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Jenny Wynter brings A Viking Tale to Brisbane Comedy Festival!


And you can see her new show for FREE just by visiting our Facebook page to let us know that you’d love to catch the 8:45pm show TONIGHT!


You know we love Jenny Wynter!



WINNER Award for Excellence in Cabaret Melbourne Fringe


NOMINEE Victorian Green Room Award Cabaret Writing



Jenny Wynter A Viking Tale

Grab your tribe, bring your best axe and gear up for an hour of comedic pillage!


Jenny Wynter is known for her fiercely funny shows that combine whimsy, stand-up, improvised songs and her wild enthusiasm for the world. In A Viking Tale she invites you to bring your inner warrior to this shamelessly silly one-woman rock opera about finding the viking within.

Here are 5 things you should know about this show:

It’s about vikings.

Jenny gets to dress up as a viking (and so do you!)

It’s a rock opera. A very, very silly rock opera.

It’s directed by Russell Fletcher (of Spontaneous Broadway fame and umpteen other fabulous things)

Musical direction is by Peta Wilson (who you may have seen in about a gazillion brilliant Brissie bands including Fuschia, CucaShop and others, plus in last year’s Wonderland season at Brisbane Comedy Festival).


Jenny says, “It’s always ridiculously nerve-wracking putting together an entirely new show… unlike getting onstage when you’ve already done something so have at least SOME inkling as to how an audience MIGHT react to it, a new show means a leap of faith: namely trusting that the stuff you’ve found amusing in rehearsals will translate and be enjoyed by others and that it’s not just that you were so exhausted by the creative process that anything seemed chuckle-worthy.”


Brisbane Comedy Festival at Brisbane Powerhouse

February 25 – March 3 

Adelaide Fringe Festival at Tuxedo Cat

Friday 14th and Saturday 15th March

To win a double pass to tonight’s 8:45pm show at Brisbane Powerhouse, leave a comment on our Facebook page or tweet us before 5pm.



avikingtale1 avikingtale2


Your Theatrics International Cabaret Contest Finalists Announced!


Not one but TWO Queenslanders will perform on Friday night at The Basement in Sydney! Jessica Papst, winner of the Brisbane heat and Jenny Wynter, winner of the Melbourne heat! I think it’s fair that we still claim her!


Jeremy Youett. Image by Blueprint Studios.



Jeremy Youett is the guy behind Your Theatrics International Cabaret Contest. It was fun to catch up with him in Brisbane and inspiring to chat with him about how far this contest has come, and how it’s helped not only its winners, but performers who have been involved in the many heats.


Sydney heat winners Melody Beck, Sarah Gaul, Brendan Hay, Monique Salle, and audience vote winner Ben Hudson will be joined by inaugural Adelaide heat winner Candy Chambers (aka Jamie Jewell), Brisbane winner Jessica Papst, Melbourne winner Jenny Wynter, Auckland heat winner Joanna Millett and wild-card Ivy Lucille.


Prizes this year include the opportunity for the winner to present their newly devised solo show at The Noosa Long Weekend Festival, Slide Lounge Cabaret Festival, and the cabaret festivals of Adelaide, Melbourne, Ballarat, Queensland, and Tasmania respectively. Each gig includes the flights and accommodation for the artist and musical director. The winner also receives a website for their show, headshots and $1000, courtesy of the Ron and Margaret Dobell Foundation. The Foundation will also provide flights and accommodation to the value of $3000 enabling the winner to travel to the United States to present their show at the prestigious New York Musical Theatre Festival.


The Grand Final will be held at The Basement in Sydney this Friday 17 January. The judging panel for the evening includes Producer of the Adelaide Cabaret Festival Torben Brookman, Artistic Director of the Noosa Long Weekend Festival Ian MacKellar, Ballarat Cabaret Festival Artistic Director Graeme Russell, Entertainment Producer of Slide Lounge Jeremy Brennan, and Executive Producer of the Tasmania Cabaret Festival Lucinda Wilson. Previous contest winner Sheridan Harbridge and acclaimed Australian musical theatre performer Michael Cormick will co-host the evening, which promises to be an exceptional evening of entertainment that will also include special guest performances from previous winners Bradley McCaw and Toby Francis, as well as cabaret performer Cath Alcorn and entertainer extraordinaire Trevor Ashley.


