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Oprahfication for NYMF! Three days to go!

Oprahfication is an awesome show! Can we help take it to New York???


The story of the project – from




OPRAHFICATION is a new Australian musical by Rachel Dunham (Book and Lyrics) and Shanon D. Whitelock (Music), directed by Dirk Hoult that has been officially selected by The New York Musical Theatre Festival for 5 performances in NYC in July 2014. Now they need help to fund the getting there!




ORIGINALLY CONCEIVED as a mini-cabaret for the Short+Sweet Festival at Chapel Off Chapel in 2012. The collaboration began when composer Shanon Whitelock asked Rachel Dunham “If you could play any role, who would it be?” The response was a 10 minute musical tribute to Oprah Winfrey, the Queen of daytime television. With the help of Melbourne Cabaret Festival, and now Adam J. Lowe, it has since evolved into a 90 minute, multiple award winning, one woman tour de force Musical Theatre production, with yet two more award nominations in the 2013 Green Room Awards (Best Music Direction, Best Original Score).




THE NYMF SEASON IS NOT ONLY a vehicle to expose the writing and performance talents of Rachel and Shanon but also, the great Australian Festivals and venues that have been part of its life to date, our newest collaborator – Lighting Designer Alexander Berlage, newly graduated from the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) who joined the creators as part of our Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival season in Febuary 2014.


Oprahfication is a celebration of all things ‘Oprah’ – her earliest beginnings, her dreams and belief systems and what she did next!


THE NEW YORK MUSICAL THEATRE FESTIVAL is the flagship program of The National Music Theater Network, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, and is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and from the New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency. Now celebrating its 11th year, The New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF) exists to revitalize musical theatre culture by discovering and promoting new musical theatre artists, producers and projects, nurturing a vibrant and innovative artistic community, and connecting one of America’s greatest art forms with a diverse, contemporary audience.


ITS AN INCREDIBLE HONOUR to receive official selection by the New York Musical Theatre Festival, to present 5 performances in full production at the Ford Foundation Studio Theatre at the Pershing Square Signature Center, as part of the 2014 Festival.




THE BRIEF SYNOPSIS – In 2011, Oprah closed the book on 25 years of global dominating television to focus on building her new empire, the Oprah Winfrey Network. Our story begins with Oprah welcoming her audience back into the studio for the live taping of one final episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show. A retrospective special episode to celebrate and remember some the wonderful moments she’d shared over the years and to present to the world, the ultimate interview. But when things go wrong Oprah has a difficult decision to live up to her own expectation and to give her audience what they want, something they’ll never forget. Follow our link to read MORE ABOUT THE SHOW.

FROM THAT FIRST TEN MINUTE PRESENTATION until now there have been countless hours of rehearsal, and ongoing rewriting, and developmental seasons that have allowed the collaborators to lengthen the work, re structure the work and begin to develop technical support and designs in lighting and sound thanks to the skills and input of Alexander Berlage and Sarah ‘Trev’ Trevorrow respectively across those technical areas.






UPWARDS OF $30,000 Australian Dollars to date has been contributed so far to the script and musical development, to allow the technical support to be realised, and to enable the performances to be delivered in full 5-piece arrangement which has allowed Shanon to develop completely new arrangements for the show in 2014, and it is these new arrangements that will be presented in New York.




Five diverse arts projects need your support via pozible!





How much does is take to kick start five arts projects?  The answer is $16,500!



A diverse range of artists participating in Metro Arts’ development programs are set to receive dollar-for-dollar matched funding from Creative Partnerships Australia through its program MATCH: Crowdfunding for the Independent Arts Sector – to qualify for this funding they need to raise $16,500 through their individual crowd funding campaigns which will take place online through pozible.


The five projects include three creative developments of new works, an international dance exchange and a repertory season of eight pieces of contemporary theatre.  All five projects will run in the second half of this year and will be housed at Metro Arts.  Supporters can find the campaigns online at under the Metro Arts Collection.


Each campaign is offering different rewards for different levels of donations and range from a postcard direct from Eastern Europe in return for a $10 donation, to dinner with one of the city’s best directors for $500.  Every little bit counts, so supporters shouldn’t be shy!


