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Queensland Cabaret Festival opens tonight!


We’re sending the lucky winners of our double passes to ABSINTHE tonight!

Have fun, Chris, Tara and Gail!


Meanwhile, in New Farm…



Queensland Cabaret Festival opens at Brisbane Powerhouse TONIGHT!






Tonight’s Voices of Vice lineup features a mouth-watering feast of festival performers and local legends including Bethan Ellsmore, Dirty Sexy Politics, Cienda McNamara, Tyrone Noonan, Alison St Ledger, Lizzie Moore, Sandro Colarelli, Greg Bird, Rebecca Grennan, David Megarrity and Bridget Boyle.



Feel free to flaunt your bad habits, perversions, and licentiousness in our den of iniquity where too much is never enough. Indulge in this celebration of tantalising transgressions, which are guaranteed to be delightful, delicious and a little bit wrong.



BPH_QCF_Queen_of_the_Night_1_2015-1178x663 BPH_QCF_Vegas_Standards_1_20151-1178x663

In the immortal words of Tom Waits, “There ain’t no Devil, there’s just God when he’s drunk” so leave your better angels at the door – we won’t tell if you won’t!


















Your Theatrics International Cabaret Contest – Queensland Winner Jessica Papst


Your Theatrics International Cabaret Contest

Your Theatrics International

Brisbane Powerhouse Visy Theatre

Saturday January 11 2014


Attended by Xanthe Coward


Jessica Papst

Jessica Papst – Queensland Winner – Your Theatrics International Cabaret Contest


Congratulations to Queensland Winner, Jessica Papst!


“The Cabaret Showcase has been growing year after year, but 2013 looks to be the most exciting yet.  I have had the joy of being associated with it for many years and to see the progress of its winners – on TV, in musical theatre, with their award winning podcasts and sell-out international shows”.

David Campbell – Australian Entertainment Industry Icon and Cabaret Contest  Patron


On Saturday we arrived at Brisbane Powerhouse for Sam’s 4pm call. He and Australian Cabaret Showcase Winner of 2011, Angela Harding, had plenty of time to catch up and plan their approach to the gig, which was delightful and charming (Ang) and more than a little bit cheeky (Sam).


Sam Coward

Sam takes the opportunity to sing for us his favourite number from The Pirate Show – Show Them To Me


The Queensland heat finalists were Julie Beard, Toni Zaffa, Adam Flower, James Halloran, Rachel Head, Bobbie-Jean Henning, Louise Kennedy, Steve MacKay, Dana Musil, Jessica Papst, Nicole Power, Belinda Raisin, Belinda Hanne-Reid & Marcus Skeggs. Each took their turn to sound check and then there was time to warm up (or grab a drink and a quick snack upstairs at Bar Alto. The mashed mint pea bruschetta is excellent, just so you know).


A capacity Visy audience enjoyed varied performances, and to tell the whole truth, among them were just a few that actually looked and sounded like “cabaret”. Sam and I have argued about this, but to me and to the Sydney judges – read below what Neil Litchfield reiterated after the Sydney heat via Stage Whispers – when you’ve got an 8-minute segment you need to do a little more than sing a couple of your best audition pieces.


Jeremy Youett & Jessica Papst


Offerings where patter simply strings together a couple of showtunes of choice don’t cut the mustard any more.


Scaled back from the previous competition format which included multiple Sydney heats, the performance standard was impressive throughout, and it was probably the quality of concept, writing skills, or a directorial hand kicking in which made the difference – that, and the ability to adeptly distill the essence of a longer show into the time constraint, ahead of the dreaded bell.


Given just eight minutes each, it’s about enough time for two contrasting songs to display vocal and dramatic range, top notes, etc., tightly selected linking patter from those fully developed scripts, and that was the most common approach, though effectively others pluck multiple grabs which display the facets of their talents and offer a broad picture of the longer version…


Audience choice Ben Hudson’s instagram inspired piece, along with judges’ selections Monique Salle (and her Italian cousin), Melody Beck’s tribute to Marnie Nixon, hilarious self-accompanied comedian Sarah Gaul with her own outstanding comic song and Brendan Hay, blending comedy with a heartwrenching version of a Broadway standard, as the son of Cruella de Vil, go through to the Grand Final on January 17, at The Basement in Sydney.


