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Unlock Your Style with Nikki Parkinson from


Unlock Your Style

by Nikki Parkinson




You know I’m a big fan of Sunshine Coast friend and phenomenal blogger businesswoman extraordinaire, Nikki Parkinson, from




Now based in Brisbane and set to take over the world with her no-fuss, back-to-basics approach to styling women everywhere, Nikki launched her debut book – a style bible inspired by her blog – in Maroochydore and Noosa this week. Taking the time to stop by two completely contrasting venues to catch up with friends and fans, Nikki appeared on Wednesday night at Tony Kelly’s hip new Ocean Street burger joint, Hello Harry, and on Thursday at beautiful berardo’s in Hastings Street, Noosa, for a lunch event co-hosted by Mary Ryan’s Noosa.




I stepped out on Wednesday night with darling Min of White House Celebrations, with whom we’re currently planning the RACQ CareFlight Sunshine Coast Gala Ball (y’all better book for it! You know this event sells out!), after changing out of Lorna Jane Active flashies (I had my first aid update all day, kids; stylin’ at NFTI!) and into black leather pants and my fave brown leather jacket – that’s right #doubleleather – adding the Anna Purna, which features in Nikki’s book, and a pair of three-seasons-ago from-the-vault vintage black ankle boots. Thanks to my boot guy in Buderim (he’s your boot guy too, if you have any sense at all), they are allowed out again. Min and I arrived with time to spare, so we chatted with owner, Tony Kelly, outside on the street before heading into his groovy venue for bubbles and lots of fun with, naturally, our most stylish friends. WE MISS YOU, GENINE!




Our emcee for the evening was the beautiful Kim Morrison, of Twenty8 Essentials, who reminded us of when she and Fleur Whelligan were researching their book, Like Chocolate for Women, they realised the key to their message lay in little Mia’s take on beauty (“Beauty is being yourself with a sparkle”), and how Nikki so easily, with her styling initiatives, including The Model and Me and #everydaystyle, inspires women to put the sparkle into their unique style regardless of age or budget. Heartfelt words of congratulations came also from Simone Merlo and Maria Faulder. MARIA, I’M SORRY ABOUT THE HAIR! I should never have opted for punctuality. #suitethreehairandbeauty #ambassadorfail






So many gorgeous women, so many gorgeous, wise words; it’s easy to feel grateful for yet another opportunity to be in the presence of so many inspiring women. Now, if only I could get my act together and step up too!


Nikki is a terrific speaker; I never tire of hearing from her. She is one of the most authentic “authentic” women I know (I tire of the term being overused!), and she has genuinely worked her way to the top of the Australian blogosphere, picking up awards, an agent and a publisher along the way. Nikki has also made a point of always stopping and supporting others on their blogging and styling journeys, earning extra street cred for her boundless generousity.


Nikki noted that her book is a sign of a major shift within the publishing industry, or perhaps it’s an additional layer – I wasn’t live tweeting so I’m not quoting – in that we are beginning to see more and more blogs become books. (Lorelei Vashti’s Dress, Memory is the next one we’ll look at here. Pre-order it online). I’m sure I’m not the only one to subscribe to the blog, follow on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, buy the e-book and then race out to buy the book in its printed form as well! I love Rhonda Hetzel’s blog as well as her first couple of books so I recently did exactly that! I often remind Mum when she tells me, “Oh, you don’t need that!” that I do, I really do; I need my own (signed) copy! #firstworldprivileges




Unlock Your Style has something for everyone. It’s a workbook, outlining simple steps to guide you through the process of literally unlocking your style, based on your history, shopping habits, lifestyle and budget. It’s also a personal story that elicits frequent smiles because we can all relate to the classic style “mistakes”, which Nikki recounts unapologetically. We’ve all been there; we’ve all sported THAT fringe, THAT perm, THAT maternity dress, THOSE SHOES. HA! I love Nikki’s comments regarding social media – her thoughts on envy and “the time vortex that is Pinterest” especially – and I will admit that I read Chapter 4: The Wardrobe Edit twice before deciding to write this piece rather than open a bottle of wine and BEGIN IT. THE WARDROBE EDIT I MEAN. But begin it I will because BACK TO BASICS, Y’ALL! #butilovemythreethousandshowponyseasonalpieces



