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Ladies In Black


Ladies In Black

Queensland Theatre Company

QPAC Playhouse

November 16 – December 6 2015


Reviewed by Xanthe Coward


Kate Cole, Christen O,Leary, Naomi Price, Lucy Maunder, Deidre Rubenstein, Carita Farrer Spencer


She was fifty-two when The Women In Black was published in 1993 and it is one of her four novels to be set in Australia. It is difficult not to see Madeleine herself in the clever and sensitive young heroine, Lesley Miles, though the well observed lower middle class family background she describes with such affection was certainly not her own, as she grew up in the smart suburb of Castlecrag, on Sydney’s North Shore.


The interplay of the saleswomen (who dressed in black in 1960, when the novel is set, just as they do now) is so convincing, so comprehensively realised, that I assumed Madeleine had a holiday job there while a student, but she insisted this was not the case, ‘although I often went shopping there with my mother’.


Bruce Beresford – Madeleine and Me (Foreword, The Women In Black)

Deidre Rubenstein, Naomi Price, Kathryn McIntyre, Kate Cole, Sarah Morrison, Christen O'Leary, Lucy Maunder, Carita Farrer Spencer


Mum had Madeleine St John’s novella on her Kindle and neglected to mention the fact until a week out from opening night of QTC’s brand new musical based upon the text…a busy week! I read it in tiny snippets between everything else happening and loved it! Without even trying to imagine how the light-hearted look at the women of Sydney’s (imagined) Goodes department store could ever be turned into a musical, I enjoyed St John’s candid writing. When Tim Finn read it, having picked up a copy one day at Brisbane Airport, he was inspired to write a musical.


With its catchy tunes, intriguing characters, witty lyrics and fabulous frocks, Ladies In Black is an instant classic.


Finn’s score is a satisfyingly contemporary mix of pop, rock, jazz and musical theatre, and the book by Carolyn Burns retains the social political thread and lovely laconic wit of the original text. Simon Phillips’ savvy direction and a stellar cast bring the sweet stories of the ladies to life.




The show opens with an elegant riot of vivid colour and a catchy little tune, I Got It At Goodes, which not only reminds me of another (actual) department store’s jingle but also, for some reason, of Katie in Calamity Jane, singing Keep It Under You Hat. It’s cute, and sets the tone for something not nearly as serious as we might have expected. That’s not to say Finn hasn’t addressed a multitude of national sins, it’s just that it doesn’t delve deeply, darkly into them. Why should it? We’re merely obliged throughout to glance at the inherent misogyny and casual racism of our country and at the very least, asked to question it. With a deft hand, a full heart and a mischievous wink, Finn has neatly interwoven all the issues still relevant today.


Kathryn McIntyre, Deidre Rubenstein, Kate Cole, Lucy Maunder


Another little ditty, Bastard, is set to become an Australian classic. In the context it comes complete with precision teacup choreography and an ire that seems to have faded with the curtains, leaving a sort of 1950s secret women’s business resignation (and plenty of eye rolls) in its place. The audience is in fits of laughter. What a beauty!




I Just Kissed A Continental is a favourite on opening night too, and one of the show’s highlights; a gorgeous, giggle inducing ensemble number that showcases the delectable voice and style of Naomi Price.


If you’ve seen her before you know she’s a standout and it’s this role that reaffirms what Brisbane has known for some time now – she’s a shining star with a very bright future. Price positively glows, and despite the number of amazing women on stage my eyes are drawn to her. She’s completely bewitching.




Kate Cole has a similar magical presence on stage, relishing the role of the Buyer, Miss Cartridge, her uber confidence and staunch support of the sisterhood at once formidable and awe-inspiring. I can see now the basis for the rave reviews and Green Room nom for her performance in Grounded (Red Stitch) and I wish I’d seen it too.