Typecasting, a torchy seductress, Shakespeare on Broadway in 2014, Nuts, self-accompanied stories of a cruise ship piano bar performer or the archetypal cabaret theme of love gone wrong also featured in a night of diverse choices and storytelling.


Jeremy Youett & Jessica Papst


Well, what IS cabaret? Historically, the genre has taken on many different guises, including acts as diverse as burlesque, comedy, variety and performance art, but as Sam and I discussed at the end of the night with Your Theatrics’ Jeremy Youett, this contest is specifically designed to showcase artists in the Grand Final who are just about tour-ready, with the talent and the concept to entertain an audience for an entire evening without the support of too many additional elements (also, too many props can get messy. Just saying). A team of industry experts will work with the winner to develop their show, but the essence of it must be apparent, and there must be a certain level of confidence and a connection between artist and audience. Cabaret ain’t easy! And that’s precisely why the good cabaret artists stand out. Think previous winners, Sheridan Harbridge, Bradley McCaw, Angela Harding and Gillian Cosgriff. Also, Craig McLachlan in the 40th Anniversary production of The Rocky Horror Show. Seriously. His performance is exceptional. And very cabaret. Once we see the work of artists of this calibre we understand that there are in fact, no rules in cabaret.


To those artists yet to perform in a heat, or in the Grand Final on Friday night (January 17) at The Basement in Sydney, CHOOKAS!


Brisbane Powerhouse, The Judith Wright Centre and QPAC offer Queensland artists the next opportunity to try their hand at the art form, in the Queensland Cabaret Festival. If you’re intending to enter, you’ve missed the December deadline, but you can make sure you’re there to see the line up!


International and Australian cabaret stars take to the stage from 6-15 June at Queensland Cabaret Festival – a new festival taking place across Brisbane Powerhouse, QPAC, Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University, Arts Centre Gold Coast, Ipswich Civic Centre and in regional centres.


According to Queensland Cabaret Festival co-creative producers Kris Stewart and Alison St. Ledger the festival is set to bring Queenslanders the best of local and international cabaret.


Kris Stewart commented “Queensland Cabaret Festival builds upon the Brisbane Cabaret festival foundations and takes it to another level – there’ll be international and Australian performers covering the sequin-spangled heights of cabaret in all its forms.


“If you enjoy great music, dance, circus and burlesque, delivered with drama, humour and glamour then you’ll be right at home during Queensland Cabaret Festival.”


Alison St. Ledger said “We want artists that will shock, entertain and seduce an audience; no idea is too wild.”


XS Entertainment and Noosa Arts Theatre offer another opportunity in October, for performers on the Sunshine Coast (and beyond!) when we launch Keep Calm and Cabaret. Keep an eye out for more details and be prepared to submit your application before September via YouTube or USB.


In the meantime, aspiring cabaret performers can audition for Oscar Theatre Co’s boy&girl 




Queensland Cabaret Festival – final week for submissions


Bursting back on the scene with a new name and new energy, Queensland Cabaret Festival throws its arms around this beautiful state of ours with a cavalcade of cabaret, winding its way from city to coast.






Spanning the full spectrum of this unique style of entertainment, Queensland Cabaret Festival will be captivating audiences in June 2014.


Cracking comedy and social satire, exotic music from far flung places, local luminaries shining the light on the darker recesses of the soul, celebrations of song and visual delights. Sparkling, sexy and sophisticated. Kitschy and quirky…


Cabaret is alive and well and living in the Sunshine State.




In 2014, cabaret in Queensland is expanding statewide. We’re looking for high-quality shows by talented Australian artists to feature at this new event.


International and Australian cabaret stars take to the stage from 6-15 June at Queensland Cabaret Festival – a new festival taking place across Brisbane Powerhouse, QPAC, Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University, Arts Centre Gold Coast, Ipswich Civic Centre and in regional centres.


According to Queensland Cabaret Festival co-creative producers Kris Stewart and Alison St. Ledger the festival is set to bring Queenslanders the best of local and international cabaret.


Kris Stewart commented “Queensland Cabaret Festival builds upon the Brisbane Cabaret festival foundations and takes it to another level – there’ll be international and Australian performers covering the sequin-spangled heights of cabaret in all its forms.