Each contestant’s fate will be decided by a combination of judges’ scores as well as an audience vote, so by voting for your favourite performer, you could help them become the next winner, securing the largest prize package in YTICC history!



Aria Moderna: belladiva at Anywhere Theatre Festival

Anywhere Theatre Festival returns to Brisvegas TOMORROW


(8th – 19th May 2013)



…perhaps for the last time


Where? Anywhere that’s NOT a theatre. What will you see?


Story telling began as something we did around camp fires and over time it has been ghettoed inside traditional theatre venues and the structures that go with them.

– Paul Osuch, Anywhere Theatre Festival

Anywhere Theatre Festival Limited is a Brisbane based not-for-profit company with a vision to propel a world-wide trend for exciting, engaging, passionate theatre anywhere but traditional theatre spaces. AnywhereFest is a first for Australia and the world. 


Aria Moderna: belladiva


Opera is deconstructed and fused with technology…


May 17th one night only


belladiva aria moderna

Premiering as part of the Anywhere Theatre Festival 2013, pop-opera divas belladiva join forces with Brisbane’s hottest young music producers to create a visceral musical experience that pulses to the very beat of operas heart.

Joining belladiva are Brisbane’s finest electronic artists including hip hop/soul producer Sam Grace (Bankrupt Billionaires, Optimen), Andrei Mayberley (film music composer), Willem Bakker (Official Nuxe Dubstep), Stephanie Ganfield (performance artist/composer/sound technician) Kathryn McKee (Q Music-nominated electronic artist) and Joel Woods (musician and composer).

Fusing electronic beats and live sounds with belladiva’s trademark angelic vocals, opera and hip-hop become one as Purcell, Handel, Monteverdi, Delibes, Mascagni and Faure sync with modern technology…


“Aria moderna was born from an insatiable urge to keep recreating classical music as well as the chance to work with some kick-arse collaborators from other musical genres”

Alicia Cush, Little Black Dress Creatives


Experience this one-night-only performance of Aria Moderna on

Friday May 172013 @ 7pm

Queensland State Library Gallery

Level 2, State Library of Queensland

South Brisbane

Tickets $22/$18

Jenny Wynter Tales in the Box


SPECIAL DEAL: 2 shows for $35

belladiva’s Aria Moderna & Jen Wynter’s Cabaret in the Box, tales and songs of Brissie Life  or


The Unexpected Variety Show

An Unexpected Variety Show Jenny Wynter

The Unexpected Variety Show

Brisbane Cabaret Festival

Judith Wright Centre

7th November 2012


Reviewed by Stephen Moore


Well, if nothing else, the night is aptly titled!


Seated at a table for four (me, my guest and two strangers), sipping on a mind-altering beverage and enjoying the ambience as the audience gathered expectantly, it was a case of ‘what the…’ when the performance started!


Let me explain.


The promotional material states ‘…The Unexpected Variety Show sees musical comedienne, Jenny Wynter, meld stand-up, storytelling, song, improv and character comedy into a unique show about the unexpected twists in life…’, so to be confronted by five women dressed alike singing boogie-woogie was confusing.  It was a case of ‘what are the Andrew’s Sisters…plus two…doing in this show?’


Firstly, I have to say the singing was excellent.  Hats off, ladies, for bravely going acappella.  And adding a swing element.  Especially with such varied material (ah…so that’s where the title comes from? Unexpected. Variety.), ranging from wartime swing favourite Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree to modern classic Somebody That I Used to Know.  Yes, that’s right, the Goyte hit!  Sung in tight harmony and vocal percussion with a touch of swing – amazing.  Also cute were the matching costumes, reminiscent of 1940s army uniforms, as if designed by Chanel.


