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The Sydney Fringe: In 18 Sleeps!

Only 18 sleeps before our Sydney debut?!
Thank goodness I visited The Brazilian Hut yesterday! These latest wardrobe issues are all a matter of impeccable timing. And maintenance. That’s right. The Sydney audiences are going to see a whole lot more than Sunshine Coast audiences did!
Wait. What’s that? We are doing a one night only for them?
Sunshine Coast peeps, you have two opportunities to see us take everything off before we all take off to The Sydney Fringe Festival!
Preview the sensual (and dare I say, a little more disturbing than you thought) Erotique on Friday September 10th or Saturday September 11th at the il secondo & M1 Function Rooms, Maroochydore.
Tony Kelly and Whitehouse Celebrations have joined forces with XS Entertainment to offer the Sunshine Coast locals (and dedicated Brisbane fans and friends) a sophisticated night out, combining a superb location and great food and wine with dark and delicious new theatre…but numbers are strictly limited. You will need to book soon. We will need to give you the details sooner…
I think it has to be said, that out of the entire cast, I expected me to be the least concerned about baring my body on stage. Not so. But you know what? It’s my winter body! I mean, c’mon! A tan would really help me out here. Without giving too much away, can I not be terminal with a TAN?! I’m much more comfortable in my tanned, summer skin…no? Oh. Ok. So, how much more confronting must this approach to the final scene be for Ben, who did not have the luxury of getting up to any mischief during the original La Ronde and is certainly less accustomed than I, to wearing risqué or revealing costumes…not to mention none at all…although this is probably a moot point when it comes to some of the cast parties he…we have attended. A-hem. Also, he has been given a character description devoid of the term, “tanned”! Do feel welcome to comment if you’d like to see a guest post from The Boy, Ben Johnson!
We have certainly raised the stakes.
See for yourself. Soon, real soon

XS Entertainment


So we did the Cindy Mackenzie Breast Cancer Foundation Gala Ball – A Night in Monte Carlo! A fancy affair, recognised as the biggest ticket event each year on the Sunshine Coast, in honour of Cindy Mackenzie’s memory and held as the major fund raiser for the year so that the foundation may continue to provide support for those families on the Sunshine Coast who have been affected by breast cancer. The Gala always attracts the major sponsors and boasts fine attendance for a great cause so we were proud to be associated. And after donating $1 000 from La Ronde (Mooloolaba) ticket sales, we felt it was just as important to give of our time…and our booty!

The biggest challenge? The freezing conditions, in our cute little Lycra costumes and in a state of rapidly depleting health, it was looking to me like a long night ahead. We met at the Hyatt Regency Coolum for a 6pm call and all I wanted to know was, “When do I have to turn it on?!”

A punter strolling by, on the way back to his room (and clearly not attending the Gala or else he would have been dressed already) asked us how much we were getting for such a crazy stunt and when we told him it was a charity gig he laughed and laughed. Sadly, for the charities, we won’t be able to offer our talent and services gratis for much longer. In future, some of the things we do will be at a reduced rate for charity events (after all, everybody has a budget). The whole point of building this little company is to raise expectations on the Sunshine Coast and have the talent appropriately paid. As we’ve so often said, everybody else gets paid; why not the actors? Sadly though, for the punters like him, some people will never get it. Some things you just do.

And what we did was…

Pose with the car maserati

Pose with the car maserati and the other talent (who were warm in their tails)…

and pose with the guests and organisers.

Can you see how sick I am in these pics? No. That’s right. A consummate professional.

I thank you.

We also posed for more photos by the stage, by the media wall and inside le grand pavilion.

We also accompanied the notable TV and radio personalities as they worked the room and talked more than they actually worked, meaning we had a whole heap of raffle-ticket-gambling-chips to sell to the guests! And they bought them! It’s a fund raiser, after all; everybody was very generous, as you would expect from such a crowd and it had nothing to do with our persuasiveness. Though, we were…persuasive.

And we were…freezing. By the time we started actually visibly shivering (I think the guests were getting cold just looking at us), we knew we’d sold enough raffle ticket chips for one chilly gala fund raising night! I believe Min and the boys sold the rest before the party really started!

