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Unlock Your Style with Nikki Parkinson from


Unlock Your Style

by Nikki Parkinson




You know I’m a big fan of Sunshine Coast friend and phenomenal blogger businesswoman extraordinaire, Nikki Parkinson, from




Now based in Brisbane and set to take over the world with her no-fuss, back-to-basics approach to styling women everywhere, Nikki launched her debut book – a style bible inspired by her blog – in Maroochydore and Noosa this week. Taking the time to stop by two completely contrasting venues to catch up with friends and fans, Nikki appeared on Wednesday night at Tony Kelly’s hip new Ocean Street burger joint, Hello Harry, and on Thursday at beautiful berardo’s in Hastings Street, Noosa, for a lunch event co-hosted by Mary Ryan’s Noosa.




I stepped out on Wednesday night with darling Min of White House Celebrations, with whom we’re currently planning the RACQ CareFlight Sunshine Coast Gala Ball (y’all better book for it! You know this event sells out!), after changing out of Lorna Jane Active flashies (I had my first aid update all day, kids; stylin’ at NFTI!) and into black leather pants and my fave brown leather jacket – that’s right #doubleleather – adding the Anna Purna, which features in Nikki’s book, and a pair of three-seasons-ago from-the-vault vintage black ankle boots. Thanks to my boot guy in Buderim (he’s your boot guy too, if you have any sense at all), they are allowed out again. Min and I arrived with time to spare, so we chatted with owner, Tony Kelly, outside on the street before heading into his groovy venue for bubbles and lots of fun with, naturally, our most stylish friends. WE MISS YOU, GENINE!




Our emcee for the evening was the beautiful Kim Morrison, of Twenty8 Essentials, who reminded us of when she and Fleur Whelligan were researching their book, Like Chocolate for Women, they realised the key to their message lay in little Mia’s take on beauty (“Beauty is being yourself with a sparkle”), and how Nikki so easily, with her styling initiatives, including The Model and Me and #everydaystyle, inspires women to put the sparkle into their unique style regardless of age or budget. Heartfelt words of congratulations came also from Simone Merlo and Maria Faulder. MARIA, I’M SORRY ABOUT THE HAIR! I should never have opted for punctuality. #suitethreehairandbeauty #ambassadorfail






So many gorgeous women, so many gorgeous, wise words; it’s easy to feel grateful for yet another opportunity to be in the presence of so many inspiring women. Now, if only I could get my act together and step up too!


Nikki is a terrific speaker; I never tire of hearing from her. She is one of the most authentic “authentic” women I know (I tire of the term being overused!), and she has genuinely worked her way to the top of the Australian blogosphere, picking up awards, an agent and a publisher along the way. Nikki has also made a point of always stopping and supporting others on their blogging and styling journeys, earning extra street cred for her boundless generousity.


Nikki noted that her book is a sign of a major shift within the publishing industry, or perhaps it’s an additional layer – I wasn’t live tweeting so I’m not quoting – in that we are beginning to see more and more blogs become books. (Lorelei Vashti’s Dress, Memory is the next one we’ll look at here. Pre-order it online). I’m sure I’m not the only one to subscribe to the blog, follow on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, buy the e-book and then race out to buy the book in its printed form as well! I love Rhonda Hetzel’s blog as well as her first couple of books so I recently did exactly that! I often remind Mum when she tells me, “Oh, you don’t need that!” that I do, I really do; I need my own (signed) copy! #firstworldprivileges




Unlock Your Style has something for everyone. It’s a workbook, outlining simple steps to guide you through the process of literally unlocking your style, based on your history, shopping habits, lifestyle and budget. It’s also a personal story that elicits frequent smiles because we can all relate to the classic style “mistakes”, which Nikki recounts unapologetically. We’ve all been there; we’ve all sported THAT fringe, THAT perm, THAT maternity dress, THOSE SHOES. HA! I love Nikki’s comments regarding social media – her thoughts on envy and “the time vortex that is Pinterest” especially – and I will admit that I read Chapter 4: The Wardrobe Edit twice before deciding to write this piece rather than open a bottle of wine and BEGIN IT. THE WARDROBE EDIT I MEAN. But begin it I will because BACK TO BASICS, Y’ALL! #butilovemythreethousandshowponyseasonalpieces