Daniel Evans’ (The Good Room) project sees him produce eight plays, that wouldn’t otherwise be seen in Brisbane, directed by eight local directors in a two-week repertory season titled Awkward Conversation.  Joining the directorial ranks are those names well known to Brisbane such as Lucas Stibbard, Steven Mitchell Wright and Catarina Hebbard.



In contrast, curator and producer Britt Guy is looking to support the fourth year of the Croatia-Slovenia-Australia Artist Exchange which sees one dance practitioner from Croatia and one from Slovenia join two Australian artists, Jess Devereux and Zaimon Vilmanis, in an international cultural exchange to be housed in Brisbane at Metro Arts and Darwin, as part of Darwin Festival, before heading back to Croatia and then Slovenia.




Hybrid performance maker and director, Genevieve Trace – after premiering Aurelian at Brisbane Festival last year – is raising funds to commence the development of her new performance work, The Lavinia Project, which tells the story of modern femininity in Australian culture in


Theatre maker Thomas Quirk wants to return to Brisbane to continue the development of The Theory of Everything which sees artists from both Brisbane and Thomas’ new hometown of Melbourne, collaborate to discover the theory of… well everything!  With characters such as Einstein, Queen Elizabeth I and Milley Cyrus onstage it should be interesting night in the theatre!


Rounding out the group is early career artist Lucy-Ann Langkilde who has graced Brisbane stages in such productions as Trollope (Queensland Theatre Company, 2013) and The Wizard of Oz (La Boite Theatre, 2013), but now wants to turn her focus to directing with her new work Las Pozas which has been selected as a Shortfuse Residency at Metro Arts.


This group of artists have the ideas and passion to match and really they are half way there.  Head to to donate and assist them over the line.



A multi-artform incubator for independent practice, Metro Arts provides a platform of infrastructure, mentoring, development and producing support, networks and leadership for artists at all stages of practice, while concurrently promoting new and emerging ideas, forms and practices to the market.


The Lavinia Project – Pozible Video from Genevieve Trace on Vimeo.


The Escapists’ boy girl wall – next stop Pittsburgh USA


This little comedy with the biggest heart has a cast of 25 performed by one man, a stick of chalk and a sock puppet! It is not a love story, it’s a story about love…and physics…and evolution…and mad magpies…and the stars.





You know The Escapists and you know their hit show boy girl wall. I love it! I reviewed it in 2011…


Boy Girl Wall

The Escapists

30th March-17th April 2011

The Roundhouse Theatre 


Conceptual, comical, physical theatre at its best.


It’s really difficult to describe this show but to stop at that would make a very poor review, wouldn’t it? It’s not a love story, as we were told from the outset; it’s a story about love. And inanimate objects. Sure, we meet a boy, a girl, a boss, a publisher, parents, and an Alan Cummings inspired (don’t try to tell me it wasn’t) “ironically gothic” librarian’s assistant and then a wall, a ceiling, a floor, a statue, a computer, two doors and a power box (is that everybody?)… All in a one-man show!


I could mention a whole host of hilarious little anecdotes, involving a bicycle named Penelope and the malicious Magpie of Montague Road, or tell you all about the co-operative matchmaking antics of the wall, the ceiling, the floor and the doors of a couple of West End apartments but that would be glossing over the real magic of this production, which is the storyteller himself.


Lucas Stibbard is the creative genius behind The Escapists, a creative team of “Realisers” (Matthew Ryan, Neridah Waters and Sarah Winter join Stibbard in the production process), working collaboratively to conceptualise and bring to life, truly unique new works. Stibbard’s performance – all seventy-five minutes of it – was dynamic (and the invitation he extended to me, to play a small role at a crucial moment in the play, a very clever and unexpected interactive device)!


In keeping with the slick nature of this production, deceptively simple design (Jonothan Oxlade), carefully measured lighting (Keith Clark) and sound effects and music (Neridah Waters) supported Stibbard’s efforts.


Props to La Boite Theatre Company’s Artistic Director, David Berthold, who saw the potential of boy girl wall in its previous incarnation at !Metro Arts in 2010. Going by the buzz of the capacity opening night crowd before and after the show, it appears Berthold made a wise choice.
This show is like taking an illicit substance before class and giggling ’til you think you’ve heard the bell…well, of course I can only imagine that’s what it’s like (it’s a show that is, after all, largely dependent on your imagination). I laughed ’til I had tears streaming down my cheeks and never more so than during an entire minute of sock puppet fellatio that has to be seen to be believed.


