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Cabaret for a Cause – Jenny Wynter’s mission

Cabaret Confessional

Do you keep up with Matthew Carey’s ? Just in case you missed it, there’s a big event happening on Saturday in Adelaide, which our friend, Jenny Wynter, is involved in.

We thought you should know that even if you’re not in Adelaide, you can help this crazy comedienne reach her goal! Jenny is hoping to raise $10 000 for the

2012 Cara TV Charity Challenge.

In fact, there are a few ways to help

Jenny Wynter

Jenny is freaking out because she has just a few days to reach her goal!

I love what Matthew Carey has written about choosing and supporting your preferred cause so here it is.

From Matthew Carey at Cabaret Confessional:

I know it. You know it. Everyone knows it. There are ever increasing numbers of charities and pozible campaigns looking for money. None of us can afford to support all of them. We can’t even support all the ones we’d like to.

Which leaves you with two options – ignore them all and buy yourself an iPhone 5, or find the few that you really connect with and get behind those causes with whatever support you can offer.

I met Jenny Wynter through my Cabaret Summer School last January. The first thing I realised about her is that when Jenny is passionate about something, she’ll dive right into it. She flew down from her home near Brisbane to join the Cabaret Class of 2012 and was a truly vibrant and much loved member of our group. Enthusiasm like hers is contagious, so I was thrilled to invite her back to Adelaide in February to join a cabaret tour of Adelaide metro theatres and to be involved in her Fringe season of An Unexpected Variety Show.

I read on her Comic Mummy website that she’d be returning to Adelaide to participate in the Cara TV Charity Challenge and I knew I wanted to do something to help. As she describes it, it is an Amazing Race style show in which Australians also raise funds for charity. The opportunity came about through her performances in the Adelaide Fringe and is a fantastic way for her to build her profile as a performer and support a cause she believes in.

I know from my own experience that when there’s a call to action for someone that I know, or is in my community, there’s a much larger incentive for me to step up and show my support. I’ve already donated $50 but I know there is more I can do. I can make sure you know you can go to this page and donate any amount you like and I can pull together a bunch of fantastically talented to performers who are willing to share their time and talents to support a person and a cause they believe in.

CABARET FOR A CAUSE will be held Saturday September 29 at 2.30pm and is being hosted by the generous and very funky team at La Boheme in Grote Street

Tickets booked via are $25 and are tax deductible.

Cabaret for a Cause


My goal is for us to raise $2000 towards Jenny’s target of $10K through this event.

Cabaret friends and family, this is where I’m calling for your support. Cabaret for a Cause will be an afternoon that promises to be great fun. These performers are all brilliantly talented and passionate about cabaret and performing.

You can show your own support by doing any of the following:

A) Book a TICKET to see Cabaret for a Cause

Go to donate $25 per ticket and type “Cabaret for a Cause ” in the message box. Your booking will be noted and your name will be on the door at La Boheme for the show!

B) Book a VIRTUAL TICKET to Cabaret for a Cause

Not everyone will be able to make it on the day, but that doesn’t prevent you from showing your support. Go to donate $25 and type “VIRTUAL TIX ” in the message box. I will personally make sure you receive a souvenir from the show!


This deserves support from everyone who loves cabaret! Feel free to re-post this page or its information via facebook, twitter, email or on your own site. If you have an email list of friends and fans it would be wonderful if you could share this information with them and encourage their support.


She’s set herself the task of raising $10K in 8 weeks. Even someone as full of love and enthusiasm as Jenny needs a little encouragement now and then. Find her on facebook, on twitter or on youtube. Send her a message and remind her that she’s got an enormous number of supporters behind her.

– Matthew Carey – Cabaret Confessional –


Jenny Wynter


If you’re on the Sunshine Coast (or anywhere else), you can help by donating online and taking part in the first ever

Kids on the Coast Online Auction for Charity

Kids on the Coast Magazine is supporting comedian and mother of three Jenny Wynter to raise $10,000 for Cara Disability Services, through a one-off online auction of preloved baby and kids’ items on their Facebook page.
Starting today and ending next Wednesday 26th September, you can upload details of your donated items on the page for people to bid on…AND as a bonus, everybody who donates their items will be in the running to win one family pass to Aussie World!
“I often feel as though I am drowning in toys, clothes and general kiddy clutter, so I thought, please don’t say I’m the only one!” says Jenny. “It seemed like a great opportunity for mums to do the spring clean (not that I even know what that looks like myself!), declutter and donate them to a worthy cause!”
You can find full details on Jenny’s fundraising efforts here.
The charity auction is online here!

Jenny Wynter


The Beauty House: launch event

If you’re a Sunshine Coast resident, chances are you’ve passed by a big pink sign on Sugar Road in Maroochydore, advertising a beauty academy and salon. It’s been there for years; a massive building (it’s even bigger than you think), that once had a reputation for excellence (those therapists are now working all over the world) but fell into… a rough patch. Chances are you’ve driven right by it because you’ve heard the gossip – so often based on truth – or you’ve been there yourself. Once. And not returned. Well. I’m here to tell you that THOSE DAYS ARE GONE. What was once pink is now blue and what was once lost is found, or rather, is brand new and born of a lotus flower. It’s the gift of good business and great people behind it.