In Unlock Your Style, Nikki includes a heap of real life, tried and tested products, which have been featured on the blog, and fave brands separated into user-friendly categories including Occasion Wear, Effortless Casual (so essential for life on the Sunshine Coast!), and Modern Corporate. Add to that an extensive list of beauty tips, and a couple of handy cheat sheet morning beauty routines (The Two-Minute Routine, The Seven-Minute Routine), and this easily becomes a book you can justify buying multiple times. If you don’t end up with a few copies to pass onto sisters, daughters, friends, your mum and Grandma, I guarantee you’re going to end up replacing your own copy more than once!


Written with good-natured humour and jam packed with amusing anecdotes and hot tips, this is a Trinny and Susannah type style guide in the best sense of the word, marketed to women over twenty-eight but nevertheless, in content and tone, encouraging women of all ages to strip their wardrobe back to basics and discover the confidence to give us the “spark” that comes from wearing well selected garments and accessories we love.


True style comes from within. When we’ve finally recognised it, why not project it to the world with a great outfit and a pop of perfect colour on the lips? Who are we not to shine? We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be?



Are you ready to shine?




Join Nikki’s #UYS community online


Attend one of the remaining launch events


Buy Unlock Your Style in print or online




Additional images by Alicia Aberley. Check out more event pics on Facebook





Noosa International Food & Wine Festival!

Hooray! It’s Noosa International Food & Wine Festival time!


Noosa International Food & Wine Festival runs Thursday ’til Sunday.


As Director of the Gala Opening Night Concert, Sam has been working with the stars of the show. “It was a full day of tech and the show tomorrow night is looking and sounding amazing” he said. “You’ll love the music – classical music – beautifully done and all recognisable. And the voices! Wow!”


Taryn-Fieberg David-Hobson jud_arthur_52b3f93769


On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Sam runs the Main Stage, where we’ll see the best chefs in the world by day and some of the hottest entertainers by night.


Where will you be? With so many delicious and entertaining events the only trouble might be making your selection!


Look who’s coming!


Get the app!



Thursday May 15 2014


Westpac Ruby Luncheon with Wendy Harmer





Asian Food Trail 1 or Seafood Afloat Trail 1 or Hinterland Trail 1 (Strings and Straw)


Exclusive Hakkaisan and Wasabi Degustation – THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT





Gala Opening Night Concert – Foodie Fandango – starring David Hobson, Taryn Fieberg and Jud Arthur and the Queensland Virtuosi Orchestra led by Guy Noble.





Friday May 16 2014


Top Tastes of Queensland – THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT


Asahi Beer Lunch




Asian Food Trail 2 – THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT


Seafood Afloat Trail 2 – THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT


Hinterland Trail 2 (Strings and Straw) – THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT





Appollonian Bush and Bluegrass Adventure


Suntory Cocktail Competition


Netanya Premier International Degustation – THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT


Suntory Cocktail Matching Dinner – THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT


Sunset Concert – Dinner at View on Little Hastings – THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT


Sophistication by the River – THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT


River Spice – Sirocco


East and West – Embassy XO


Amici at Locale





Westpac WelcomeParty and Concert featuring X-Factor’s Dami Im





Saturday May 17 2014




Enjoy Cobram Estate Olive Oil Tasting, Chardonnay Masterclass, Westpac Premier International Degustation and Dinner at Gaston.

Next year book early to avoid missing out on awesome events such as Champagne Masterclass, High Tea by the River, Qantas Seafood Feast with Neil Perry and a Sixties Beach Party!




