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How to Make Snow

How to Make Snow


How to Make Snow

the little red company & St Lawrence’s College

ERPAC St Lawrence’s College

20th – 22nd December 2012


Reviewed by Rebecca Matthews


How to Make Snow is a wonderfully entertaining production, which follows a young boy’s quest to learn how to make snow for his Grandad.  The journey he goes on brings him into contact with all kinds of colourful characters who reminisce about the time they last saw snow, and give him their advice on how to go about this epic quest… in the 40-degree heat of Australia.



It’s a brand new show, created especially for the Christmas season, by Daniel Evans (Writer & Director) and Naomi Price (Producer and Director of the little red company). How to Make Snow enjoyed a very short, sweet season over just one weekend so if you missed it, I’m afraid that a little piece of magic has passed you by this year. But don’t worry, this creative team will be back again next year.


Such talent attracts talent, and this production was enhanced by the honest performances of Marco GhikasBryan ProbetsMirusia Louwerse and Luke Kennedy, of The Ten Tenors fame. With musical direction from Kennedy & Michael Manikus, lighting by Jason Glenwright and design by Josh McIntosh, this production couldn’t fail!


I absolutely loved the visual overload that made this production so entertaining for all ages. There was no shortage of clues and visual delights for those who did not get the subtleties of love lost and love remembered in this storyline.


The company, which included a sizeable youth ensemble, was great. The choir’s numbers and some of the solos particularly were breathtaking. We may have turned up at a school to see this show but it was, in so many ways, much more than a school production. It was, in fact, exactly what you would expect from a school given the opportunity to work collaboratively with a professional production company. I was sitting there imagining all the hours these kids had given up to perfect their performances and it definitely paid off. I found it inspiring for my own children to see such a wide variety of ages and roles utilised in this play and hoped it might spark something in them; that they might want to be part of fabulous performances such as this in the future.


The play gave plenty of time for the audience to reminisce about their own experiences and to remember the good times. Our own white Christmas memories came suddenly and vividly to life, and my boys and I have since talked for days about many a Christmas past, and our family and friends in other places.


With the danger of a spoiler alert, let’s just say it was a happy ending and I was the fool in the front row, sobbing; crying my eyes out at the beautiful spectacle of a white Christmas in the searing heat of Australia.


When this beautiful little production returns – and it will – go and see it for yourself, take the kids and the grandparents and I promise you’ll be reaching for the sled, and the tissues.


