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Sunshine Coast Theatre Festival 2014 Results


Sunshine Coast Theatre Festival 2014

Sunshine Coast Theatre Alliance

August 15 – 24 2014

The Lind Theatre






August 22 – 24 2014


Certificates of Distinction:


Primary Certificates of Distinction


Bella Wood

Alira Slyderink

Stefanie Cooper

Erica O’Brien


Secondary Certificates of Distinction


Mahana Currie (Bursary Winner 2013)

Ashleigh Cooper

Shearah-Rose Spears

Lucy Rockliff

Georgia Gleeson

Ayla Long

Liam Hartley

Matthew Bapty


Primary Section


Adjudicator’s Award

Anna McMahon

Hands in the Air…Bullies Beware (Talara Primary College)


Best Ensemble

Talara Primary College

Hands in the Air…Bullies Beware


Best Supporting Actor

Curtis Bock


Best Supporting Actress

Bella Wood


Best Actor

Jett McConochie


Best Actress

Anika Jocumsen


2nd Best Play

Hands in the Air…Bullies Beware (Talara Primary College)


Best Play

The Compass by Mem Thomas (MEM Productions)


Best Unpublished Script

The Compass by Mem Thomas (MEM Productions)


Secondary Section


Adjudicator’s Award

Paris Williment


Best Ensemble

Little Seed Theatre Company

War At Home


Best Supporting Actor

Valentino Koch


Best Supporting Actress

Ellie Manning


Best Actor

Caleb Holman


Best Actress

Brooke Masters


2nd Best Play

Love Awkwardly (Little Seed Theatre Company)


Best Play

War At Home (Little Seed Theatre Company)


Best Unpublished Script

One Idiot, Two Thugs and Cement by Louisea Snelling (Dramaworks)



Paris Williment (Little Seed Theatre Company)




Best Director Over 25

Michelle Allan

All My Love, Paul (Focus On Stage)


Best Director Under 25

Marina de Jager

Fairytale Frolics (Acting Up! Youth Theatre Academy)




August 15 – 17 2014


Adjudicator’s Award

Michelle Lamarca

The Devil’s Dance (Noosa Arts Theatre)


Best Supporting Actor (Comedy)

Shane Cassidy

The Rock in the Water (SRT)


Best Supporting Actress (Comedy)

Sue Sewell

Duplicitous (Miranda’s Dressing Room)


Best Supporting Actor (Drama)

Brett Klease

The Rock in the Water (SRT


Best Actor (Comedy)

Kyle Breese

Held (Downstage Theatre Co)


Best Actress (Comedy)

Not awarded


Best Actor (Drama)

James Patrick Reed

The Devil’s Dance (Noosa Arts Theatre)


Best Actress (Drama)

Michelle Lamarca

The Devil’s Dance (Noosa Arts Theatre)


Best Set Design

The Rock in the Water (SRT)


Best Unpublished Script

The Rock in the Water by Simon Denver (SRT)


Best Director

Simon Denver

The Rock in the Water (SRT)


3rd Best Play

Held (Downstage Theatre Co)


2nd Best Play

The Devil’s Dance (Noosa Arts Theatre)


Best Play

The Rock in the Water (SRT)


SCTF14 Margi&TheRockInTheWater

The Rock in the Water (SRT) Anna McMahon, Shane Cassidy, Brett Klease and (on behalf of Simon Denver), Joy Marshall with Adjudicator, Margi Brown Ash



2013 Matilda Award Winners


Last night at QUT Gardens Theatre, the Brisbane theatre industry  gathered to celebrate the work of the city’s creatives (sans La Boite – OR SO I THOUGHT – #perceptionisreality). Almost everybody else seemed to be there and if you were not, if you felt the need instead to stay at home in your pyjamas, you might be feeling a bit silly today because you probably realise now you missed a really good night!


The Matilda Awards are bigger and better than ever.


Michelle Xen and the Neon Wild


I haven’t been attending for 25 years, just for the last few, so I can only say that at least over the last three years the evening has been a delightful one. It’s lots of fun, and it’s an ideal opportunity outside of opening nights to mix with the best in the local biz.


Special guests, James Stewart and the Hon Ian Walker (who got in the best line of the night!) were joined on stage by hosts, Ivan and Juniper AKA Dash Kruck and Emily Burton, who scooped the pool at The Matildas in 2012 for Benjamin Schostakowski’s quirky show A Tribute of Sorts, which we’ll see next at QTC’s Bille Brown Studio in May. BOOK EARLY TO AVOID DEVASTATING DISAPPOINTMENT!