As for me, I had to rest, before the next day’s event in Eumundi, where I would be standing in the cold air all day, wearing even less at The Australian Bodyart Carnivale.


The Mechanics of Undressing – Part 2

By Sharon Grimley

So, to date I have undressed publicly at least 12 times (excluding rehearsals, over the past 2 months).  I still have at least another 2 performances to go before our first season is complete – I say this in hope of a second season materialising – and I, and the Socialite, am surprisingly comfortable disrobing for an audience.  Sure, there is still the frisson of excitement when I remember that my audience don’t expect this, as I remove my peignoir and camisole, but any reservations about appearances have melted away.  I am just doing my job.

However, it struck me over the last few weeks that other people’s reactions to my doing-what-I-am-doing, in the name of theatre, are widely varied.  And this puts me in mind of a memorable question from an authority from my past, Professor Julius Sumner Miller:

“Why is it so?”

What is it about a body?

We all have one.

Most people are equipped with one of two variations on the bits attached to them.

So what makes people fearful of it?  OR more particularly, fearful of seeing someone else’s?



The reactions I have encountered are as follows:

Ignore – “If I don’t mention it, it isn’t happening.” – a response common to conservative friends and parents-in-law

Awe – Being a “woman of a certain age”  …I rather like this one!

Curiosity – “What does she look like?” “Does she look like me?”  “Does she look like I imagined?”  “ Is she going to take it…..oo, yes, I think she’s… oh my god, she’s really going to take it off!”

Fascination – “I expected to be confronted, but found myself mesmerised instead.”

Disgust – OK, I made this one up.  Not to date anyway (or to my knowledge, anyway).

Seeing another person’s body is not something we are culturally equipped for.

At the beach or in television shows or in magazines or in billboard ads (OK, everywhere), we seem to deal with various degrees of undress, but seeing another REAL human naked RIGHT UP CLOSE is something often associated with private and intimate relationships.

Isn’t it right then that, in a play dealing with sexual relationships, some degree of nudity would be appropriate and genuine and integral?

Oohhhh…. it’s the SEXUAL relationships they don’t want put under scrutiny, yes?  And the icky, uncomfortable, basic, not-for-public-consumption feelings they get when they see someone else undress…

Or worse still, that they might never be able to look me in the eye again.

The Maid and The Socialite

After a sell-out season in Noosa, the Mooloolaba season of La Ronde is SOLD OUT


The Maid and The Socialite

Imagine the power if it were yours to play at.

What would you say? What would you do?

What would you command of others?

Every fantasy at a nod, a smile, a gesture; as gentle or as gratuitous as you like. An insatiable appetite.

You with the power. She with the will to satisfy.

La Ronde

Noosa Arts Theatre, Noosaville:

March 25th, March 26th, 27th and April 1st, 2nd, 3rd at 7:30pm

Sunday March 28th at 2pm

(07) 5449 9343 or

Cafe e1 (Europe on 1st), Mooloolaba:

April 9th , April 10th, April 16th and April 17th

Cafe Europe on 1st, First Ave, Mooloolaba (07) 5477 6288

– champagne, supper and show for just $60-
$5 from every ticket sold at Mooloolaba goes to the Cindy McKenzie Breast Cancer Foundation. Thank you for helping us to support the wonderful work they do.


La Ronde

The Maid and The Socialite

The unspoken. The unspeakable. The impermissible.

Tempt fate and try to put the little pieces of your fantasy together.

Try to create your destiny…at the same place, at the same time…every day, as she kills you silently with a smile…a look…a look away…and you continue to foolishly lavish the same attention, regardless of the return.

La Ronde

Noosa Arts Theatre, Noosaville:

March 25th, March 26th, 27th and April 1st, 2nd, 3rd at 7:30pm

Sunday March 28th at 2pm

(07) 5449 9343 or

Cafe e1 (Europe on 1st), Mooloolaba:

April 9th , April 10th, April 16th and April 17th

Cafe Europe on 1st, First Ave, Mooloolaba (07) 5477 6288

– champagne, supper and show for just $60-
$5 from every ticket sold at Mooloolaba goes to the Cindy McKenzie Breast Cancer Foundation. Thank you for helping us to support the wonderful work they do.

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