How to Make Snow_sled


Mirusia’s Home Tour 2012

Mirusia Louwerse




Reviewed by Ericka Kronsteiner
On 18, 20 and 29 November 2012, I had the privilege of seeing 3 fabulous concerts featuring local Brisbane based singers / performers Mirusia Louwerse who has recently spent five years touring the world with Andre Rieu as Lead Soprano and appears next in the little red company’s How to Make Snow; Gregory Moore who is a former member of the world renowned The Ten Tenors and who was also Tenor Soloist for Scotland The Brave, which toured Australia, Canada and New York, and the amazing Vocal Manoeuvres (Choirmistress Alison Rogers). The concert was, of course, Mirusia’s Home Tour 2012 Featuring Special Guests Gregory Moore and Vocal Manoeuvres. The concerts were held at the Ipswich Civic Centre, The Events Centre Caloundra and The Studio at Sydney Opera House.
The Ipswich concert was performed to a wonderful audience who thoroughly enjoyed the concert (and who braved horrible weather – rain, thunder, lightning and hail storms – to get to and from the venue…now that’s dedication!), and the singers didn’t disappoint. This concert was the first for this part of the tour and went off without a hitch…no previews or rehearsals needed for these professionals. The Ipswich audience included a large contingent of Gregory Moore fans who cheered on their favourite, and who also wholeheartedly embraced Mirusia and Vocal Manoeuvres. Mirusia’s fans were just as generous in their appreciation of Gregory Moore and Vocal Manoeuvres and at the conclusion of the concert they received a well-deserved standing ovation.
The Caloundra show was sold out and once again the concert was fantastic; the performers seemed a bit more relaxed and again the concert received rapturous applause and a standing ovation. It was lovely to hear all of the wonderful comments before the concert, during the interval and after the concert from the audience about how much they loved the show and would love to see them all again doing more shows…someone needs to make this happen!
The Sydney Opera House Studio show began with no microphones working for the vocalists. After rehearsing and everything going perfectly before the concert, Mirusia came out on stage and her headset died as she started the first song Home. She continued to sing and did a fantastic job in difficult circumstances, staying true to the adage that, “The show must go on!” After her first song Home, a representative from the Sydney Opera House came on stage and graciously explained to the audience that there was a problem with the SOH sound system and they took a 10 minute break whilst sound staff from SOH were working on the problem. Mirusia’s Salon Orchestra stayed on stage during this time to play for the audience. There were two other shows on at the same time at the SOH and all had the same problem…all credit to the SOH sound staff for rebooting the sound system and fixing the problem promptly. All of the audience stayed and were soon greeted with Mirusia returning to the stage, re-starting the show and performing her opening song Home with the headset now working again. The rest of the show went perfectly and the capacity audience loved every minute of it, once again giving them all a standing ovation. The Sydney show also featured a young lady who was a violin soloist who played beautifully.
It was wonderful to see the audience’s enthusiasm and appreciation for Mirusia Louwerse, Gregory Moore & Vocal Manoeuvres and to see these internationally recognised singers receive a standing ovation at each of their shows.
The song list had something for everyone from Classical to Opera and Celtic to Contemporary songs.  Mirusia performed all of her solo songs beautifully and even sung one song in Norwegian and another in Japanese showing her versatility as a singer and as a linguist.  Mirusia also performed her original composition, Forever Shine, which was amazing. Gregory Moore performed his beautiful renditions of Making A Difference, Danny Boy, You Raise Me Up and My Way. Sensational. The duets performed by Mirusia and Gregory Moore were just magical. They interacted with the audience and were especially wonderful with the young children who were in the audience. After the show, Mirusia and Gregory Moore chatted with the children and encouraged each to follow their dreams just as they themselves are doing. The amazing choir, Vocal Manoeuvres, provided backing for some of the songs and also performed their own arrangement of Waltzing Matilda conducted by Choirmistress Alison Rogers…such incredible voices. Four of the ladies from Vocal Manoeuvres, dressed beautifully in elegant dresses each with a different colour, provided backing for the Italian song that Mirusia sang which, for a moment, transported us to Venice.
Mirusia Louwerse looked elegant and enjoyed many dress changes, each gown accompanied by beautiful shoes, jewellery and accessories…do you think she will notice if her beautiful wardrobe goes missing?! Gregory Moore, not to be outdone by Mirusia’s costume changes, also had a couple of suit changes throughout the show, which complemented Mirusia’s style. One of Gregory’s suits featured a beautiful white tie which was embossed and matched handkerchief folded in his coat pocket…very stylish.  Needless to say he looked very handsome in his suits. The gentlemen of the band all wore formal suits whilst the ladies of the band wore beautiful dresses. The four ladies who sang backing for Mirusia for her Italian song were in the same style but different coloured dresses and all looked lovely.
Audience participation came with the singing of I Still Call Australia Home, and a bit of fun and frivolity with the singing of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
Against a simple yet elegant backdrop for the concert, the lighting was tailored to each song. One of my favourite lighting effects was a beautiful Rainbow image when Mirusia was singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow.
The VIP Meet & Greet gave audience members the opportunity to meet Mirusia, Gregory Moore & Vocal Manoeuvres, and to have some photos taken.  Mirusia was very gracious with her time. Gregory Moore and members of Vocal Manoeuvres also interacted with the audience members after the show. This show would definitely be at home on any Australian or international stage and I hope they will tour again together in 2013.
It was a privilege to attend all 3 of these shows; in each there was something slightly unique and special, making each performance unforgettable.
Song List
Home (K. Durant) – Performed by Mirusia Louwerse
Summertime (G. Gershwin) – Performed by Mirusia Louwerse
Solveig’s Lied (E. Grieg) – Performed by Mirusia Louwerse
Beautiful That Way (N. Piovani / G. Dor / A. Nini) – Performed by Mirusia Louwerse
Love Is a Gift (O. Newton-John / E. Rose / V. Shaw) – Performed by Mirusia Louwerse & Gregory Moore
Making A Difference (P. Pinne / P. Dellit) Performed by Gregory Moore
Danny Boy (Trad.) – Performed by Gregory Moore
Ave Maria (F. Schubert) – Performed by Mirusia Louwerse & Vocal Manoeuvres
Romanza (M. Malavasi) – Performed by Mirusia Louwerse
Somewhere…Over The Rainbow (L. Bernstein / S. Sondheim / H. Arlen) Performed by Mirusia Louwerse
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (R & R Sherman) – Performed by Mirusia Louwerse, Gregory Moore & Vocal Manoeuvres
Life Is Like A Boat (R. Fu) – Performed by Mirusia Louwerse
O Mio Babbino Caro (G. Puccini) – Performed by Mirusia Louwerse
Botany Bay (Trad. Arr. C. Brindley) – Performed by Mirusia Louwerse & Vocal Manoeuvres
Waltzing Matilda (Trad.) – Performed by Vocal Manoeuvres with Choirmistress Alison Rogers
You Raise Me Up (R Lovland / B Graham) – Performed by Gregory Moore
My Way (C. Francois / J Revaux / P. Anka) – Performed by Gregory Moore
All I Ask Of You (A Lloyd-Webber) – Performed by Mirusia Louwerse and Gregory Moore
Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again (A. Lloyd-Webber) – Performed by Mirusia Louwerse
Forever Shine (M. Louwerse / J. Kempster) – Performed by Mirusia Louwerse
I Still Call Australia Home – Performed by Mirusia Louwerse
Look For Me In Rainbows – Performed by Mirusia Louwerse
Mirusia Home Tour 2012