“If you enjoy great music, dance, circus and burlesque, delivered with drama, humour and glamour then you’ll be right at home during Queensland Cabaret Festival.”


Alison St. Ledger said “We want artists that will shock, entertain and seduce an audience; no idea is too wild. We encourage everyone to submit their shows and get involved.”


Pitch your show! Submissions will close at 5pm Friday 20 December, 2013



Auditions: Free Spirit Entertainment

A Night With the Mob

Free Spirit Entertainment is seeking male dancers to join their touring production company.


Regular performances for a brand new cabaret show are currently being scheduled throughout South East Queensland.

You will need to be at an intermediate-expert level with some experience in performance in at least one of the following styles:

Jazz, Tango, Salsa, Cuban Rhumba or Theatre.

You must be a fast learner, who picks up routines quickly, works well with others and has a positive attitude.

Rehearsals (unpaid) are held on Saturdays in Nambour, Queensland, Australia.

Payment details: $100-200 per show depending on experience.



Bliss Boogie Nights

Free Spirit Dance & Music School is about connecting with who you are, celebrating who you are, being comfortable in your own skin, accepting and loving your body, your physical self and your metaphysical self.

By offering traditional dance and music styles from across the globe, we celebrate our own cultures and we celebrate the cultures of others.


The Wau Wau Sisters’ Last Supper

Brisbane Festival

The Wau Wau Sisters

The Wau Wau Sisters’ Last Supper 

Brisbane Festival and Judith Wright Centre

Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts

25th – 29th September 2012

Reviewed by Michelle Bull

‘F**k yeah!’ The Wau Wau Sisters have arrived and the night just got naughtier.

Hosted by the Brisbane Festival, New York’s Wau Wau Sisters (Adrienne Truscott and Tanya Gagne) badly behaved circus/burlesque/comedy extravaganza, The Last Supper, opened to an energetic audience at the Judith Wright Centre on Tuesday night.

Deliciously provocative, smart-mouthed and blasphemous, The Last Supper is bound to offend those who patrol the higher moral ground, but if you like theatre that doesn’t take itself too seriously, has the balls to ‘go there’, wave it in your face and shout out a few superlatives, you’re seriously going to love The Wau Wau Sisters The Last Supper.

Now any show that requires a full body frisk and bag search upon entry has definitely got my attention. Props to the Brisbane Festival/Judith Wright Centre and their bright-eyed-bobble-headed ‘Air Hostesses’ for making this friendly pat-down a theatrical experience; we all thought it was all part of the show!

I’m pleased Brisbane is being challenged by productions that evoke such a strong response be that positive or negative, even if that does mean the odd frisk or two to manage potential risk. I would say however, if you are offended by jibes at Christianity, extremely salty language and a bit of skin then perhaps the Wau Wau Sisters are not for you. Although for those who don’t mind a little trip into the back alleys of morality, brace yourselves; you’re in for a ride.

After a lengthy start in which mustached ushers/hostesses offered stacks of communion wafers, which were rumoured to be laced with a little something extra, there was a kafuffle down below and the unconquerable Wau Wau Sisters were spread-eagled before us…Wau! Where’s that wine?

The Wau Wau Sisters

Opening with a routine that tumbled through naughty catholic schoolgirl flirtations to a mock crucifixion and some pretty nifty balance tricks it was clear from the outset that this was a show that would make the writer of Fifty Shades blush and run for a cold shower. With ferocious enthusiasm and intent the Sisters continued their transformation into country singin’, tart-mouthed beauties from the South, and began their race through the gamut of spirituality, from Christian ceremony to trance-like hippy rituals with a good dose of smut thrown in for good measure.

Like any good fun loving romp, audience participation was used to great effect, and involved the entire crowd so be prepared to embrace your inner silly-sausage, Brisbane! The dress up sequence was a riot (frilly knickers and all), and the trance-like hippy love-in, while a little drawn out at times, tripped between Peace, Love and Woodstock and the hilariously lewd and ridiculous (I shall never look at a banana the same way again).

For the country music fans the Wau Wau Sisters offer up a cheeky song or two, playing their bright red ‘ponies’ as only they could. The highlights were a song played and sung whilst one sister balanced strategically on the others feet and…er…wandering toes, and the facetiously funny Jesus is Coming which drew a strong response from the audience and no doubt pushed those sitting on the fence one way or another.

