to talk about.



The last one act play was Quietus, presented by solo artist Caitlin Strongarm. Caitlin embodied a sadness and cajoled the audience to assist her in turning off an alarm high above her head which she couldn’t reach. Moments of extreme sadness and moments of genuine joy were presented in this solo that deservedly goes into the finals.


The stand-out group was Flowers Theatre Company with Murder Mansion, written by Gabriella Flowers, directed by Samantha Bull, assisted by Amy Randall, designed by Jaymee Richards, and performed by Gabriella Flower, Emily Vascotto, Ben Warren and Levi Wilcox. A clever satire with witty dialogue, the performance was exquisitely cast and played, beautifully costumed and fluently delivered by the entire cast.


An enjoyable evening with my friend Anne, who abandoned herself in the show along with the younger audience. As we went upstairs to Bar Alta and discussed the show over a hot chocolate we both felt equally as passionate the need to support the arts and give artist this platform to showcase their unique talent.







Songs For Sarah Connor (A Love Story, TERMINATED!)


Murder In The Mansion


Shoes Wisely


Caitlin Strongarm (Quietus)


Drew Lochrie (Rock Pigs)


Geordie McGrath (Shoes Wisely)


Say Yes


Samantha Bull (Murder In The Mansion)


This Could Be You! (Sophie Banister)


Be Entertaining


Short+Sweet 2017


Short+Sweet – the biggest little play festival in the world!

Launch Event 

Brisbane Powerhouse

July 26 – August 5 2017


Attended by Claire Harding 



The Short + Sweet theatre and cabaret festival kicked off in style this week, with an interactive collage of contemporary theatre bites that was some of the most entertaining theatre I have had the pleasure of attending. A mixture of short stories and moving movement pieces, the audience was engaged at every turn.



It was exciting to see the return of old talent and new, including cabaret and musical extraordinaire Emily Vascotto, expertly accompanied by Ben Murry, bearing her soul recounting past love and heartbreak in The Confession, direct from Melbourne Fringe Festival (and directed by Gabriella Flowers). 


This theme ran strongly through the entire showcase, including Jamie Kedal and Gina Limpus’ exquisite physical theatre piece, The Attachment Theory, a beautifully choreographed work that is sexy and violent. The pair explored the three phases of attachment, from infatuation through to separation. This was followed by a two-hander featuring Hannah Belansky and Paige Poulier performing a female duologue, which comments on the social expectations of women, and contrasted starkly with the very politically incorrect comedy duo, The Foxy Morons, known for their performances at Queensland Cabaret Festival, showing us through the Aussie country culture, that they are not fans of Pauline Hanson, whom they describe as more vicious than a cassowary.



Another funny fierce force was life coach, Kaitlyn Rogers, a fitness fanatic who idolises Shannon Noel and Whoopie, which is exactly what she did to the audience. It’s entertaining with enough serious moving moments and issues, addressing political correctness, racism, love and relationships, to give the performance purpose and meaning.


The opening night show culminated with a performance from the winners of last year’s event, having developed their work into a full-length show. Written and performed by Caitlyn Hill and Peter Wood, Boys Taste better with Nutella, lived up to the hype, taking the audience on a journey of relationship ups and downs including asking where do we turn to for love? Nutella and the internet! Frederick aims to make himself feel better by gaining popularity and turns a pleasure and pastime into a business eating things for viewers, which is popular in Korea; a trend which has him questioning his relationship with food and body image as he receives backlash for his imperfections and ‘must be cute not fat’. A string of lights, which the actors jumped in and out of, creates the set and shifts the focus from outer to inner monologue, between past, present and future. This tempo, along with the sound tracks and dance pieces, drives the piece and keeps the audience wanting more, remaining true to its Short+Sweet theatrical conventions.



With a different line up each week, this amazing and entertaining competition is now a global event! With shows across Brisbane and the Gold Coast venues for the next 4 weeks, get along, you won’t be disappointed. 


xs entertainment gets a shout out

awww, we love a little bit of love so we’re sharing it!

David Breen, actor, saw our re-post on XS Entertainment on Facebook, of an audition notice for one of the plays included in this year’s Short + Sweet Festival, auditioned for the director and landed the role! Here’s his note to us:

Sending a massive shout of thanks to the crew at XS Entertainment. After following up on a post on this page the other day and a successful audition this afternoon I will now be performing at the Short + Sweet Play Festival on the Gold Coast next month. Great work guys, your advice, articles and notices for people in the industry really are invaluable and your work does not go unnoticed! I’ll be recommending everyone here! Thanks again guys and keep up the great work!

Thanks, David and congrats on your “scruffy” role! We can’t wait to see your work during Short + Sweet on the Gold Coast! Have fun preparing for the biggest little play festival in the world!


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