Carita Farrar Spencer succeeds in making memorable and very moving, the most unrewarding role in the show. Lesley’s Lisa’s mother is a quiet champion of women’s rights, or at least of her daughter’s rights if not her own, and so beautifully and delicately captures the qualities of every ordinary housewife and mother of the fifties, I feel it’s her story that could be afforded more time and care. Think Pleasantville…or the quieter moments of Mad Men. The tone is exactly right. Let’s see more of her story in future developments.




Christen O’Leary is Magda, the Slovene who cares for the Model Gowns of Goodes and the women who can afford to take the best dresses out on the town. She’s the uptown Rizzo of the “reffos”, with snazzy style and the sassy attitude to match. She’s intimidating until you get to know her (few are bold enough to do so), and in the most efficiently fairytale godmotherly way, she takes Lisa under her wing to groom her for the real world. O’Leary brings the gowns to life, endowing them with individual personalities as she introduces them to us by name. They become characters themselves and we grow so fond of “Lisette” – the gown that Lisa has her eye on – that, surprisingly, the stakes are raised sufficiently to set up a truly happy ending.


As far as the story goes, it really is Lisa’s show though, and Sarah Morrison, in her QTC debut, is glorious as she grows up and into the perfect cocktail frock to conquer the world AND remain the apple of her daddy’s eye.


The men play pivotal roles, each responsible for filling in some of the gaps, because has there ever been a shop girl who tells the whole truth to the friends on the floor? Certainly not Patty, whose husband takes off for a little while to leave her to “cope” Lucy Maunder brings grace and gorgeousness to this simpering role. As her husband, Andrew Broadbent enjoys as much as the audience does, an extended moment in the mens’ room, lamenting and singing whilst pissing, as you do.


Greg Stone is the delightful foil to O’Leary’s Magda. They have some wonderful moments together, their easy humour and teamwork refreshing. Bobby Fox is Fay’s swoon worthy “sweet Hungarian”, Rudi, perfectly fitting the bill as the intelligent, bold as brass newcomer to the country, on the hunt for an Australian wife. Fox is a dancer and doesn’t miss an opportunity to step nimbly through a couple of outstanding musical numbers.


Under MD Isaac Heyward, playing orchestrations by Guy Simpson, the band is present on stage and could perhaps become a more integral part of the mirrored pillared design, which is beautifully, stylishly conceived by Gabriela Tylesova (also responsible for the frocks, with Costume Superviser, Nathalie Ryner), and lit elegantly by David Walters, as opposed to simply sitting upstage, out of the way. This makes perfect sense only for the party scene, which consists of the company providing silhouettes behind a scrim as O’Leary delivers the monologue from the original text, greeting and observing her guests in a civilised flurry of hostess-with-the-mostess excitement and charm. I have to admit, I had expected a big song and dance number at this point!




The fabulous frocks, the detailed score, the beautifully drawn characters and witty scenes, even the funny forced rhymes support a charming tale, insightfully, carefully shaped by Director, Simon Phillips. Set to become part of the lexicon, this is a show that genuinely delights and entertains. See this talented cast bring to life Tim Finn’s Ladies In Black in Brisbane before December 6 and in Melbourne in January 2016.



4 Seasons in One Night Starring Bobby Fox

4 Seasons in 1 Night Starring Bobby Fox

The Noosa Long Weekend Festival

Bobby Fox

The J Theatre

14th & 15th June 2013


 Reviewed by Xanthe Coward



Wow! Bobby Fox is a superb showman and a true gentleman.



Bobby Fox. Image by Kurt Sneddon.

One of the hardest working, and nicest guys in Aussie showbiz, Irish-born Bobby Fox stopped by The J Theatre in Noosa last night to perform his show 4 Seasons in 1 Night for the Noosa Long Weekend Festival opening night celebration. If you can steal still get tickets online for tonight’s encore performance DO IT!


Bobby Fox is outstanding.