I believe I missed dinner with the committee in the city after the awards (sorry folks, I’ll look forward to seeing you next at our first meeting for 2014), but being a school night after a massive weekend, in order to appear just as bright and energetic today, we had to shuffle off home to the Sunshine Coast #xsneverstops






Congratulations to all Matilda Award nominees and winners, and thank you to the committee for your work!


Best Mainstage Production:
1001 Nights, Queensland Theatre Company, Queensland Music Festival and Brisbane City Council in association with Zen Zen Zo
End of the Rainbow, Queensland Theatre Company and QPAC
*Tequila Mockingbird, shake + stir and QPAC
Venus in Fur, Queensland Theatre Company


Best New Australian Work:
*1001 Nights, 
Michael Futcher and Helen Howard (adapters)
Katherine Lyall-Watson
Tequila Mockingbird, 
Nelle Lee
This is Capital City, 
Sandra Carluccio


Best Independent Production:
A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble
A Tender Thing, Full Circle Theatre
*Motherland, Metro Arts and Ellen Belloo
This Is Capital City, Sandra Carluccio and La Boite Indie with the support of QPAC


Best Male Actor in a Leading Role:
Bryan Probets, Tequila Mockingbird
*Dan Crestani, 1001 Nights
Michael Croome, A Tender Thing
Todd Macdonald, Venus in Fur


Best Female Actor in a Leading Role:
Barbara Lowing, The China Incident
Christen O’Leary, End of the Rainbow
*Libby Munro, Venus in Fur
Margi Brown Ash, The Wizard of Oz


Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role:
Anthony Standish, End of the Rainbow
*Hayden Spencer, End of the Rainbow
Ross Balbuziente, Tequila Mockingbird
Zac Kelty, A Midsummer Night’s Dream


Best Female Actor in a Supporting Role:
Barbara Lowing, Tequila Mockingbird
Johancee Theron, A Midsummer Night’s Dream
*Louise Brehmer, A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Tina Torabi, 1001 Nights


Best Director:
Andrea Moor, Venus In Fur
David Bell, End of the Rainbow
*Michael Futcher, 1001 Nights
Rob Pensalfini, A Midsummer Night’s Dream


Best Design (Set and costumes):
*Angel Kosch, costume design, A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Bill Haycock, set design, 1001 Nights
Freddie Komp, set design, A Tender Thing
Simone Romaniuk, set design, The Pitch and The China Incident


Best Technical Design (Lighting, multimedia and sound design):
Ben Hughes, lighting design, 1001 Nights
Ben Hughes, lighting design, Mother Courage and Her Children
Guy Webster, sound design, Venus In Fur
Marcel Dorney and Steve Toulmin, music composition and arrangement,Prehistoric
*Phil Slade, musical director, 1001 Nights


Bille Brown Award for the Best Emerging Artist:
Belinda McCormack, designer, 1066: The Bayeux Brought to Life
Johancee Theron, actor, A Midsummer Night’s Dream
*Sandra Carluccio, creator, This Is Capital City
Shannon Haegler, actor, Tequila Mockingbird


Best Musical or Cabaret:
Blood Brothers, Harvest Rain and QPAC
Next to Normal, Oscar Theatre Company and QPAC
The Lady of the House of Love, Metro Arts, Queensland Music Festival and Brisbane City Council
*Rumour Has It: 60 Minutes Inside Adele, Judith Wright Centre and the little red company


Gold Matilda Awards went to –









And the winners are…

Queensland Literary awards Facebook Banner

Queensland Literary Award Winners 2012


Well, what a strange – though not unusual – conflict! The results were under embargo until 8pm tonight but for those of us unable to attend the awards and madly following instead, the fabulous feeds from @QldLitAwards @arts_tart and others, we were right up to speed as the results were announced. Thank you to those intrepid Tweeters for your insightful and entertaining commentary and just what do we think of that?

Are our embargoes a thing of the past? 


The newly established Queensland Literary Awards (QLA) have announced the official winners in 15 categories from 68 finalists and more than 600 entries.