Mirusia: A Sneak Peek at How to Make Snow

How to Make Snow

International ARIA Award winning Soprano Mirusia Louwerse took time out from a short break in New Zealand to tell us about a very special new Christmas show… How to Make Snow 

You’ve just wrapped a national tour, which started on the Sunshine Coast and finished up in Sydney. How did it go? It was great! We opened in my home city of Redlands which was really special. It has been fantastic to perform for my Australian fans and friends again and I am just loving being back home.

Which Australian cities do you love and why? Every city has something special about it so it is very hard for me to choose one. I love the harbour in Sydney, the European influence in Melbourne, the area Glenelg in Adelaide…but of course Brisbane is home and it is where my heart is.

What’s your background and how did you come to be a singer? I have Dutch parents, but I was born in Australia, so my parents taught me English through music and singing. And I just loved singing, it was just something I really liked and to their surprise I could hold a tune at 4 years old. I always just continued to sing and there has never been a moment where I didnt want to sing. It has been a big part of my life, in fact it is my life.

You got your start with Andre Rieu. How did that happen? My Aunt in the Netherlands was secretly sending out demo cds and emails to companies in Holland. I actually didn’t realise to what extent she was doing this until one night I had Andre Rieu himself on the phone! He had been looking at my website and asked if I would like to tour with him around the world. I said I would like that very much, and he then asked if he could meet me. So I flew over to Maastricht in The Netherlands and it was an instant connection. I left the next day with a contract in hand and the rest is history!

Mirusia Louwerse

What do you love about working with Andre? He is very spontaneous and spur of the moment. Some of his best decisions have come from just being spontaneous and following his gut feeling and it is a very exciting lifestyle. Also his passion for music is something I share with him and admire.

What do you love about singing? I love that I can touch people hearts just by doing what I love. There is a real power in music.

What are the most important things for young singers to remember? Just remember to sing with passion and don’t think about the technique too much. You naturally have a voice, an therefore I believe everyone can also naturally sing. Just breathe and relax!

Have you got a stage fright story? I personally have never had stage fright but I always feel so sorry for people who do. For me it’s just a huge adrenaline rush.

How do you deal with any nerves? I always think positively and breathe. And also make sure I know the music!