Following the fun and formalities of the official launch, including flowing drinks and delicate canapés, as well as the obligatory social pics (check out The Sunday Mail, Noosa News and The Noosa Long Weekend Festival Facebook page), a well-dressed capacity crowd headed downstairs and into The J Theatre for a night of broad smiles, toe-tapping, and singing and dancing in the aisles.


The super talented and mischievous Bobby Fox turned on the charm and won over the opening night audience even as he made his entrance onto The J stage, and made his mark on the well known, much loved songs of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, made all the more popular, all over again, by the success of the award-winning smash hit musical Jersey Boys.


Macquarie Noosa Long Weekend Festival Day 1 4 Seasons in 1 Night Bobby Fox © 2013 Barry Alsop Eyes Wide Open IMAGES

Bobby was handpicked by Franki Valli to play Franki Valli so we always knew he’d be convincing in the role, both vocally and physically. However, this is not simply a tribute show, or a nostalgic “this is what I sang then” kinda’ show, although there is a more than a hint of nostalgia to the performance, since Bobby had the time of his life being involved in the show and generously shares intimate details about his hard work and perspective throughout the incredible journey. In fact, 4 Seasons in 1 Night cleverly pieces together just about the entire creative process of a performer, from pre-audition ambition, to determining when might be the right time to leave the show and move on. Of course it’s fascinating to performers and non-performers alike. Bobby tells all as if we were comfortably sitting around, down at the cosy local together (although, it’s no longer Irish themed, is it, that pub on the corner?). The patter is therefore pretty seamless, giving us plenty of laughs and insight into life as a Jersey Boy.


With the unwavering support of a slick band, and the impressive vocals of Josie Lane and Tom Sharah, Bobby’s show runs smoothly and quickly through a catalogue of hits, to which most of which the audience enjoy singing along. It was the reprise of Oh What a Night that got ‘em up dancing in the aisles, which is a rare sight in Noosa. But when a performer is so polished and relaxed on stage, even in the most impossible skinny black neoprene pants – Bobby sprayed them on during interval – you can’t help but go along for the ride.


Macquarie Noosa Long Weekend Festival Day 1 4 Seasons in 1 Night Bobby Fox © 2013 Barry Alsop Eyes Wide Open IMAGES

Bobby has all the moves, and now that he no longer has to commit to merely (and I don’t mean merely as in there is little effort to the task, quite the contrary, obviously), impersonating Franki Valli, he can sing the songs his way. His falsetto is strong and self-assured, as you must expect, and his lower register is just gorgeous. Actually, look, Bobby is just gorgeous. With a Robbie Williams Swing When You’re Winning thing going on, and a knack for connecting instantly with audience members as part of his showmanship, it was no surprise to see Bobby swamped by fans with iPhones in their hands right after the show, which he loved! And we loved!


Thanks to Barry Alsop (Eyes Wide Open Images), the Festival Photographer, you can see even better pics now than you will have seen at the time, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Macquarie Noosa Long Weekend Festival Day 1 4 Seasons in 1 Night Bobby Fox © 2013 Barry Alsop Eyes Wide Open IMAGES

This is one of the best aspects of The Noosa Long Weekend Festival- the stage door comes to you. That’s right. Head to the bar after a show at The J and in the short time it takes to get a drink, the artists are bound to appear and enjoy a chat with you. Bobby’s generousity after a stellar performance absolutely sealed the deal for me – Bobby Fox is winning in Noosa.


The bar has been set high with one of the best launch events The Noosa Long Weekend has ever seen. The J Theatre has never looked and sounded better, and all augers well for a spectacular festival!


Saturday 15th June at the Festival

Ifilmaking workshops, Ramona Koval literary event, Creative Writing workshop, Circa Zoo’s show ‘Wonderland’, One Act Play Festival, Show me the Magic Don McAlpine documentary, China Forum, The Flinders Quartet and the second performance of Bobby Fox (of Jersey Boys Australia & Hot Shoe Shuffle fame!) Tickets or door sales at The J.