Trophies and cheques were presented to the winners at the State Library tonight. Queensland Literary Awards Inc. Chair, Dr Stuart Glover said, “we are proud to present the prizes on behalf of the people of Queensland to 15 such worthy winners. The prizes acknowledge the writers’ achievements and the importance of books and writing to the whole community.”

The QLA were established on the 4th April this year following Queensland Premier Campbell Newman’s announcement that his Government would no longer be supporting the Queensland Premier’s Literary Awards.

Dr Glover said, “Interest in the awards is at an all time high. Our new awards were greeted with excitement by the state’s and nation’s writers. These are among the biggest suite of awards in the country—entirely run by volunteers with support from individual and corporate donors. The Queensland Literary Awards are, if I say so myself, now very cool awards to win. The quality of the entries was great, with both many new and many critically acclaimed writers represented.

Fiction Book Award: Cold Light, by Frank Moorhouse (Sydney)

Non-Fiction Book Award: The People Smuggler, by Robin De Crespigny (Melbourne)

Young Adult Book Award: The Ink Bridge, by Neil Grant (Melbourne)

Children’s Book Award: Kumiko and the Shadow Catchers, by Briony Stewart (Perth)

Australian Short Story Collection – Steele Rudd Award: Forecast Turbulence, by Janette Turner Hospital (Queensland resident based in South Carolina, USA)

Poetry Collection – Judith Wright Calanthe Award: Crimson Crop, by Peter Rose (Melbourne)

Emerging Queensland Author – Manuscript Award: Island of the Unexpected writer Catherine Titasey (Thursday Island, Queensland)

Unpublished Indigenous Writer  – David Unaipon Award: Story Siv Parker (Queensland born now living in Lismore)

History Book Award: The Biggest Estate on Earth: How Aborigines Made Australia, by Bill Gammage (Canberra)

Science Writer Award: Sex, Genes & Rock ‘n’ Roll: How Evolution has Shaped the Modern World, by Rob Brooks. (Sydney)

Literary or Media Work Advancing Public Debate – Harry Williams Award: The Australian Moment: How We Were Made for These Times, by George Megalogenis (Melbourne)

Drama Script Award: War Crimes, by Angela Betzien (Melbourne based previously from Queensland)

Film Script Award: Dead Europe, by Louise Fox (Sydney)

Television Script Award: Mabo, by Sue Smith (Sydney)

The Courier-Mail People’s Choice Queensland Book of the Year: Closer to Stone, by Simon Cleary (Brisbane based, born in Toowoomba)

Queensland Literary Award Winners

WINNERS: The Courier-Mail People’s Choice Queensland Book of the Year winner Simon Cleary, Fiction Book Award winner Frank Moorhouse and Non-Fiction Book Award winner Robin De Crespigny.
Picture: Liam Kidston Source: The Courier Mail

“Our 40 volunteer judges were impressed with the calibre of work,” said Glover. “While the book industry struggles with new digital formats, Australian writing itself is in great shape. And Queensland writing continues to develop a distinctive voice in the national mix.”

“The shortlists and winners are a diverse bunch.  We have everything from the most famous Australian writers like Frank Moorhouse and Peter Carey, to new writers from Thursday Island and from Wooroobinda Indigenous community.  The writers have deal with contemporary and historical subjects important to all Australians: mining, indigenous issues, our past, asylum seekers, and the economy.”

“These awards recognise how important literature is to the Queensland people.  In the past, Queenslanders have sometimes neglected to mark the importance of sharing stories, when in fact local and national stories are basic to our culture and to democracy. The QLA awards support new Queensland writers, new indigenous writers.  And we are trying to ensure that Queensland is part of the national conversation about Australian values and the Australian experience”.

“This year’s Awards have happened because hundreds of individuals along with businesses, universities, cultural organisations have got behind them. We don’t know what will happen in 2013, but we hope we will continue to get support from everyone.  The awards aren’t worth staging unless the community values them. We would welcome the return of government support, as government is one of many stakeholders in the state’s literary life, but regardless, the community has spoken about the importance of writing and literature. Queensland literary life has transformed itself in the 25 years since Expo, but there is still more work to be done.

An additional category this year – the inaugural The Courier-Mail People’s Choice Queensland Book of the Year – enabled the community to engage with the Literary Awards by voting for their favourite book from six selected by QLA judges.

Further information about the awards can be obtained by visiting

Open Book


Sunshine Coast Youth Theatre Festival Results 2012

Sunshine Coast Theatre Festival


Saturday 25th August 2012

Lind Lane Theatre

Adjudicator: Jacqui Mata Luque

Congratulations to all our participants and winners! We hope to see you again next year!