But far from hiding in the background, the incredible women who run The Beauty House (and it’s sister school in Brisbane) are, appropriately,  the beautiful faces of their business. They are up-front, professional, congenial women who look gorgeous and who obviously have a passion for the beauty business. It was always Alier’s dream to  share high quality training and thus, high quality treatments, with Sunshine Coast clients. She and Jane have been welcomed with open arms. When new business women come to the Sunshine Coast it’s a bit like they’ve turned up to the sandbox. I can’t recall who said that but it’s so true. Everybody here looks up and stops what they’re doing and calls out, smiling, “Come play! Play with me!” If you’re in local business and you’ve not yet ventured into the sandbox, pop on over and say hi sometime. In the meantime, check out this month’s Profile mag for, among other interesting and inspiring reads, The Rise of the Female Entrepreneur; opinions about women in business from key Sunshine Coast business women, including our dear friend, Min Swan, of White House Celebrations.

Yvette Adams, hubmaster at and the Creative Collective business guru, put on a special event to launch The Beauty House and to welcome the girls to the sandbox. Kim Edwards, owner of Sea English Academy, cut the blue ribbon and those Choccy Chicks, Kim Morrison and Fleur Whelligan, as the emcees, added their own special sparkle to proceedings. The celebration involved speeches, champagne, canapes, pictures, grand tours, treatments, cupcakes, prizes and goodie bags. And we all love a goodie bag.

The new owners of The Beauty House, Jane Walters and Alier ‘Doris’ Morgan, have over 40 years combined beauty industry experience. They are passionate about the areas they feel are neglected by other training schools; demeanour and presentation, retailing and selling, hygiene and cleaning, and advanced spa treatments.

Fleur, Alier & Jane

Fleur Whelligan, Kim Edwards & Kim Morrison

“Our graduates will emerge as the complete package. Not only will they be qualified therapists, they will be trained in up-to-the-minute treatments, and will have mastered the perfect in-salon demeanour and skills making our graduates the most sought-after pool of prospective employees for Sunshine Coast beauty salons and other beauty industry employers Australia-wide.”

Courses on offer include:

  • Certificate III in Beauty Services
  • Certificate IV and Diploma of Beauty Therapy
  • Certificate II in Makeup Services
  • Diploma in Salon Management
  • Vocational Graduate Certificate in Intense Pulsed Light & Laser Hair reduction
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Chemical Peels & Skin Needling

The girls have plans to offer much more at their Sunshine Coast campus, including makeup for theatre, television and film and special effects makeup.

On salon days, clients can select from a generous range of services that include:

  • facials
  • eye treatments
  • manicures
  • pedicures
  • peels
  • microdermabrasion
  • waxing
  • spray tan
  • makeup

as well as a range of body treatments that need to be seen to be believed. Now, you might remember that I prefer to get threaded by my good friend and another awe-inspiring business woman, Liz See, but for all my waxing, I’ll be booking The Beauty House. A full leg and brazilian for $50? That’s half the industry rate! Okay! N.B. Boys, you can get your waxing done too. Just saying. I’m also looking at booking a vanilla body scrub, a vanilla nourishing wrap, a full body massage, a delicious mani/pedi, a collagen drops facial and an indian head massage. And that’s just to start! At any notable day spa I would expect to pay upwards of $500-$600 for this long list of treats but The Beauty House, charging training prices, will get less than $300 from me. Perhaps I should tip?

You can see that Genine Howard, editor of Profile mag, dressed for the occasion. You can see that I did not.

I wore my forgot-that-I-had-a-really-important-event-to-go-to outfit and I dressed it up at the last second with boots. As I raced out the door, I did the old pick-up-the-Louis-Vuitton-and-leave-my-Pradas-on-my-head-look. I think it worked quite well, don’t you? Lisbeth Salander meets Lara Croft meets school run mum.


And what of the students, the trainees, the therapists? Well, we know they’re in training but we can be sure they are pretty good at what they do. For those of us privileged to receive a special launch evening invite, we received complimentary treatments that compare favourably with any I’ve experienced recently. In short, these girls are GOOD. They are also, unlike other salon, spa and counter staff, very well groomed and beautifully mannered. The Beauty House will certainly set a pretty little cat amongst the pigeons but my guess is that the upset will come from those who feel threatened when they realise their business is not up to scratch. This is all about raising standards across the Sunshine Coast beauty industry, which is a win for us all.

As for the building itself, there are a couple of  spaces left unfinished at this stage, which don’t affect your visit and will be completed in no time at all, if Jane and Alier’s efforts this week are anything to go by! There is still some work to be done but I can confidently say that The Beauty House has already raised the bar in the beauty industry on the Sunshine Coast. Just you wait for the awards to start rolling on in, girls.

Nothing this polished remains unrecognised for long.


  • Saturday 4th February 12pm – 2pm
  • Saturday 11th february 10am – 12pm

The academy is accepting students (from 15 years of age) for the first semester, which commences on Monday 20 February and will open for Salon Days thereafter.

For more information go to