However for all the silliness and mayhem, these dynamic and skilled performers managed the organised chaos to a tee. Their sharp-witted and playful taunts at the audience took no prisoners, and smashed the fourth wall down with bare breasts blazing. (A word of warning here, you may end up close and personal with some tits and ass but as one punter pointed out, much to the amusement of his companions, ‘Relax, it’s only a boob’).

Its this sense of abandon that remained a highlight of the show and the fearlessness in which they ran with making a complete mockery of Christ and Christianity; not to everyone’s taste but ballsy, shocking and dare I say funny none the less!

The fabulous physical skills of the duo featured throughout the show were also a highlight. The aerial duet was a complete spectacle and was executed with the same ferocious energy that propelled the show right through to its climactic end; a complete striptease in front of a motley Last Supper scene that saw the sisters embracing nude under a cascade of red wine while bare-chested hippies and cross-dressing cowgirls blew party whistles in complete ridicule of the familiar Christian picture.

Aside from its controversial content, which personally I found a strength of the show, my only reservation about The Wau Wau Sisters The Last Supper was that it seemed slightly one dimensional; the constant sexual insinuations and profanities losing their impact after a while suggesting (given the comic skill of the performers) a gag with a little more depth would have balanced the blatant dirty joke and energised the pace so that as an audience we didn’t become desensitised. That being said, the show remained entertaining and lulls in pace were quickly overcome.

The Wau Wau Sisters’ Last Supper is not for the faint hearted, twisty-knickered or easily offended, but for those among you who like a bit of scandal, the Wau Wau Sisters are guaranteed to tantalise, titillate and tease, slapping you on the behind with a big cheeky wink and shouting “F**k Yeah! Lets have some fun!”

If you’re lucky enough to score some tickets, do it, you know you wanna…


Cabaret for a Cause – Jenny Wynter’s mission

Cabaret Confessional

Do you keep up with Matthew Carey’s ? Just in case you missed it, there’s a big event happening on Saturday in Adelaide, which our friend, Jenny Wynter, is involved in.

We thought you should know that even if you’re not in Adelaide, you can help this crazy comedienne reach her goal! Jenny is hoping to raise $10 000 for the

2012 Cara TV Charity Challenge.

In fact, there are a few ways to help

Jenny Wynter

Jenny is freaking out because she has just a few days to reach her goal!

I love what Matthew Carey has written about choosing and supporting your preferred cause so here it is.

From Matthew Carey at Cabaret Confessional:

I know it. You know it. Everyone knows it. There are ever increasing numbers of charities and pozible campaigns looking for money. None of us can afford to support all of them. We can’t even support all the ones we’d like to.

Which leaves you with two options – ignore them all and buy yourself an iPhone 5, or find the few that you really connect with and get behind those causes with whatever support you can offer.

I met Jenny Wynter through my Cabaret Summer School last January. The first thing I realised about her is that when Jenny is passionate about something, she’ll dive right into it. She flew down from her home near Brisbane to join the Cabaret Class of 2012 and was a truly vibrant and much loved member of our group. Enthusiasm like hers is contagious, so I was thrilled to invite her back to Adelaide in February to join a cabaret tour of Adelaide metro theatres and to be involved in her Fringe season of An Unexpected Variety Show.

I read on her Comic Mummy website that she’d be returning to Adelaide to participate in the Cara TV Charity Challenge and I knew I wanted to do something to help. As she describes it, it is an Amazing Race style show in which Australians also raise funds for charity. The opportunity came about through her performances in the Adelaide Fringe and is a fantastic way for her to build her profile as a performer and support a cause she believes in.

I know from my own experience that when there’s a call to action for someone that I know, or is in my community, there’s a much larger incentive for me to step up and show my support. I’ve already donated $50 but I know there is more I can do. I can make sure you know you can go to this page and donate any amount you like and I can pull together a bunch of fantastically talented to performers who are willing to share their time and talents to support a person and a cause they believe in.

CABARET FOR A CAUSE will be held Saturday September 29 at 2.30pm and is being hosted by the generous and very funky team at La Boheme in Grote Street

Tickets booked via are $25 and are tax deductible.

Cabaret for a Cause


My goal is for us to raise $2000 towards Jenny’s target of $10K through this event.

Cabaret friends and family, this is where I’m calling for your support. Cabaret for a Cause will be an afternoon that promises to be great fun. These performers are all brilliantly talented and passionate about cabaret and performing.

You can show your own support by doing any of the following:

A) Book a TICKET to see Cabaret for a Cause

Go to donate $25 per ticket and type “Cabaret for a Cause ” in the message box. Your booking will be noted and your name will be on the door at La Boheme for the show!

B) Book a VIRTUAL TICKET to Cabaret for a Cause

Not everyone will be able to make it on the day, but that doesn’t prevent you from showing your support. Go to donate $25 and type “VIRTUAL TIX ” in the message box. I will personally make sure you receive a souvenir from the show!


This deserves support from everyone who loves cabaret! Feel free to re-post this page or its information via facebook, twitter, email or on your own site. If you have an email list of friends and fans it would be wonderful if you could share this information with them and encourage their support.


She’s set herself the task of raising $10K in 8 weeks. Even someone as full of love and enthusiasm as Jenny needs a little encouragement now and then. Find her on facebook, on twitter or on youtube. Send her a message and remind her that she’s got an enormous number of supporters behind her.

– Matthew Carey – Cabaret Confessional –


Jenny Wynter


If you’re on the Sunshine Coast (or anywhere else), you can help by donating online and taking part in the first ever

Kids on the Coast Online Auction for Charity

Kids on the Coast Magazine is supporting comedian and mother of three Jenny Wynter to raise $10,000 for Cara Disability Services, through a one-off online auction of preloved baby and kids’ items on their Facebook page.
Starting today and ending next Wednesday 26th September, you can upload details of your donated items on the page for people to bid on…AND as a bonus, everybody who donates their items will be in the running to win one family pass to Aussie World!
“I often feel as though I am drowning in toys, clothes and general kiddy clutter, so I thought, please don’t say I’m the only one!” says Jenny. “It seemed like a great opportunity for mums to do the spring clean (not that I even know what that looks like myself!), declutter and donate them to a worthy cause!”
You can find full details on Jenny’s fundraising efforts here.
The charity auction is online here!

Jenny Wynter


La Soiree


La Soiree

Featuring the stars of La Clique

Brisbane Festival

Courier Mail Spiegeltent

8th – 29th September 2012


Reviewed by Xanthe Coward



David O'Mer La Soiree


This is, without a doubt, the sexiest show you’ll see this Brisbane Festival. It’s my pick of the festival program and if you think something else can top it, you’d better let me know.


I would have posted my response to the show earlier, only I was still at the Brisbane Writers Festival yesterday, and today devouring a block of Lindt Chili Dark Chocolate in front of YouTube clips of the acts that make up this smash hit international success (don’t for a second think that the video footage will suffice. You must see these performers LIVE).



Within the intimate and glorious surrounds of the famous Courier Mail Spiegeltent, cabaret, circus, burlesque and comedy combine to titillate and tease a turned-on, ramped-up audience, offering tricks and toned bodies that have to be seen to be believed. It’s sheer fun (and games and look, it’s pointless labelling any of these guys Greek Gods; two in particular trump that title and have us chomping at the bit after just a glimpse of rippling muscle!). Ladies and gents, look out! In case you haven’t heard, this adults-only, world-class, Olivier Award winning show is hot, hot, HOT!


Up close and personal, the Master of Ceremonies welcomes us in ratchet tones, a scratchy voice after just one show (we saw the 9:30pm performance on opening night) and promises the night of our lives. Thanks to creator, Brett Barnum-Bailey-in-a-previous-life Haylock and the ever-evolving members of La Clique, La Soiree delivers, in abundance, on every level. There is nothing to fault here and everything to love…and lust after.


The English GentsDenis Lock and Hamish McCann – perform stylish and impressive feats of strength, control and balance to rival Cirque du Soleil’s best acrobats, all the while maintaining a very British stiff upper lip. At first, we marvel at their ability to perform fantastical feats in their pinstriped suits and bowler hats. Then we marvel at the incredible physiques underneath those suits. Yes, there were gasps from the audience. These two set the bar high and they leave us wanting more.


