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A quick question for teachers and school management peeps

I’ll get back to this – there’s the school run and then another sold-out performance of Travelling North to do – but first, just quickly, I had to copy and paste from Facebook, my status lamenting the lack of school groups in attendance at Empire Theatre Project’s April’s Fool this morning at Nambour Civic Centre.

I’d love for you to weigh in on this one. It continues to baffle me. It continues to frustrate me. Please let me know what it takes to get a school group (and not just the drama classes) to attend life-affirming, life-changing, life-saving theatre on the Sunshine Coast. I commend those schools who support their staff in doing so regularly. I’d love to hear from you too!

Dear everybody who is actually still doing party drugs and everybody with a child over the age of twelve on the Sunshine Coast, if you can possibly get to it tonight, go see APRIL’S FOOL with them at Nambour Civic Centre at 7:30pm for 75 minutes of your time. This show is already saving lives. Absolutely incredible storytelling. My heartfelt congrats go to Lewis Jones, David Burton, et al. As Poppy would say, “my heart hurts…”

Dear secondary school teachers and principals, if you didn’t book to take your students to see APRIL’S FOOL at Nambour Civic Centre today, SHAME ON YOU!

I know some students are attending tonight’s performance and I know that one teacher tried to arrange for her students to see this show and the excursion policy had not been signed off on! 

Hmmm… Does council need an education liaison person (or whatever) to let schools know what they’re missing (or to let schools know what they can’t afford to miss)?

Teacher friends, is it just getting too hard to do excursions? Do you need the info sooner? You would have seen the details for April’s Fool in your pigeon hole in October last year and I know you’ve got Boy Girl Wall now. Do you need assurance that the show is good?

Please tell me what it is you need in order to get your students to these shows! I’d really like to know. Thanks.