Certificates of Distinction:

Stefanie Cooper – Cinderella –
Suncoast Christian College VIP Drama

Zarli Emblon-Reeves – The Pirate Game –
Fractal Youth Theatre

Zac MacDonald – Whatever Happened to Humpty? –
Fractal Youth Theatre

Tilly Montgomery – the Oresteia (Part 1) Agamemmnon –
Fearless Ensemble – Qld School of Performing Arts

Maddie Quinn – The Perils of Prudence Goodheart –
Suncoast Christian College VIP Drama

Rachel Halverson – 1912 – BYTE


Best Supporting Actor (Female) –
Esther Bullivant – Cinderella –
Suncoast Christian College VIP Drama

Best Supporting Actor (Male) –
Zane Emblon-Reeves –
The Priate Game – Fractal Youth Theatre (Ipswich)

Best Actor (Female) –
Lucy Rockliff – Cinderella –
Suncoast Christian College VIP Drama

Best Actor (Male) –
Tristan Bishop – Cinderella –
Suncoast Christian College VIP Drama


Best Supporting Actor (Female) –
Georgia Johnson – Scattered Lives -Xperience Theatre Troupe –
Chancellor State College

Best Supporting Actor (Male) –
Rainer Scheu –
1912 – BYTE

Best Actor (Female) –
Cameron Rouse – Oz –
Noosa Arts Theatre

Best Actor (Male) –
Jordan Grocock – Scattered Lives –
Xperience Theatre Troupe – Chancellor State College

Adjudicator’s Award –
Ellie Nunan – 1912 – BYTE

$200 Youth Bursary –
Shearah Spears –
The Perils of Prudence Goodheart –
Suncoast Christian College VIP Drama

Best Unpublished Script –
1912 –
Peta Beattie

Best Director Over 25 –
Robyn Ernst –
1912 – BYTE

2nd Best Play – Junior
The Pirate Game – Fractal Youth Theatre

Best Play – Junior –
Cinderella –
Suncoast Christian College VIP Drama

2nd Best Play – Intermediate
The Perils of Prudence Goodheart –
Suncoast Christian College VIP Drama

Best Play – Intermediate
1912 – BYTE

Suncoast Christian College


See more Youth Theatre Festival pics on Facebook

Find out more about Sunshine Coast youth theatre groups on

Please comment here or email with your feedback from this year’s festival.


Sunshine Coast Theatre Festival Results 2012

Sunshine Coast Theatre Festival

Open Section Results

Buderim Memorial Hall

17th – 19th August 2012

Adjudicator: Kate Foy


All For The Nation

Ipswich Little Theatre

Best Play, Best Director, Best Actor in a Comedy – Female, Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy – Male

Chook Chook

Caloundra Chorale & Theatre

Second Best Play, Certificate of Distinction


Random Acts

Third Best Play, Best Actor in a Comedy – Male, Adjudicator’s Award

Here’s The Thing

Noosa Arts Theatre

Best Unpublished Script


The Actor’s Gym

Best Actor in a Drama – Male, Certificate of Distinction

Who The Fuck Is Erica Price

Brisbane Arts Theatre

Best Actor in a Drama – Female, Certificate of Distinction


Ipswich Little Theatre

Best Supporting Actor in a Drama – Male

To Whom It May Concern

Mousetrap Theatre

Best Supporting Actor in a Drama – Female

Level 12

Golden Glove Productions

Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy – Female, Certificate of Distinction

Still Life

Miranda’s Dressing Room

Certificate of Distinction

Sunshine Coast Youth Theatre Festival The stars of the future from all over the coast hit the stage. Come along and check out the incredible young stars of the future we have here on the coast.

1 day. 7 short plays.

When: Saturday August 25

Cost: Session Ticket – Adults $12.00, Child $5.

Family Session Ticket: $25.00 (2 Adults & 2 Children)

All tickets on sale at the door only.
Festival Passes purchased at the OPEN festival are valid.

For full session times, and a detailed program, visit the festival page on or call 5449 9972 (office hours).


Sam Coward & Kate Foy

Sunshine Coast Theatre Alliance President, Sam Coward and Adjudicator, Kate Foy


All for the Nation


See more pics from the Open Section of the Sunshine Coast Theatre Festival