Sunday May 18 2014






Enjoy Shiraz Masterclass, Sparkling Wine Masterclass, A Visit to the Middle East, Qantas Seafood Feast with Neil Perry, European Affair – River Cottage, Port Douglas on Noosa River, the street party at Cafe Le Monde and the after party at Gaston

Next year, don’t miss events like the Champagne Breakfast (SOLD OUT), Champagne Masterclass (SOLD OUT), High Tea by the River (SOLD OUT), or an Italian Feast at berardo’s (SOLD OUT)!




Follow Noosa International Food & Wine Festival on Twitter and Instagram for Festival updates. See you there!




The Supper Clubs – Rumour Has It: Sixty Minutes Inside Adele & Mrs Bang is Back!


Rumour Has It: Sixty Minutes Inside Adele & Mrs Bang is Back!

Noosa Long Weekend Festival

berardo’s restaurant and bar

18th – 20th June 2013


Reviewed by Xanthe Coward 


The Noosa Long Weekend Festival’s Supper Clubs are always a hit, and this year is no different. berardo’s is a tough room to play, so this is a gig that challenges all but those at the top of their game. Marina Prior and James Morrison spring to mind. In the past, they have effortlessly shown how it’s done.


Rumour Has It: Sixty Minutes Inside Adele

Naomi Price


Rumour Has It 2013. Pictured Naomi Price 2. Image by Dylan Evans

You’re invited to spend an evening with Adele: Grammy goddess, young mum, and pottymouthed everywoman. For the first time in Noosa, Adele rolls in the deep down under, spilling intimate details about life on the road, love on the rocks, and the prick who took a sledge hammer to her heart…

Rumour Has It: Sixty Minutes Inside Adele marries a modern-day music legend with one of Queensland’s best-loved musical theatre imports, British chanteuse Naomi Price. Following critically acclaimed seasons in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and on the Gold Coast, this wickedly satirical new cabaret rolls into Noosa for one-night-only as part of the Noosa Long Weekend.


On Tuesday night I saw the Queensland premiere of David Williamson’s play, Happiness, and stopped by berardo’s afterwards to see how Adele was being received by the Supper Club crowd. It was a late show so I was lucky enough to catch it. I’ve seen Naomi’s Adele show three times and I’m not over it yet!


It seemed this might be new territory, a brand new sense of humour for some of the Noosa audience, who didn’t necessarily appreciate the course language (spattered throughout, by no means OTT), and early references to Tussaud’s, although it has to be said that the younger audience members thought that hilarious, as the signs of a good surgeon are always evident, aren’t they? Just saying.


Naomi took the first two numbers to warm up, using Rumour Has It and Rolling In the Deep to get the feel for the room, and introduce the music of multi-award winning Adele to a whole new audience. She won them over in the end, with witty patter and her occasional beautiful tender moments, making the story all the more personal in the intimate surrounds of berardo’s, but it was tough work! Naomi Price is a sensational performer and with this performance she proved she’s able to win over any sort of crowd. Favourites included her detailed impersonations of Celine Dion and Amy Winehouse. Taylor Swift (“Who’s Taylor Swift?”) not so much!


I love this show, and I always look forward to seeing it! Rumour Has It: Sixty Minutes Inside Adele will go everywhere, and I have no doubt that either this show, or another of The Little Red Company’s productions, starring Naomi Price, will return in some guise to surprise and entertain a whole new Long Weekend audience.


Mrs Bang is Back!

Sheridan Harbridge

mrsbang-111 HIGH RES

Just when you thought it was safe to return to Hastings Street, ‘Mrs Bang’ returns to Noosa. Mrs Bang, the mad and delicious she-cat of song, is hittin’ the road to win more hearts and break more heels.

An unabashed mess of calamity, romance and loin-aching seduction, Mrs Bang takes on Noosa once again in this hilarious comedy of wine stained vocals and sumptuous catastrophe.