More comes in the comical form of New Yorker, Nate Cooper, in his Australian debut; a Charlie Chaplin inspired roller-skating act (and by roller-skating I mean tap-dancing in roller skates and not altogether successfully. Visions of Barbra Streisand’s Fanny Brice come to mind). Cooper is dressed in a surprisingly slinky number, which is revealed in a parody of the previous strip. Cooper’s antics are hilarious and my cheeks begin to ache after about half a minute into the act, long before he gets to the crux of it. He adds to his beauty queen outfit a red bobbed wig and a pair of ridiculously high Priscilla style platform shoes, in which he climbs up onto a pogo stick and commences jumping and juggling machetes. It’s insane. Do NOT try it at home.


The absolutely gorgeous Amy G has an extraordinary skill set that I’m not sure I envy but I’m certainly impressed by it! Her kazoo playing ability is off the charts but don’t try explaining it to the kids over bacon and eggs the next morning. Ursula Martinez performs the most entertaining and original strip you’re likely to see in a Queensland venue, combining effortlessly, sleight of hand and the art of tease. Martinez is gregarious, hilarious, mischievous and completely shameless. Hers is a brand of sizzling adult entertainment that is naughty, classy and irresistibly, deliciously funny. You can get a sneak peak here but only if you’re over eighteen.


Amy G and the English Gents

La Clique’s La Soiree performers Amy G, Denis Lock and Hamish McCann. Picture: Chris McCormack Source: The Courier-Mail


Andrew Sisters styled (Brisbane based ex-Circus Oz performer), Jess Love, takes to task a mass of hula-hoops and the lovely Miss Flee flies above us in a graceful and soulful trapeze. We’ve seen Martinez and Amy G pull props from all over the place but this rather more delicate act is enhanced by a parasol hung high in the air, overturning to let a cascade of tiny white feathers drift down over the audience in strange slow motion, like a moment from a Baz Luhrmann scene, at once slowing the pace and softening the tone of the show. In design also (and to its benefit), La Soiree appears to draw on a little Luhrmann (or, more accurately, a little Catherine Martin).


The return of each of The English Gents builds momentum again and makes us wonder, what do these guys EAT and where do they work out so we can WATCH? Lock reveals a fine singing voice and Japanese sensibilities, including the admirable feat of looking just as attractive as a fully clothed Geisha as a Sumo wrestler (the trimmest ever). McCann returns to put the world’s top female pole dancers to shame, stunning us with his arm and core strength. Spiderman’s got nothin’ on this guy, who walks up and across imaginary walls.




The dynamic cabaret diva, Meow Meow, almost steals the show with her Bette Midler meets Eartha Kitt meets Ab Fab usual fare. She’s the all-time favourite on the circuit and it’s not hard to see (and hear) why. This woman is all woman and then some, absolutely able to blow you away with her sensational style and special brand of seductive tragi-comedy. Her guest chorus and their Barbie choreography gets a giggle too.


But what’s a show without a grand finale? And boy oh Bathboy, has this show got it! Berlin born gymnast David O’Mer, aka “the Adonis in denim” (or, as my friend very cleverly commented, “catnip for women”), appears as any self-respecting modern day merman would, from a claw-foot bath, placed centre stage by the English Gents (it then becomes integral to his aerial ballet – the wettest and cheekiest strap act you’ll see). Clad in black skinny jeans, O’Mer is the epitome of male beauty, strength and coordination, regardless of your sexual orientation or passion or apathy for the subject. In fact, in light of the many and varied responses across the social media platforms to my previous comments about viewing male bodies on stage, I have to say that if you’re tempted to argue that the form or the look is unimportant, make sure you’ve seen the show and calmed down first. This is, as The Age acknowledges, the sexiest act around. Get a coveted (and slightly scary, in that awesome, unexpected random sexual encounter kinda’ way) Premium front row (ringside) seat if you can. I could say I bet you’ll get wet but it might come across as crass so I won’t.


La Soiree is to-die-for. It’s devastatingly funny and sexy, it’s witty, trashy and sophisticated all at once, like a bandaid worn under a Louboutin, and most importantly, it’s the best kind of European styled adult entertainment available in Brisvegas for just a very short time. You’d have to be stark raving mad to miss it!


David O'Mar Bathboy

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