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Absinthe Tour le Monde – we chat with Ross Mollison, Gazillionaire, before opening night in Brisbane


Absinthe – a chat with Ross Mollison THE GAZILLIONAIRE






Absinthe sold out for 4 years in Las Vegas? What do people love about this show?

It’s hilarious. It’s intimate. The artists are super talented. It is unexpected. It’s the best show in Vegas. And they love the Gazillionaire.




Is there a narrative or is it hosted, circus style, by the Gazillionaire and his sidekick, Abby?

The Gaz created the show about a decade ago. He tries to keep the entire gig on the road despite the difficulty of keeping the sexiest group of artists alive from running off with billionaires.



What did you love about having the show in Vegas? What made it time to bring it to Australia?

Every year more and more people enjoy Absinthe in Vegas. We have had over 1million audience members already, and it continues to grow. I love producing in Australia as it allows me the opportunity to come home, and I thought after Empire, audiences would love the cutting edge style of circus which may offend, it may excite, but it never leaves anyone without an opinion. And ultimately, the Gaz wanted to go to Australia.



Tell us about your understanding and passion for vaudeville, burlesque, circus and cabaret.

It has been something I have loved since I was a little boy being taken to the Moscow Circus. I love the talent of the artists, the physicality, and I love ground breaking comedy. So what we do is stay true to the rules of great circus, burlesque and cabaret and produce something that is unique and will amaze the market.






Which is your favourite act?

Every act in Absinthe Tour le Monde is amazing. You have to love the Gaz – but you have to love every act.



How did you find the acts/artists? Do you hold auditions?

I travel to every corner of the world finding the best talent. I then invite them to meet with the Gazillionaire and he decides if they are good enough!



What’s the best preparation an artist can do to be ready for a show like Absinthe? What’s the best training they can do?

It is like being in a Grand Final winning football team. You have to train so hard to keep your spot in the team. They need to keep honing their craft to make their act better and better.



You will see the show evolves and gets better as time goes by.



What do you love about the Spiegeltent?

The Gaz told me that Marlene Diedrich performed in the Spiegeltent we are bringing to Brisbane. I love the history of it. The beauty of it. And I met my girlfriend in one – I fell in love having glanced at her in a mirror. Reflection is a great thing – it leads to love.




Why will Brisbane audiences love seeing Absinthe under the Spiegeltent?

You will never see another show like it. It will never come back to Brisbane as it is booked into a tour of Japan and the USA for the next 5 years – and it has the best acts and best comedy in the world today.






What will down time/time out look like for you in Brisbane?

The Gaz usually spends far more money than he makes going to nightclubs, restaurants and on other activity that invariably leads to problems. So – it may include posting bail, but hopefully he won’t be deported, as I would love to hit the great restaurants of Brisbane, of which there are so many.






Absinthe Tour le Monde under the Spiegeltent opens tomorrow night, Thursday June 4 for a strictly limited season in King George Square. Book online.