Images by Festival Photographer Barry Alsop Eyes Wide Open IMAGES


Macquarie Noosa Long Weekend Festival Day 1 4 Seasons in 1 Night Bobby Fox © 2013 Barry Alsop Photographer Eyes Wide Open IMAGES Macquarie Noosa Long Weekend Festival Day 1 4 Seasons in 1 Night Bobby Fox © 2013 Barry Alsop Photographer Eyes Wide Open IMAGES Macquarie Noosa Long Weekend Festival Day 1 4 Seasons in 1 Night Bobby Fox © 2013 Barry Alsop Photographer Eyes Wide Open IMAGES Macquarie Noosa Long Weekend Festival Day 1 4 Seasons in 1 Night Bobby Fox © 2013 Barry Alsop Photographer Eyes Wide Open IMAGES Macquarie Noosa Long Weekend Festival Day 1 4 Seasons in 1 Night Bobby Fox © 2013 Barry Alsop Photographer Eyes Wide Open IMAGES


The Noosa Long Weekend Festival begins tonight!


The Noosa Long Weekend Festival is finally here!


We’re excited to be attending the official opening function and following that, the sensational Bobby Fox in 4 Seasons in One Night!


You might have noticed that the Brisbane Festival program launched this week but we haven’t had a chance to look at it yet! You can do so though, right here, and let us know what you’re planning to see. I will be making sure I get to UTE LEMPUR, THE WIZARD OF OZ, and a heap of other shows once I have time to pour over the program and lock in some things, just in case you’re not able to. Wait. Really? Seriously? I don’t think so! There’s really, seriously no excuse to miss anything, because to celebrate the launch, Brisbane Festival is offering friends of the Festival an exclusive opportunity to purchase tickets to events before they go on sale to the general public, to ensure you don’t miss out! The pre-sale begins 9am Thursday 13 June and ends on Sunday 16 June at 12 midnight. Access this special Brisbane Festival link to take advantage of this presale offer. Visit for the full list of Brisbane Festival events.


Also, there is some talk amongst industry peeps regarding the level of female involvement in the festival this year. Sadly, this doesn’t appear to be new news, and I don’t think the issue is about to go away so keep an eye out for a post about that soon. Have you checked out the program and noticed a substantial lack of female artists there?


Meanwhile, after Mister Bobby Fox takes care of the opening night entertainment at the Noosa Long Weekend, it seems there is a WEALTH of female talent involved! I’m sure you’ve missed out on seeing a couple of this year’s very BEST female performers if you haven’t booked already – I’m sure ADELE & MRS BANG are probs sold out already – sorry about that but, you know, BOOK EARLY FOR NEXT YEAR’S EVENTS. Here’s my schedule for the weekend, in case you’re also there and you want to say hi, or you want to keep up with where we are, what we’re wearing and who we’re drinking catching up with!


Follow us on Twitter | Instagram | Facebook


Use the official hashtag #NLWF2013




Official Opening Night Function


Bobby Fox 4 Seasons in One Night


Bobby Fox. Photo courtesy of Jersey Boys Australia.



Ramona Koval –  By the Book


Circa Zoo



Circa Zoo. Image by Red Eclipse.



Women & Power Forum


It’s Raining Me & Julia, Madly, Deeply


HOT TIP! Tom Sharah’s show It’s Raining Me includes a delicious taste of The Rocky Horror Picture Show



Tom Sharah It's Raining Me

7 Sleeps… The Noosa Long Weekend Festival Countdown is on!

The 12th annual Noosa Long Weekend is just 7 sleeps away!


Bobby Fox Jersey Boys Australia

Now in its 12th year, the Noosa Long Weekend Festival takes place in various venues across Noosa with 85+ free and ticketed events on offer featuring a host of international, national and local guests.  The multi-arts genre program includes literature, music, cabaret, theatre, dance, forums, comedy and supper clubs, food, workshops and free events.


