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Sunshine Coast Theatre Alliance Season Launch Soiree


Sunshine Coast Theatre Alliance Season Launch Soiree

Sunshine Coast Theatre Alliance

Noosa Arts Theatre

Saturday February 8 2014


Attended by Xanthe Coward


So our Season Launch Soiree happened on Saturday. It happened, as things do, despite the death of somebody near and dear, which I won’t write about here, but which I thank our theatre friends for acknowledging without giving us the heavy burden of talking about it. We were there to celebrate Sunshine Coast theatre, and celebrate we did!


In fact, we’d been in sort-of-determined celebration mode since Saturday morning, when I insisted on hosting our first ever Desire Map Bookclub get together with a few girlfriends. When I say “our” I mean mine, but Sam was there to put a table together for me and chat with the girls while I made tea. Lots of tea. We like our tea. (Luckily, we’d started on tea and stuck to it because there was nothing non-alcoholic happening later!). We had a lovely morning – it was the quietly beautiful blissful start to the weekend that I needed (thanks girls).




We headed to Noosa with our guest for the Soiree, James Millar, who happened to be in Mooloolaba on holiday in between writing, workshopping and performing whom we’d booked especially for the gig, ages ago. Of course we stopped for lunch at Bistro C – don’t worry, there was some food too, though we could argue that Matty’s oyster shots make a legit meal.




Thanks to the major sponsor of our theatre festival in August, Bendigo Community Bank, and to all our member theatre groups, the night was a great success! We got a sneak peak at some of the work we’ll see at local theatres this year, including an awesome preview from the Performing Arts Kollective (PAK)! We welcomed Nancy Moule and Denise Campbell to the Hall of Fame and celebrated Stephen Moore, recipient of the President’s Award.


Sunshine Coast Theatre Alliance President, Sam Coward, was an exceptionally charming and witty host and James Millar was without a doubt, an absolute hit!


For more photos check out the Sunshine Coast Theatre Alliance Facebook page.


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