This is a truly original, hyper-creative piece that has clearly come from a place that is inaccessible to most of us. The characters and stories within the story are all at once enchanting, horrifying, mortifying and even, at times, endearing. Not without its tender moments, boy girl wall is unique, defying typical form and laughing out loud at traditional theatrical styles. Rather than pushing boundaries, it draws new ones, literally, in white chalk, on a blackboard painted floor and walls constructed from free-standing, old fashioned chalk boards; I remember them from Year 1, when the photocopying came back hot and purple-inked from the office.


This is the simplest of stories, told in the most complex, physically and mentally demanding multi-modal delivery imaginable. This is an Edinburgh Fringe show. This is a small global sensation. This is the little show that could and it is a little gem that mustn’t be missed.


Now boy girl wall has been invited to present a showcase performance of the work at the prestigious International Performing Arts for Youth conference (IPAY) which will be held in Pittsburgh USA in January 2014.


This conference collects the best of the best in works for young people and presents them to potential presenters in the USA, Canada and beyond. This is a phenomenal opportunity for The Escapists to take their work to the world.


Boy Girl Wall Trailer from Metro Arts on Vimeo.


Your last chance to see boy girl wall in Brisbane is on Monday December 16 at Brisbane Powerhouse. Tickets on sale on Friday December 7 at 8pm but by contributing to the campaign (there are just 10 hours to go!) you avoid the Box Office booking fees!


To score 2 tix for the performance on Monday 16 give $70 (57 available)


To win a dinner date with The Escapists and 2 tix for the performance on Monday 16 give $500 (only 1 available)


To book a workshop and a private performance at your school give $2000 (only 1 available)



10 hours to go! GO!




how much do we love pozible?

If you haven’t come across it already, is a crowdfunding platform for creative projects. It’s how our friends at Joymas Creative partly funded the premiere of Megan Shorey’s original work, One in Seven. It’s how the Melbourne Cabaret Festival is able to continue (fully funded in under 48 hours)!

There are other crowdfunding ventures but we see a LOT of original work that interests us on Pozible. And it seems that the projects are more quickly and more widely shared across social media, meaning of course, that the artists are able to raise the required funds sooner. (There’s nothing scientific in that statement, it’s just what we’ve noticed.)

Pozible from Pozible on Vimeo.

The latest project we feel is important to support is Zen Zen Zo’s upcoming production Vikram and the Vampire

Adapted from the award-winning production of The King and the Corpse, and based on a series of fantastical Hindu tales, Vikram and the Vampire is a magical night of comedy, horror and dynamic physical theatre which celebrates the art of storytelling and ensemble playing.

The exciting cast includes Sandro Colarelli, Bryan Probets, Lizzie Ballinger, Chris Beckey, Liz Buchanan, Lauren Jackson, Jamie Kendall, Earl Kim and Melissa Budd.

Directed by Michael Futcher. Winner – Best Director – 2011 Matilda Awards


Where is the money going?

Zen Zen Zo are a “not for profit” theatre company. The $3000 raised through Pozible will assist the company in covering production costs, which will greatly enhance the visual appeal of the production. Your money will go directly towards: 

– the hire of a tarkett floor for the safety of the physical performers
– costuming the entire production
– constructing the set 
– transforming the Studio space with a “Burning Ground” installation
– purchasing props for the production

Of course, you can also support the company by booking tickets and helping to spread word about the show! But be quick (opening night is already SOLD OUT)!

If you feel like this production is a cause you’d like to support, head on over to and pledge any amount. While you’re there, take a look at the other projects and you’ll get a magic little glimpse at the sort of work getting up off the ground with the help of communities. I love this notion, of audience members and community having the option to “buy in”, essentially becoming a producer on the project. It’s a bit like Nuala’s Ireland-Ghana Children’s Project or anything else that asks you to “buy in”. If it suits you, support it. If not, do share the love by telling somebody else how easy it is for them to become a proud supporter of new Australian art!

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