Festival Director, Ian Mackellar said that whilst some events were sold out, tickets remained available for the majority of events with local resorts, hotels and apartments offering great accommodation deals to festival patrons.

“The beauty of our festival is the quality, accessibility and affordability of it all. With 10,000 tickets on offer there is still the opportunity for audiences to come and enjoy a Long Weekend experience.
“A few tickets remain for our sensational opening night and Saturday performances of 4 Seasons in 1 Night with Bobby Fox of  Jersey Boys Australia and Hot Shoe Shuffle fame.  It’s the Queensland premiere of Bobby’s new show and will be something really special for audiences.


Meow Meow The Cat That Got the Canary 2008

“We pride ourselves on being ‘first’ for a number of events, so other Queensland premieres include the wildly entertaining Tom Sharah with his contemporary cabaret show It’s Raining Me as part of a double bill show with Sarah-Louise Young and Julie Madly Deeply; the super talented David Pomeranz from New York with his poignant tribute to the life of Charlie Chaplin in his show ChaplinMeow Meow’s self titled kamikaze cabaret show; Bernadette Robinson’s Evening With concert featuring songs from her favourite singers and songwriters; Robyn Archer’s French cabaret show ‘Que-Reste-t’il’David Williamson’s new play, Happiness as performed by Sydney’s Ensemble Theatre Company  and finally the Australian Cabaret Showcase performance with Bradley McCaw and Amelia Ryan.


Ian said that the festival’s literary program had some “big names” coming to town with Ramona Koval, David MaloufMichael Leunig and Matt Condon visiting as part of the 13 total authors featured in the program.


Brisbane’s Expressions Dance Company will present two contemporary dance pieces at the festival and the serious side of life will be explored through a range of forums exploring topics as varied as clean energy, refugees, women in power, near death experiences, what China thinks of Australia and more.

Rumour Has It Naomi Price. Image by Dylan Evans. 

If it all gets too serious however, the perfect antidote for audiences will be the inaugural Comedy Club or festival favourites such as food events, late-night supper clubs and workshops.


“The Noosa Long Weekend Festival is a truly unique and special event, Ian said.

“Our audiences come from all over Australia to enjoy a diverse and world class program which is presented in a range of intimate Noosa venues.
“It’s up close and personal, inspiring and entertaining – everything a festival should be.”


To secure your tickets:



  • Phone – The J (07) 5455 4455


  • In person – The J Box Office



Noosa Long Weekend: 4 Seasons in 1 Night Starring Bobby Fox & Up Close and Personal with Michael Cormick & Rachael Beck!

The Noosa Long Weekend Festival begins next Friday June 14th!

How excitement!


Bobby Fox. Image by Kurt Sneddon.

We’re looking forward to attending the official opening night function, and the Queensland premiere of 4 Seasons in 1 Night starring Irish-born Bobby Fox, at The J Theatre.


You have just two chances to catch this fantastic performance from one of our top musical theatre stars…well, if you’re lucky, there might just be an additional 5pm performance on the Saturday. But don’t wait for it to be announced or you might miss out altogether!


4 Seasons In 1 Night stars stage powerhouse, Bobby Fox, renowned for his critically acclaimed performance of Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys. Charting his experience with the show, from his first (not-so-successful) audition, to the final, exhilarating bow, 4 Seasons In 1 Night celebrates the music of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons in an evening packed with anecdotes and cheeky secrets that will take you behind the scenes of one of Australia’s most successful stage shows of all time.


Bobby was handpicked by the man himself to play the role of Frankie Valli in the smash hit musical Jersey Boys, playing to sold out seasons in Melbourne & Sydney. Following his appearance at the Noosa Long Weekend, Bobby continues his role as Spring, the eldest Tap brother, in the hit musical Hot Shoe Shuffle. The show goes to Sydney in July.


