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Matilda Award Nominations 2014


Well, we had a fun night recently, coming up with these noms for the most outstanding work in the Brisbane performing arts industry in 2014!


Celebrating more than 25 years of theatrical excellence in southeast Queensland, the awards have become a prestigious event on Brisbane’s arts calendar. Having added to the reputation of some of Australia’s best-established practitioners and companies, and many talented emerging artists, a Matilda Award remains a coveted honour. Not only is it a significant achievement in a professional artist’s individual career, it is also unique as the only official acknowledgment specifically for the work of local theatre practitioners.


The beauty of having ten judges is that, between us, we’ve have seen most productions (when five judges see a Queensland-made show it becomes eligible* for a Matilda Award) and we are able to argue politely and respectfully discuss the merits of each nominee. Between us we see almost everything.


If you’re an artist, producer or publicist, please continue to keep us informed. A Facebook event page invite is not going to make us mark your opening night in our calendars, but an emailed invitation will! Thank you to the companies and venue staff who send EARLY invites and remain flexible regarding dates (and our hot dates!), because quite often seasons  overlap or clash completely and it’s difficult to schedule attendance around real life and work as well (and it’s useful to have somebody with us who is a) happy to share the long drive, and b) open to some frank discussion about the show).

*To be eligible, theatre workers have to have made, in the judges’ opinion, a commitment to the State, for example, by either beginning their careers or living and working mainly here, or by having a strong identification with Queensland. This means that interstate actors who come here for one production are not eligible, nor are touring productions that do not originate in Queensland.

See you at Gardens Theatre on Monday March 9 2015!


6.30pm for 7.00pm

Hosted by
Lucas Stibbard & Neridah Waters

Special Guest Presenter
Wayne Blair

Entertainment by
Riva Soul
The Boy&Girl Performers
featuring Garret Lyon




There are five premium Matilda Awards, represented by gold trophies. A Gold Matilda is awarded for outstanding work in any area of the professional theatre industry, which also includes independent productions. These awards may be for a single work in the preceding year or for a body of work.

In addition to the five Gold Matildas, there are 12 Silver Matilda Award categories:



Best Mainstage Production
A Doll‘s House, La Boite Theatre Company
Gloria, Queensland Theatre Company
Macbeth, Queensland Theatre Company in association with The Grin & Tonic Theatre Troupe
Pale Blue Dot, La Boite Theatre Company


Best Independent Production
Angel Gear, La Boite Indie & Pentimento Productions
with the support of QPAC
The Button Event, Brisbane Festival & Queensland Theatre Company
Machina, La Boite Indie & MadCat Creative Connections
with the support of QPAC
Sex with Strangers, Jennifer Flowers, Thomas Larkin & Brisbane Powerhouse




Best Male Actor in a Leading Role
Nicholas Gell, Hedonism’s Second Album
Thomas Larkin, Sex With Strangers
Hugh Parker, A Doll’s House
Sven Swenson, Angel Gear


Best Female Actor in a Leading Role
Helen Christinson, A Doll’s House
Veronica Neave, Sex with Strangers
Christen O’Leary, Gloria
Naomi Price, Wrecking Ball


Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role
Chris Beckey, A Doll’s House
Damien Cassidy, A Doll’s House
Chris Kellett, Spamalot
Steven Rooke, Gloria


Best Female Actor in a Supporting Role
Julie Anthony, Spamalot
Caroline Kennison, Pale Blue Dot
Cienda McNamara, A Doll’s House
Casey Woods, Angel Gear




Best Director
David Bell, Gloria
Steven Mitchell Wright, A Doll’s House
Callum Mansfield, Cats
Tim O’Connor, Spamalot
Dave Sleswick, Or Forever Hold Your Peace


Best Design (Set and costumes)
Bill Haycock, Gloria
Josh McIntosh, Spamalot
Steven Mitchell Wright, Ben Hughes & Nathalie Ryner, Caligula
Simone Romaniuk, Macbeth


Best Technical Design (Lighting, multimedia and sound design)
optikal bloc, The Mountaintop
optikal bloc, Pale Blue Dot
Ben Knapton, Nathan Sibthorpe & Freddy Komp, He Dreamed a Train
Guy Webster, The Button Event


Bille Brown Award for the Best Emerging Artist
Casey Woods, Angel Gear
Ashlee Lollback, Pale Blue Dot
Elijah Wellsmore, Gloria
Eliah Watego, Black Diggers


The Lord Mayor’s Award for Best New Australian Work
Adam Brunes & Naomi Price, Wrecking Ball
Richard Jordan, Machina
Kathryn Marquet, Pale Blue Dot
Sven Swenson, Angel Gear




Best Musical or Cabaret
Wrecking Ball, the little red company, developed with Brisbane Powerhouse
Cats, Harvest Rain Theatre Company
Spamalot, Harvest Rain Theatre Company
Good-bye Miss Monroe, Grayboy Entertainment


Matilda Awards 2012 – Winners Announced!