Bringing houses down from Edinburgh to Poland, Winner of Best Cabaret at Melbourne Fringe Festival and a Green Room award nominee, Mrs Bang: A Series of Seductions is a fast-paced ride with a woman on the edge, venturing through the music of Supertramp, Talking Heads, Sonny Bono and Portishead. Seductive and superbly funny, it is cabaret dripped in absinthe and left in the gutter.

Get ready to be seduced….


Mrs Bang came to Noosa Long Weekend before Noosa was really ready for anything of the sort! But she’s come back on the success of that surprising debut and she is just as funny, naughty, cheeky and entertaining.


Sheridan Harbridge brought such a sassy, sexy character to berardo’s that the audience members who hadn’t seen her before were clearly shocked! It’s a great show, a hilarious premise, with the band not arriving and Mrs Bang having to carry on regardless. A single poignant moment, which brings us a sublime rendition of Bang Bang, made famous by Nancy Sinatra, sits snugly in between the delightful Do You Like My Dress? (Russell, random audience member. Last time it was Macquarie’s Simon Gamble) and a run of funny anecdotes and musical numbers (not to mention a finale that will knock your socks off!) showcasing Sheridan’s multiple skill sets, necessary of course, to make cabaret a success.


Sheridan’s is the show that not only every punter will love but also every performer should see. Final show tonight.


The Noosa Long Weekend’s final Supper Club happens on Friday night, featuring for the first time in Noosa, Tyran Parke.


“There have been scant few cabaret debuts as good as this one; commandingly sung and alternately interesting, funny and touching.” Cabaret Scenes, New York


Tyran Parke


Friday 21 June


berardo’s at 8:30pm


Two-course supper, glass of wine and show.



The Festival Highlight Celebrations Concert on Sunday features the best of The Noosa Long Weekend artists 12pm – 4pm at the Outrigger.


Bookings online


Mrs Bang is Back! Two sensational shows only at Noosa Long Weekend!

Mrs Bang is Back!


Just when you thought it was safe to return to Hastings Street Mrs Bang is back in Noosa with a brand new show!


mrsbang-111 HIGH RES

Mrs Bang, the mad and delicious she-cat of song, is hittin’ the road to win more hearts and break more heels.


An unabashed mess of calamity, romance and loin-aching seduction, Mrs Bang takes Noosa once again in this hilarious comedy of wine stained vocals and sumptuous catastrophe. Bringing houses down from Edinburgh to Poland, Winner of Best Cabaret at melbourne Fringe Festival and a Green Room award nominee, Mrs Bang: A Serious of Seductions is a fast-paced ride with a woman on the edge, venturing through the music of Supertramp, Talking Heads and Portishead.


Seductive and superbly funny, this is cabaret dripped in absinthe and left in the gutter.


Wednesday 19 June & Thursday 20 June 8:30pm at berardo’s restaurant & bar

$85 for two-course supper and a glass of wine and show

Bookings online


We saw Mrs Bang the last time she was up and SHE WAS HOT!


Here’s my review from that original show…


Mrs Bang!


Sheridan Harbridge and The Noosa Longweeekend Festival


Berado’s Restaurant and Bar


22nd June 2011


Wow! Mrs Bang! I don’t think Noosa was quite ready for you!


On Wednesday 22nd June, in the intimate surrounds of berardo’s restaurant and bar on Hastings Street, Sheridan Harbridge brought her alter ego and her ukulele to the Noosa Longweekend’s Supper Club.


Despite some questionable sightlines in this venue, Mrs Bang! was a hit. Barely covered, in a beautifully tacky Spanish nightclub cum Sunshine Coast turf club dress (Do You Like My Dress), with hair piled sky high, a-la The Nanny, Mrs Bang! clattered up the central spiral staircase and appeared behind the bar, glass of chardonnay in hand, visibly worried…the band had not yet arrived. An easily considered premise, after days of ash cloud affected flights, meaning for Harbridge herself (well, as she admitted after, for her pianist Nigel Ubrihien) a 14-hour drive to get to us.


