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Woodford Folk Festival: Day 2

Hey! We’re back! Well, for a little while. So while I can, I’ll tell you what’s been happening out here. Day Two was HOT! DAMN HOT! Despite the oppressive heat and the sudden storm on Friday, the Woodford Spirit was – is – alive and well! The Mystery Bus is a busy little hive of activity and on Friday we were graced with the presence of some amazing artists.

Charlie Mgee

Penelope Swales

Emma Louise

The Good Ship

Hailey Calvert

Mustard Courage

Darren Percival

Penelope Swales told me a story about meeting Johnny Depp in the showers back at camp…that’s right! If you’re out here you will have seen him getting about, looking just like Captain Jack Sparrow. As it turns out, he’s on some team that comes to fix things. When Penelope reported a leak in the bathroom, as you do when you’re at Woodford because everyone is responsible for the state of the place, Penelope came face to face with Jack Sparrow, when he jumped off the back of a truck with tools at the ready! Is that not every girl’s dream come true?!

During the middle of the day, which is anytime after 8am and before 3pm, the heat is pretty harsh. For some, it’s unbearable and the best thing for those hippies to do is to hide away in a venue or in the shade with a cold drink. It’s useless heading back to camp during this time. Far better to enjoy a beer at Bill’s Bar – this year’s hottest new venue and after 5pm singles’ hang out – or grab a(nother) fresh fruit smoothie or rose slushie and head to the Village Green. Apart from the bank, The Mystery Bus is the only air conditioned spot so it’s a popular one, despite the un-knowingness surrounding it! As Rachael, from the Sydney Morning Herald has observed, The Mystery Bus is a lottery; it’s pot luck, with a host of headline acts and the audience queuing to see whoever it is on the bus. It’s been such a success for so many years now that it just keeps getting bigger and bigger!

In fact, The Mystery Bus is the favourite gig with so many punters that they come back time and time again. And so do the artists. Darren Percival says that The Mystery Bus IS Woodford Folk Festival. “And that’s all.” On Friday night, Darren rocked the bus with a 20 minute acoustic set. He traded his headdress for a wolf hat and sang, among others, The Mystery Bus song!


Earlier that afternoon, I took four children between the ages of 6 and 11 to do Mal Webb’s vocal workshop, From Lips to Lung. I met them in the Children’s Festival and with umbrellas held down against the wind and rain into which we walked, we made our way to the Joy Luck Club. Mal Webb is extraordinary and rates highly, fellow vocalists including Darren Percival and Stringmansassy’s Kacey Patrick, who appears in Linsey Pollack’s new show, The Dream of Zedkat Nabu. Mal’s workshops are always terrific fun, especially for the kids, who have been practicing their beat boxing since starting out with Mal.

Mal made an appearance on the bus on Day Three…


the voice: update

Well, what do you think so far?

There appears to be a few suspicious minds out there, who are discussing over social media channels that perhaps the Blind auditions are not blind at all.

Contestants (among them, Darren Percival, who now hails from Coolum and whose performance you’ll see on next week’s episode) have assured me that the judges know nothing and see nothing until they a) hear the voice and b) turn around and see the singer for the first time. I’m afraid I doubted a couple of Delta’s reactions on Monday night, including this one, when she turned around and recognised Guy Sebastian’s little brother, Chris. But I’m prepared to believe those who were there and can vouch for the integrity of the show. What are your thoughts about the Blind Auditions and who are your favourite artists? Which of the coaches do you think has the winner? Too early to tell?!

We LOVED Karise Eden’s It’s a Man’s World,  La vie en Rose, Matt Hetherington’s Evie, Laura Bunting’s Wuthering Heights and Kelsie Rimmer’s Teenage Dream. Let’s hear it for our musical theatre stars! And we haven’t forgotten that SEAL told Kelsie, “You have the voice to win The Voice”! You can watch the full clips here.


the voice

So. Thoughts on (the Australian) The Voice, which premiered last night on Channel 9? Who did you love? What surprised you? It’s a reality TV show unlike anything we’ve seen before…for now. After the first round, it becomes a coached competition with the results coming from viewers who can be bothered take the time to vote for their favourite artist.

The point of difference is the Blind Audition. How refreshing! A competition that begins with the voice rather than the singer’s appearance. Of course they’re on camera for our benefit even before the judges turn around and it’s fascinating to watch the good singers sing. And to be reminded that good singers don’t just sing. They communicate a story. The story and all of the emotions involved in telling it are the very essence of any powerful performance.

Blind Auditions continue tonight and tomorrow night (be watching for our friends, Darren Percival, Kelsie Rimmer, Tom Oliver and Dakota Striplin)! After that, we’ll see just where the four coaches – Seal, Delta Goodrem, Keith Urban and Joel Madden – can take those performers who make it through the first round.

Here’s a sneak peak at a rather special moment, just in case you needed further convincing to catch The Voice tonight (watch to the end)…

The show has experienced massive success in the UK and USA, smashing ratings and perpetuating the myth that all you need to succeed in the music industry is that elusive “lucky break”. Does it work? Sure! Get some good management and PR behind you and the entertainment world’s your oyster!

Who will you be voting for? Is it too early to tell? Perhaps not!