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A Tribute of Sorts

A Tribute of Sorts

A Tribute of Sorts

La Boîte Indie & Monsters Appear

The Roundhouse

24th October – 10th November 2012

Reviewed by Sam Coward


This show had its start at the Brisbane Powerhouse earlier this year, enjoying a showing in the Scratch Series during WTF. A Spectacular of Sorts became A Tribute of Sorts


It was strange to see a proscenium arch in the roundhouse, but as we’ve seen in the La Boîte Indie season already, anything goes. As we saw again on Thursday, at the opening night of Benjamin Schostakowski’s A Tribute of Sorts, anything did! A warm and receptive opening night house attended to kick off what I’m sure will be another sell-out season for La Boîte and a personal triumph and a fitting farewell for the enigmatic Adam Brunes. Well, sort of. Children of War (14th November – 1st December) completes the 2012 season.


Benjamin Schostakowski’s brand of humour had the crowd in stitches from the get-go. A simple story beautifully told; an inappropriate love story and an alphabetically presented series of unfortunate events served with a delicious double dollop of rich black comedy that had the hallmark laughter followed by heads hung in shame. (You can’t laugh at that!).


Schostakowski’s pen has crafted a delightful romp, with only a few flat spots that I’m certain will evolve as the season progresses. The direction is light and nimble and has clearly allowed the performers a wonderful opportunity to play.


A Tribute of Sorts Dash Kruck & Emily Curtain

Dash Kruck, as the anal-retentive, highly motivated, “professional” Ivan, is disarmingly charming. His comic timing and deadpan delivery provide a stable foundation for the early comedy of the piece.


Not to be outdone, Emily Curtain shows us a wonderfully wounded and pathetically love struck Juniper. She beautifully manipulates her long limbs awkwardly, and her comic delivery, like Kruck’s, inspires belly laughs and dry-retch moments. It’s an empathy earning, honest performance and a mini showcase for Curtain’s stunning vocal sound effect ability. What a talent! Who knew?! *removes tongue from cheek*


The comic style of the piece brought to mind the dark humour of The Kransky Sisters. Some clever devices are incorporated and a vintage setting creates depth and shadows. The ending may prove unpopular but I loved it! You can’t laugh at that! But I did.


A Tribute of Sorts is richly dark, irreverent and piss funny. You’ll love it and then hang your head in shame for laughing so hard!






Following the 6.30pm performance of A Tribute of Sorts

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