Hailing from Longford Ireland, Bobby’s career highlights in include; 4 times Irish Dance Champion and touring with Irish productions such as Riverdance, Dancing on Dangerous Ground (principal understudy) and To Dance on the Moon (principal dancer).


Upon moving to Australia in 2002, Bobby began his professional musical theatre career and hasn’t looked back with feature roles in Mamma Mia, Leader of the Pack, Dusty – The Original Pop Diva., We Will Rock You, Spamalot and The Production Company’s Sweet Charity and Damn Yankies.


4 Seasons in 1 Night

The J Theatre

Friday June 14 & Saturday June 15 7:30pm

Possible additional show Saturday June 15 5pm

2 hours with intermission (we love intermission)

All seats $65

Bookings online



Rachael Beck.

Of course, if you’re not at The J doing pre-show drinks and pics and things with us, you might as well be at berardo’s restaurant & bar to catch Michael Cormick and Rachael Beck in Up Close and Personal! Intimate, real, honest and FUN! Michael and Rachael will take you on a musical journey through song, from classic musical theatre to modern romantic duets and stand-alone love songs and stories that will make you laugh and cry.


Rachael is one of Australia’s most in demand performers. Widely known for her performance as Belle opposite Hugh Jackman in Beauty and the Beast, Rachael has also appeared in numerous television productions and concerts. Television credits include Sam in Hey Dad for 4 years and most recently, City Homicide.


Other theatre credits include Sally Bowles in Sam Mendes’ Cabaret, Fantine in Cameron Macintosh’s Les Misérables, Maria in The Sound Of Music, Peg Hartigan in Summer Rain (directed by Robin Nevin) and Kathy Seldon in David Atkins’ Singin’ In The Rain.


Rachael appears with “Girls On film” in the corporate world: clients include the Commonweath Bank, Netball Australia and Westpac.


Xanthe Coward & Rachael Beck Live and Intimate with JRB 2011

Rachael also appears extensively in the concert and corporate arena, performing with Jeff Wayne on the Australian tour of War Of The Worlds and most recently with Jason Robert Brown on his Australian tour, which is when we met Rachael, post-show on the red lounge at Greystone, along with JRB, Georgia Stitt and Jeremy Youett!


Rachael is currently starring as Truly Scrumptious in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, which flies into Brisbane in November.


Michael’s theatre credits include The Rocky Horror Show, Cats, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, Grease, Falsettos, Eureka, Sunset Boulevard, mama Mia, and the lead role in Beauty and the Beast, for which he received a MO Award.International roles include the lead in Phantom of the Opera, Calamity Jane, Romeo & Juliet, Chess, Evita and most recently, End of the Rainbow for the Edinburgh Festival and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s West End production of The Woman in White. Michael has performed in numerous live and television concerts throughout Europe, including Royal Command performances of The Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserable, the Christmas Festival opening at Royal Albert Hall and frequent guest appearances on the Terry Wogan Show (BBC London).


Michael Cormick

One of the most sought after corporate and live performers in the local music arena, Smooth Sessions is Michael’s long awaited debut album — a cool mix of classic songs that harness Michaels unique vocal and intoxicating lyricism with his laid back delivery. It’s the perfect chill out album.


Up Close and Personal

Michael Cormick and Rachael Beck

Friday June 14th & Sunday June 16th 6:15pm for 6:30pm start

berardo’s restaurant & bar

3.5 hours dinner & show (we love dinner and a show)

$165 Bookings online


Rebecca Huntley Women and Power Forum
The first weekend of the festival also features The New Palm Court Orchestra; It’s Raining Me & Julie, Madly, Deeply; Flinders Quartet; One-Act Plays 2013; Wonderland Circa Zoo; Show Me the Magic; Teasing the Domestic; By the Book (Ramona Kovel); Harland’s Half Acre (David Malouf); Teas, Treats and Tales (Celebrity Chef Janelle Bloom).
AND the following forums:
  • Refugees Dilemma Here and Abroad
  • China: Just What Does It Make of Australia?
  • Women and Power (I’ll be live-tweeting it! Follow us on Twitter to join the conversation)