In Unlock Your Style, Nikki includes a heap of real life, tried and tested products, which have been featured on the blog, and fave brands separated into user-friendly categories including Occasion Wear, Effortless Casual (so essential for life on the Sunshine Coast!), and Modern Corporate. Add to that an extensive list of beauty tips, and a couple of handy cheat sheet morning beauty routines (The Two-Minute Routine, The Seven-Minute Routine), and this easily becomes a book you can justify buying multiple times. If you don’t end up with a few copies to pass onto sisters, daughters, friends, your mum and Grandma, I guarantee you’re going to end up replacing your own copy more than once!


Written with good-natured humour and jam packed with amusing anecdotes and hot tips, this is a Trinny and Susannah type style guide in the best sense of the word, marketed to women over twenty-eight but nevertheless, in content and tone, encouraging women of all ages to strip their wardrobe back to basics and discover the confidence to give us the “spark” that comes from wearing well selected garments and accessories we love.


True style comes from within. When we’ve finally recognised it, why not project it to the world with a great outfit and a pop of perfect colour on the lips? Who are we not to shine? We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be?



Are you ready to shine?




Join Nikki’s #UYS community online


Attend one of the remaining launch events


Buy Unlock Your Style in print or online




Additional images by Alicia Aberley. Check out more event pics on Facebook





Sunshine Coast Arts January 4 2014


So you know I have this little column in the local paper, right?


When Synda Turnbull asked me to take this on in 2013 (she helped keep the arts pages plump for the ten years prior), I had a moment of quiet indecision and debate about artists working for free, but decided pretty quickly that the column needed to continue regardless of whether or not the publication can afford to pay, which seems to be the most prominent current issue again in discussions online and amongst artists in foyers and coffee shops. I accepted the challenge to fit something else into my week gratis, because the value of the weekly exposure of the arts on the Sunshine Coast is worth more to me than say, $100 each week to write it. You know I don’t make money from blogging about the arts, either, despite inspirational writers and business heads all around me, like Styling You’s Nikki Parkinson, working to achieve just that ever since she left print media and logged on! Maybe this is the year, although up until July we’re pretty busy making actual theatre again – I can tell you more soon but there’s a bit of stuff embargoed for another week or so. If you’re following us on Twitter and Instagram you’ll be the first to know.


Are you an artist working for free in some capacity? How’s that working for you?


A number of people suggested I post the columns here, so here they are. A bit of catch up first, and then I’ll post the copy each weekend. If you can pick up the paper on a Saturday, I suggest you still do that because of course there are a heap of arts stories that I’m not able to cover…


If you’re a Sunshine Coast Theatre Alliance member with some copy and fantastic images for me, email


SCD Arts Saturday January 4 2014

Xanthe Coward




In 2013 Sunshine Coast theatre got braver and bolder. Behind the scenes we saw some new systems put into place and some key people come and go. The Sunshine Coast Theatre Festival in August enjoyed its best ever attendance, and box office records were set for Noosa Arts Theatre. With Sunshine Coast Theatre Alliance President, Sam Coward, at the helm for his third consecutive year, we enjoyed new confidence in untapped talent and in the rediscovery of some favourite performers, designers and technical operators. Noosa Arts Theatre’s acclaimed production of West Side Story, a September sell-out directed by Sam Coward, reminded us just how deep our local pool of talent is, and challenged preconceived notions surrounding community theatre, from its inception to its final curtain call.


The Sunshine Coast Theatre Alliance Season Launch Soirée is your next opportunity to rub shoulders with local theatre types and find out how you can be involved. Join the makers and lovers of local theatre at Noosa Arts Theatre on Saturday February 8 from 6pm. Limited tickets available. Bookings online


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Take the kids to this entertaining panto and have just as much fun. This traditional version of the classic fairy tale is directed by Susan Dearnley and runs for a strictly limited season at Noosa Arts Theatre January 4 – 19. All tickets just $12. Bookings online or call 5449 9343



While Cinderella searches for her true love, enjoy cheering the goodies and booing the baddies along the way. Directed by Mary Newton, BATS’ panto runs January 11 – 19. All tickets $12. Bookings online or call 5445 2515


NT Live Screenings


Free Air Entertainment and Noosa Arts Theatre continue their screenings of Great Britain’s superb National Theatre productions with Othello January 10, Macbeth January 17 and The Habit of Art January 31. Bookings online or call 5443 9343





Images – Men In Black (MIB) for SRT’s The Mystery Bus at Woodford Folk Festival 2013-1014. Images by XS Entertainment




one day this blog will win something

It’s true. I believe it. It will happen. Our thoughts make our world and all that stuff. 

To show your support for the conversations we have here, for the growth of the arts industry, for the vibrant, talented artists who inform and inspire this blog,


for us in the Best Australian Blogs 2012 Competition: People’s Choice Award.


Over 940 blogs were nominated in this section of the competition! We are one of the few arts industry blogs and we are the only one under ‘X’ so it’s easy to find us and vote for us. You can vote for as many blogs as you like but you can only submit your voting form ONCE. I included in our own submission, votes for some of the other fabulous blogs we love (and look, we do like to share the love). You’ll notice that these are not entertainment blogs at all – oh no – these are the downtime blogs; the gorgeous random ramblings of writers who we don’t tend to see in foyers of theatres across Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast!

Remember, voting will close Wednesday 9th May at 5.00 pm.

All winners will be announced on Thursday 10 May at 10.00 am. The winner of the People’s Choice Award will receive $1000 worth of courses (online or face-to-face) at the Sydney Writers’ Centre in Milsons Point. Fantastic!

Winner of the Best Australian Blogs Competition 2011, our amazing friend and professional blogger, Styling You’s Nikki Parkinson, spoke about her win.

I love what Nikki has to say about QUALITY and CREDIBILITY. Nikki is an inspiration.

The official Twitter hashtag for the 2012 competition is #bestblogs2012. You can follow the Sydney Writers’ Centre at @SydneyWriters for the Best Australian Blogs Competition announcements.


Melbourne Cup 2010

XS Entertainment and Styling You‘s Nikki Parkinson kept the punters entertained, during the lead-up to The Race That Stops a Nation at Tony Kelly‘s il secondo and M1 Function Rooms in Maroochydore.

It’s a gorgeous location by the river and these sorts of special events seem to go ahead with such style and ease, it certainly makes attending anything at all, in any capacity at il secondo, an absolute pleasure!



It was, necessarily, a stylish affair and although some of us had no idea who was running, we knew immediately who was running in wearing the only Manolos in the room!



Speaking of running, we ran a few fun sweeps and decided, by the end of the day, to never, ever offer a Bradbury Sweep again – it just took too long to find the names of the last three horses past the post (though we would have looked funny trying – three of us on iPhones for 10 minutes – technology FAIL)!


Next year…the Bradbury Highlander! That’s right. There can be only one…lucky loser last



On the ivories and VOX was the multi-talented Mr Simon Russell-Baker and on our plates were three delicious courses (served one at a time, obviously) by Tony Kelly Catering, taking care of that eating bit that comes in between the glasses of champagne.



Michael and Gayle won The Kitchen Pantry hampers for Best dressed



Did I mention Tony also has The Kitchen Pantry? AND a new bubba?! He is a busy, busy man!


Amazing Fact #1: This was my first Melbourne Cup Day celebrated outside of a classroom.


Amazing Fact #2: I enjoyed a single glass of champagne (and a full afternoon/evening of teaching).


Amazing Fact #3: Nikki and I are actually Social Media Soul Mates. We totes synched our live updates and uploaded pics almost simultaneously. There is something inspiring and quite disturbing about that.



Hope you had a win! Hope you had fun!


With Melbourne Cup over, the party season truly begins…so we’ll see you at the next one!