How do you prepare for a performance? I always make sure I have a meal about two hours before a concert. That way I have the energy up. I take my time with hair and make up and getting dressed and I always warm up a little to make sure all my notes are there. I always find it important to be positive and be surrounded by positive people before a concert. It keeps the mood and vibe up.

Tell us about your upcoming performance in the little red company’s original Christmas musical, How to Make Snow. I’m so looking forward to being a part of this new Christmas musical. When Naomi asked me to be a part of it there was no way I could say no. I’m excited about the part that I play and can’t wait to perform with the other talented artists in the show including Luke Kennedy and Bryan Probets. The idea is fantastic and I think Brisbane will just love this fresh new idea.

the little red company

Tell us about working with this creative team. When we first started brainstorming ideas for what music I would sing, I wasn’t sure yet of what my exact role in the storyline was. Looking back now, Luke Kennedy, Michael Manikus and I couldn’t have chosen a better song for my part. Working with Daniel Evans is fantastic. He is such a great Director and the beautiful and touching story that he has written with ideas from Naomi Price is just so special. It’s a delight to work with this fantastic fresh and creative team, and also an honour to call them my friends.

How do you usually approach, and prepare for, a new work? I like to sit back and have a think about the true meaning of the song or musical and think about what it emotionally means to me. I always perform with my full heart and really want to audience to feel how I feel.

What was it that attracted you to this project? I like the fact that How to Make Snow is something new. It’s a new idea, a new way of sharing the Christmas Spirit and it’s appropriate for all ages. When I was a kid I loved seeing musicals and musical shows so the vibrancy and the youthful flair in this show will be remembered by young kids for the rest of their lives. It’s really nice to know that just by performing on stage you can create memories that people will take with them forever. The message of this project is so positive and lovely that I hope everyone will take that away with them.

What can you tell us about your role? I’m playing the role of the beautiful Christmas spirit! It’s a very lovely role to be chosen for, but that’s all I can tell you as I don’t want to give too much away!

Why should we see this show? The wonderful positive message of this show is something you will remember forever. Christmas is a special time to be with family and friends and this is the perfect excuse to do something Christmassy without breaking the budget. The story line and the music are just gorgeous and we throw in complimentary air conditioning and SNOW to help you momentarily be transported from the Brisbane Christmas heat!

What’s next for you? I am currently working on some exciting projects for next year. We are working on a new album, which is so exciting, and also an International Tour. Be on the look out!

Where will you be spending Christmas? For the first time in five years I am finally home again for Christmas. It is something I have missed dearly and I cannot wait to be sailing on the waters of Moreton Bay on Christmas Day again just like I used to do when I was younger.

What does Christmas mean to you? Love. Sharing love with all your friends and family.

What do you hope to see happening by next Christmas? I hope to be signing Christmas messages on my new album, singing around the world and sharing many laughs with friends and family. I hope to see How to Make Snow become a National Christmas Tour.

Mirusia Louwerse

How to Make Snow is selling fast! BOOK HERE

Anything can happen if you just believe…

How to Make Snow is a whimsical journey from wheelie-bin lined suburban streets to far-flung ice-fields of the North Pole, as one young boy tries to fulfill a seemingly impossible holiday wish – to make it snow for Christmas. Classic holiday myths, modern storytelling and song meld in this joyful take on a bona fide Yuletide miracle for anyone who’s ever dreamt of, but never received, a white Christmas.

This special festive event for the whole family stars André Rieu’s ‘Angel of Australia’ – ARIA winning soprano Mirusia Louwerse, The Ten Tenors’ Luke Kennedy and award-winning Australian stage and screen actor Bryan Probets, joined by an ensemble of Brisbane’s finest young actors.

Four performances only at the Edmund Rice Performing Arts Centre, South Brisbane.

Director Daniel Evans

Music Director Luke Kennedy

Choreographer Leah Shelton

Designer Josh McIntosh

Music Coordinator Michael Manikus

Lighting Designer Jason Glenwright


Featuring Luke Kennedy, Mirusia Louwerse and Bryan Probets joined by an ensemble of Brisbane’s finest young actors.

How to Make Snow