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Introducing Katelyn Panagiris


Welcome Katelyn!


I always mean to introduce our new writers but there is always so much on that they are invariably writing before I get a chance to do so! We’ve recently welcomed Brisbane based Katelyn Panagiris to the team.


katelyn panagiris


My name is Katelyn Panagiris and I am a young theatre maker currently studying a Bachelor of Business / Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drama) at QUT. From a young age I have had a serious love affair with the theatre and since the age of about eight, have seen my future in the industry.


I recently graduated from the Queensland Academy for Creative Industries (QACI). Here I was given the opportunity to study theatre, mainly through practical experience and under the guidance of incredibly supportive, dedicated and knowledgeable teachers. Over my three years at QACI I was exposed to several new styles and ways of thinking about theatre. I was challenged, tested and ultimately left the course with my understanding of theatre fundamentally changed.


At the centre of the course was the simple question, what is theatre? This question continues to drive me forward everyday.


I have an insatiable hunger for more knowledge and most importantly, experience. The artists and companies that surround me both locally and internationally are a constant source of inspiration. These artists have paved the way for me, and I know that ‘I stand on the shoulders of giants to see further’.


I know that I am young and that I have barely even scratched the surface of my practice. I know that I am entering a complex industry with plenty of challenges – the majority of which I don’t yet fully understand or appreciate.


Perhaps naively, I have decided that all I can do for now is embrace the present moment, trying my hand at as many roles as possible.


Under the mentorship of Kathryn Kelly, I am currently trying my hand at Resident Dramaturg of Terra Nemo Theatre Company – a company providing opportunities for young artists to experiment with and develop their practice through producing new theatre created entirely by young people. I have also recently performed Pinch Mea solo work directed by Katie Farr and presented by Dead Owl Factory as part of Anywhere Theatre Festival. This was my first experience with Anywhere Theatre Festival and I thoroughly enjoyed performing in non-traditional spaces as part of this diverse and culturally significant festival.




My next project is Departures, a devised work that I will be directing alongside Zoe Sheppard for Vena Cava’s Fresh Blood Festival. Naturally I am nervous about finally putting my ideas into practice. I’m not sure what the performance will look like or how it will stand up against the work of my idols – all I know is that to create is the only way forward.



As well as making theatre, I am passionate about viewing and reviewing theatre. I hope that my reviews will encourage you to see the interesting new work being produced in Brisbane at the moment.


For me, this year presents an opportunity to extend my knowledge and practice as an artist, and I hope that you too will be inspired to go out and explore as much theatre as possible.


I am so very excited about where theatre is heading as it simultaneously rebels against and incorporates all that has come before. I can’t imagine what the art form will look like in 20 years time, but hope that I will play some part, however small, in shaping its future.


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