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Virginia Gay: Dirty Pretty Songs

Dirty Pretty Songs

Virginia Gay

Judith Wright Centre

20th June

Reviewed by Andy Clark

From All Saints to All Dirty

Before I go to any Show or Festival I usually familiarise myself absolutely in what I am about to see. However, just watching one video online told me that seeing Virginia Gay sing Dirty Pretty Songs was going to be spectacular.  I was not wrong. I had never seen All Saints or Winners and Losers and had only previously seen VG on Adam Hills’ Gordon St.

I left the Judith Wright Centre with a smile from ear to ear that had been on my face from the moment VG entered the auditorium and teased the audience at the tables with a pantomime-esque “She’s behind you!”, to her Popergasmic Encore tribute to one of her idols.

Once VG got to the stage singing Let’s Do It on the … and making loving movements toward the grand piano and one of her accompanying threesome and anything else she could prod her chest or buttocks at, she talked about how it is a challenge growing up with the name Virginia Gay, but that she gained solace that at least she was not named Vagina Faggot.

She then went into a song about being Freaky and how we all have a bit of something freaky in us. I related to this sentiment rather too easily. VG can turn a classic song into a sexy, sultry piece like she did with Mondo Rock’s COME said the Boy.

Compare these 2 versions of this song:

The song that got me smiling BIG was VG’s version of Guy Sebastian’s Like It Like That. Instead of singing this song, just try saying the lyrics slowly & they become really DIRTY. Virginia did this superbly.

I knew VG was going to do a rendition of Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit, but I didn’t recognise it ’til about the 29th “Hello” of her sexy sultry voice. Walking away from her mic, VG stood in front of the grand piano and started to sing with just a quiet, gentle piano accompanying her. It built and drifted and again I didn’t recognise it early; it was Radiohead’s High and Dry, which again, I knew was coming; this version was enchantingly different & DIRTY.

This show was like The Kransky Sisters mixed with Ross Noble and Elaine Paige.

VG’s encore was Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. My beaming grin grew as she started it as if it were in an opera and then, when I thought it could get no better, Virginia moved into steamy jazz mode and completed an unforgettable evening with her best song of the night.