Rumour Has It: Sixty Minutes Inside Adele

Congratulations to the 2012 Matilda Award nominees and winners, announced last night at Gardens Theatre to an audience of 350 theatre makers, by the hostess with the mostess, ADELE aka the extraordinarily talented Naomi Price, who boldly and brassily managed to mention aloud every possible aspect of local industry that would ordinarily be left unsaid, leaving the crowd in stitches!


We also heard from the Minister for the Arts, Ian Walker (“He’s already doing better than the last one ’cause he’s fucking HERE!”), Cr Krista Adams, and the inspirational, incomparable Caroline Kennison about her win over breast cancer, and the women who continue to inspire her. I cannot begin to describe to you the feeling in the room when Caroline was introduced, suffice to say the room filled with love and admiration for this woman. Similarly, when Helen Howard and later, Margi Brown Ash took to the stage to accept their awards, the generous applause and vocal appreciation for these extraordinary women was overwhelming. Of course the guys received no less love, and it was rather special to have the Bille Brown Best Emerging Artist Award added to the mix, with Lizzie Ballinger being the inaugural recipient.



Big props to Rosemary Walker and the Matilda Committee for putting on such a great show – it gets better and better each year – so that we can come together and celebrate our theatrical community in style!

In the past, the Matilda Awards have battled to be taken seriously and, although they are still so obviously Brisbane-centric, it’s also true that a lot of the best work is happening in the city. If it’s not, it needs to be, in order to be seen by the Matilda panel, and arguably, by the more discerning audiences. Regional theatre makers, you know it’s always been so, so if awards and the street cred that comes with them now are important to you, you’d better get your show on the road and into a Brisbane theatre.



Bryan Probets


Simone Romaniuk


Helen Howard

David Walters

Margi Brown Ash





Best Mainstage Production
by Queensland Theatre Company


A Tribute of Sorts

Best New Australian Work
by Benjamin Schostakowski



A Tribute of Sorts

Best Independent Production
by Benjamin Schostakowski


Dash Kruck

Best Male Actor in a Leading Role
in A Tribute of Sorts


Emily Curtin

Best Female Actor in a Leading Role
in A Tribute of Sorts


Bryan Probets

Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role
in As You Like It


Louise Brehmer & Luisa Prosser

Best Female Actor in a Supporting Role
in Thérèse Raquin


Therese Raquin

Helen Howard

Best Director
for Thérèse Raquin


Simone Romaniuk

Best Design
for Kelly

Lizzie Ballinger

Bille Brown Award: Best Emerging Artist
for Thérèse Raquin


Roxanne McDonald

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Career Achievement Award



Matilda Award Nominees Announced!

2012 Matilda Award Nominations:

Best Mainstage Production:

As You Like It (La Boite)
Bombshells (QTC)
Kelly (QTC)
Tender Napalm (La Boite)
The Harbinger (La Boite & Dead Puppet Society)

Best New Australian Work:

A Tribute of Sorts (Benjamin Schostakowski)
Home (Margi Brown Ash)
Kelly (Matthew Ryan)
Managing Carmen (David Williamson)

Best Independent Production:

1984 (shake & stir)
A Tribute of Sorts (La Boite & Monsters Appear)
Loco Maricon Amor (The Danger Ensemble & Metro Arts)
Thérèse Raquin (Zen Zen Zo)
Vikram and the Vampire (Zen Zen Zo)

Best Male Actor in a Leading Role:

Bryan Probets (1984)
Dash Kruck (A Tribute of Sorts)
Kurt Phelan (Tender Napalm)
Steven Rooke (Kelly)

Best Female Actor in a Leading Role:
Christen O’Leary (Bombshells)
Emily Curtin (A Tribute of Sorts)
Helen Howard (As You Like It)
Lizzie Ballinger (Thérèse Raquin)
Margi Brown Ash (Home)

Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role:

Bryan Probets (As You Like It)
John Batchelor (Managing Carmen)
Steven Tandy (Romeo and Juliet)
Tony Brockman (Thérèse Raquin)

Best Female Actor in a Supporting Role:

Liz Buchanan (Hairspray)
Louise Brehmer (Thérèse Raquin)
Luisa Prosser (Thérèse Raquin)
Rachel Dunham (Hairspray)

Best Director:

Ben Schostakowski (A Tribute of Sorts)
Helen Howard (Thérèse Raquin)
Michael Futcher (1984)
Todd MacDonald (Kelly)

Best Design:
Bev Jensen (Home)
Optikal Bloc (1984)
Simone Romaniuk (Elizabeth)
Simone Romaniuk (Kelly)

Best Emerging Artist:

Daniel Anderson (lighting design for Bombshells and Tender Napalm)
Emily Curtin (A Tribute of Sorts)
Lizzie Ballinger (Thérèse Raquin)
Luisa Prosser (Thérèse Raquin)


Commendations are awarded to the most outstanding nominee in each of these ten categories. Five main Matilda Awards are also awarded to the ‘best-of-the-best’ of Brisbane theatre in 2012. These will be unknown until the night of the ceremony.


What did you see in 2012? Remember, you can nominate your favourite artists for Groundling Awards until January 31st!