So with Nigel, the “ring-in” piano player, Mrs Bang! sang for us her favourite numbers, including a rather dramatic and absolutely hilarious rendition of Bizet’s Habanera, Noel Coward’s Mad About the Boy, Kander & Ebb’s How Lucky Can You Get and Portishead’s All Mine.


The mood ranged from outrageous, crazy, wild fun and schadenfreude to dark, seductive, irresistibly interactive fun and games; Mrs Bang didn’t realise it at the time but she had none other than the President of the Noosa Longweekend Festival Committee shaking his booty along with the tambourine she had thrust into his hand (and his wife sitting next to him at the table as she sat in his lap).


Seasoned performer, Mitchell Butel (who performed his acclaimed new cabaret show, Killing Time, in the same venue the following night) also got involved in the act and got a lot more than he’d bargained for, when catastrophe after cabaret catastrophe culminated with a face-plant into an un-birthday chocolate cake and a make-out session with Mrs Bang! Even Toby Francis, after finishing his own show, Blokelahoma, made a cameo appearance at the conclusion of the show, re-enforcing the simple fact that Mrs Bang! is irresistible.


It’s easy to see what makes this show a sell-out. With her sultry voice, wacky humour and a splendidly tacky, tragic character, Mrs Bang! A Series of Seductions is the ultimate slightly naughty night out…




The 10th Annual Australian Showcase…in Noosa!




cabaret showcase



For the first time a heat will be held in Queensland for

The 10th Annual Australian Cabaret Showcase.


Jim Berardo’s sophisticated restaurant and bar on Hastings Street in Noosa, is the fine dining venue for the event, which has been sold out since the announcement of the heat! The Noosa crowd don’t miss much!

Your Enterprises’ Jeremy Youett has teamed up with local entertainment master mind, Manager of the Noosa Longweekend, Ian MacKellar, and Jim Berardo to create a one-of-a-kind cabaret evening.

The nine Sunshine Coast entrants include the dazzling Rachael Ward, fresh from her starring role in Chicago on board the Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas and Adam Flower, who’s been laying low but whom you may remember from our production of Jesus Christ Superstar, which we staged in a warehouse in Kawana in 1999 and broke all Sunshine Coast box office records with Adam in the title role. It’s great to see him back on the circuit. IT WAS TIME.

Rachael Ward Chicago Allure of the Seas

With well-known local piano man, Simon Russell-Baker on the keys, and a dinner menu to make your mouth water, this is an exquisite night of entertainment that most of us will miss this time. And I would have told you about it earlier but there has been SO MUCH HAPPENING. That’s right. Real life has had to take precedence. There will be intermittent posts right up until late January, when we’ll LAUNCH THE WEBSITE. I KNOW.

It’s been a long time coming.

I’ll try to blog from Woodfordia (come see us at The Mystery Bus!), and if you don’t want to miss anything in the meantime



If you managed to secure a ticket to the 10th Annual Australian Cabaret Showcase in Noosa, enjoy a sophisticated and entertaining evening, hosted by Sam Coward and featuring some of our best new (and returning) talent!

Jeremy Youett Blueprint Studios

Jeremy Youett. Image by Blueprint Studios.

“Despite the challenges of continuing to produce the event when I’m based overseas, the Showcase is something I continue to develop because I strongly believe in it as a platform for developing and supporting Australian talent and the art form… I’m excited to say that we have just confirmed that we will launch heats in Adelaide for the first time in 2013 for the 11th Annual Showcase, with the support of The Adelaide Cabaret Festival and Artistic Director Kate Ceberano.”

Jeremy Youett, Producer of the Australian Annual Cabaret Showcase and General Manager of the New York Musical Theatre Festival

Winner of last year’s comp, Angela Harding, will perform her original cabaret show Just Like You…Only Different (MD Mark Chamberlain) on Friday 21st December at El Rocco’s (Bar Me) in Sydney