Betty and the Betties


Betty (Elysia Humphries), Betty (Simone Kelaart), Betty (Angeline Wynter), Betty (Kate Mackie), and Betty (Jenny Wynter) make up Betty and the Betties (although I had to go to their website via Jenny Wynter’s website to know that because there was no information at the venue.  I can’t acknowledge any technical achievement for the same reason.  I ❤ programmes!). Look out for these girls, and Jenny Wynter’s Wonderland, at Woodford Folk Festival!


An interesting and wide-ranging choice of songs take up the first 30 minutes of the program; however, the story, the banter and the patter between songs needs a lot more work.  And it wasn’t just me – the other three at the table felt the same and the less than enthusiastic response from the rest of the audience confirmed that it didn’t grab the attention (especially compared to the response to the second half – the real An Unexpected Variety Show).


Now.  What can I say about Ms Jenny Wynter that hasn’t been said already; and what can I say about An Unexpected Variety Show that hasn’t been said already?


It was as good as the review excerpts suggested!  It really did live up to the promo material…and yes, there is photographic evidence of the budgie-smuggling wedding-crasher!


This was cabaret with a strong message, a poignant and funny storyline, identifiable characters, and good music well sung.  We can all learn from this cabaret – about how life gets in the way of living, about the unexpected changes to our plans and hopes and dreams, which occur in an instant…and that sometimes it all still works out.  So seize those moments, embrace the changes, and keep looking forward. That’s what Jenny said to me.


An Unexpected Variety Show: Brisbane Cabaret Festival

Jenny Wynter The Unexpected Variety Show

Sisters Unite Onstage in Wynter Wonderland

Brisbane sisters Jenny Wynter (comedienne “Comic Mummy” and cabaret artist) and Angeline Wynter (singer-songwriter) grew up barely knowing their mother, Diane, a singer who tragically died of an aneurism when the girls were just 5 and 2 respectively.

Now, almost thirty years after their mother’s untimely passing, the sisters will finally share a stage in a special one-off performance at the Judith Wright Centre as part of the Brisbane Cabaret Festival on November 7.

The night will feature Jenny’s award-winning one-woman cabaret “An Unexpected Variety Show” (it won the Award for Excellence in Cabaret at last year’s Melbourne Fringe and went on to sell out seasons at Adelaide Fringe & Melbourne International Comedy Festival), with a support performance from the sisters’ newest project, acapella cabaret group “Betty and the Betties.”

Jenny says performing her one-woman cabaret, which, in one of the show’s more moving moments, features her singing a duet onstage with a recording of her deceased mother’s originals, has been “a highlight of my life, but just so emotionally exhausting. At first performing that song (with my mother) was really cathartic, and of course the feeling of finally sharing my mother’s art with an audience all these years later is just…incredible. I still love that. But now it’s gotten to the point where I feel like I’m hurting myself every night by doing it. I am thrilled I can give the show a fitting farewell performance here in Brisbane in front of a home crowd, record it, get it out as a DVD and then move on to some happier stuff for a while!”

And “happier stuff” is exactly where Betty and the Betties comes in!

Betty and the Betties

An outfit which brought the sisters together earlier this year, and which Angeline describes as “part war-time tunes, part contemporary Aussie classics, part comedy, part cabaret, total fun!”, the sisters agree their collaboration was well overdue.

“We’ve of course, sung together for fun since we were toddlers strutting about!” says Angeline. “But professionally, with Jen focusing on comedy and me on my soul and funk projects, the opportunity to get up onstage together just never really happened. Until this idea sprung up. Being raised by our grandmother gave us both a huge love of the old-time war songs, that whole era, the outfits, everything.”

Says Jenny: “It’s been so much ridiculous fun already, I only wish we’d started years ago!”

An Unexpected Variety Show supported by Betty and the Betties

Jenny Wynter


Judith Wright Centre

Wednesday November 7

Jenny Wynter