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Underground Productions

Schonell Theatre

1 October – 4 October 2013


Reviewed by Meredith McLean


I’d never seen a production at the Schonell theatre until Tuesday night. Yes, I’d been there years ago when I attended college and there were awards or functions involved. I’ve even sat in a lecture or two in this building where it was close to impossible not to fall asleep in those soft, comfortable chairs. But to see Neil LaBute’s Autobahn staged by Underground Productions here was an entirely different experience.


You won’t have to worry about falling asleep is those damn comfy seats because you will be lead onto the stage where a small selection of chairs has been set up. Then you should fasten your seatbelt because the ride is winding, funny, sad, and vigorous at times.




My only lament is the arrangement of the seating. If you’re not in the front row you’re not going to see the show. It reminds me of when we were small children in the car playing Corners. You leaned far left when the car swung a corner, then far right when the car turned again, your parents yelled “Stop that now, don’t make me turn this car around,” and we cried “Yes! Yes! Turn the car around again!” That’s what it’s like sitting in the rows of the audience, leaning this way and that trying to get any view at all of the actors.


But for what was seen it was certainly an entertaining show. The cast, with Director, Meg Ham, had three weeks to put this production together and you can see on their faces each one of them want to say, “Come look what we have to show you!” And it is impressive how the mood shifts from scene to scene. Each of these vignettes has a completely different aura to the last but the transition is seamless.


I’m always curious about these collaboration shows…who owns what? Is there a copyright to each line, each character’s twitch or little habit? When the cast performs the show does one of them beam inward just a little, knowing that was their line, that’s their little signature on the show? Or is it a soviet union of actors’ creations, all for one and one for all. Everyone owns a little piece of the play and everyone does a little bit of the work? You can never truly know unless you’re there, inside the messy process of creating something yourself.


Autobahn seems to be something like that, a hybrid of the two. It’s an invisible car crash of creations. It’s like looking at your side mirrors and not seeing the oncoming car, but seeing a little moment flash by.


When you spot one of these minimalist productions that try to breach a new idea don’t hesitate. Flick on your blinkers, turn into the parking lot and see the show.





Giveaway: Win a Double Pass to see Autobahn


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Thanks to the cool cats at Underground Productions, we are giving you the chance to see the opening night TONIGHT at the Schonell Theatre, St Lucia. Just comment below to let us know why you’re looking forward to a night out at the theatre TONIGHT!

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Underground Productions presents Autobahn
By Neil LaBute


Director: Meg Ham
Assistant Director: Danielle Carney


Autobahn is a series of short vignettes that all take place in the front seats of a car.  Through such a simple and free premise, playwright Neil LuBute explores seven scenarios of regular people in extraordinary circumstances.  From breakups to kidnappings to an escape from rehab, the situation is transformed again and again but the setting remains the same – showing us just how significant a short car ride can be, and taking us on a heartbreaking and exhilarating ride.


Director Meg Ham seized the opportunity to direct this QUEENSLAND PREMIERE after having been assistant director on Underground Productions’ previous work Bat Boy: The Musical, one of Underground’s biggest and most successful productions ever.  The simultaneously unique yet everyday setting of the piece coupled with LaBute’s bold, idiosyncratic dialogue attracted Meg from the first page.  I was drawn in by that concept of being confined and what conspires when two humans are trapped together; how we seize the opportunity to confront the other because they have nowhere to run.”


The cast includes a host of Underground veterans and some talented newcomers fresh off other theatrical projects – including winners of the Short+Sweet Queensland finals, and Meg is thrilled to have secured such a stellar group of young actors.  “The cast is incredible and are some of the hardest working performers I’ve ever had the pleasure or working with. They are thoughtful and honest to their characters and portray each story with a selflessness that you just don’t see very often.”


“I hope that you can love this show as much as we do. There is a chapter for everyone so come and share in these stories with us.”


Performance Dates:
Tuesday – October 1 at 7:30pm – OPENING NIGHT
Wednesday – October 2 at 7:30pm
Thursday – October 3 at 7:30pm
Friday – October 4 at 1:30pm – MATINEE
Friday – October 4 at 7:30pm – CLOSING NIGHT


After the performance on opening night, stick around for free food, drinks and a meet-and-greet with the cast, crew and members of Underground Productions.


The Schonell Theatre
The University of Queensland

St Lucia, 4067

Directions and parking info can be found at:


$15 for ADULTS / $12 for STUDENTS / $10 for UNDERGROUND MEMBERS or groups of 10+ Tickets available can be booked online:


Remaining tickets will be available at the door but bookings are highly recommended (booking online incurs a $1 fee per ticket).   Be sure you double check your bookings, as we cannot offer refunds.


For group bookings, please contact Xanthe at:



The story deals with heavy and mature themes.  The show also contains some strong language so we recommend that audience members be at least 15 years of age.
About Underground Productions:

Underground Productions is the University of Queensland’s resident theatre group.  It has been running (under different names) since the 1970s, with artists such as Geoffrey Rush and Bille Brown beginning their careers with the company.  Since its venue transition to the wonderful 440 seat Schonell Theatre in 2010, Underground has evolved to produce some of Brisbane’s finest theatre, whilst still maintaining its close-knit and fun-loving attitude.  Along with four mainhouse shows each year, Underground Productions provides opportunities for all things theatre, including drama workshops, backstage crew training, arts festivals, and an annual musical.  Underground also strives to showcase original works that the talented Brisbane community offers and provides a thorough sense of fun for both members and audiences alike.