AND the following workshops:



  • Rythm Culture
  • Creative Writing with Sandy Curtis
  • iFilmaker




Hot Shoe Shuffle

Hot Shoe Shuffle 

David Atkins Enterprises

QPAC Lyric Theatre

3rd – 25th May 2013


Reviewed by Stephanie Brown


I’m a dancer and choreographer, but until now I haven’t had to string more than fifty words together about what I do or about the industry I love! Luckily for me (and for my husband Trav), Xanthe picked opening night of the award winning Hot Shoe Shuffle as my first performance to review. It’s the anniversary tour and it’s already looking like a smash hit! Here goes… and 5,6,7,8!


As we took our seats and scanned the souvenir programme, Trav began tapping my arm and gesturing with a nod to the men taking their seats directly in front of us. Cue wide smile and slightly dropped jaw… Adam Garcia and Dein Perry took their seats within arms reach! I considered being a blubbering fan, but only for a second. I had a job to do.


It didn’t take long for me to forget the two stars were even there (sorry, guys!). If I could go back in time, I think I would pick the 1940s, with the men in their bright coloured suits who sing and dance to express their feelings. The show takes you there, in a strange way. It’s a show about rehearsing for a show, with the characters openly discussing which scene they will go to next, and the open set changes by the cast on a lit stage is something I haven’t come across very often. I loved every bit of it! Every character was believable and I found myself lost in each of their stories and personalities.


Mood Indigo - David

Producer, Director and Co-Choreographer David Atkins played the Aloysius Shyster/Max King and Dexter Tap character brilliantly. Having never seen Atkins in real life, I had to giggle at his 4-foot-nothing stature. When he first stepped onto the stage, the audience erupted! Unfortunately, despite his background and incredible body of work, I found him completely overshadowed by fellow leads, Jaz Flowers (April) and Bobby Fox (Spring). I suppose I can still credit him for casting these two in the show!


Tap Brothers with Jaz Jaz Flowers stole the show.


I knew she could sing. I just didn’t realise how well! When I was in New York a couple of years ago, I saw a show called Memphis. At the time I said to Trav about the leading lady, ‘She has the most amazing voice for theatre that I have ever heard’. Well, I’ve found someone better. I’m glad her time on the television show The Voice was cut short. Flowers’ voice would be totally wasted as a pop star in a studio producing boring hit after hit. BUT what really threw me; she can also dance! A true “triple threat” right there, on stage.


Bobby Fox played a great Spring. An Irishman who is a 4 time champion Irish Dancer, his tap skills were… I was speechless! The only other person I have ever seen move that fast is our friend, Dale Pengelly. I don’t think it’s fair that these people can dance so well, yet still be able to sing AND act as well! Surely they should share some of that talent around!


The Tap Brothers were all great. Some struggled with holding the accent, but it didn’t dampen the mood. Of the six “other brothers”, it was debut musical theatre performer Max Patterson, who played Tap (Tap Tap!), who was the stand out. He played a very funny character, reminding me somewhat of Howard Wolowitz from The Big Bang Theory with his ladies’ man mentality.


As far as entertainment value goes, the show is sensational. My favourite song of the night was probably I’ve Got To Be A Rugcutter, which was expertly performed on a table. It was colourful, light and fun. Although, just as impressive was when April, Spring and Max sang When I Get My Name In Lights; I was in awe of their combined talent and totally lost in the moment. That number rang through this semi-retired dancer like it was a message to me and only me.


Overall, the band was fantastic, the set was awesome, and the cast was amazing. A special little addition at the end of the show even had Adam Garcia visibly STOKED (and a little jealous I think!). Even if you saw the original Hot Shoe Shuffle, you’ll enjoy going along again. This production delivers on all the fun, frivolity and laughter (and top tap moves of course!) that are promised in the promos. Now THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT!