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Poppy’s Perspective: Katie Noonan Songbook


Katie Noonan

With Special Guest Louise King

Flinders Performance Centre

Saturday 27th April 2013


Reviewed by Poppy Eponine



Louise King played her cello and it was beautiful. It was so beautiful that it nearly put me to sleep. I was already a little bit tired. The concert was at bedtime but I didn’t want to miss it. I didn’t know the cello music but I knew Katie’s music. I’ve heard it ever since I was born. I listen to it all the time and it’s the most popular one I’ve chosen in the car and at home. It’s Elixir, when Katie sings with Zac.


Louise was amazing to watch. She was ALWAYS SMILING!


Her hair was dressed up beautifully. It was glossy in the lights.


It was the first time I ever saw somebody playing the cello. It sounded beautiful because I’ve never heard it before.


Katie had shining hair in the lights too. She was ALWAYS SMILING TOO! I feel amazing when I listen to Katie’s music. I feel like a jungle person because sometimes I can hear a didgeridoo sound, like wood in the jungle. It’s funky! It makes me dance. It makes me smile. It makes me feel like I’m jumping – flying – on a trampoline. The words are fabulous. You can hear them very clearly and she sings so well. Katie is the best at singing her own songs because she made them up. She’s fabulous at her own music and if she can believe it, she can sing anything.


The chairs broke before Katie could even start singing and somebody fell off but they were okay, and Katie apologised to everybody even though it wasn’t her fault that the chairs broke, and she started singing. She was very calm and kind.


I liked the song with the kids, Heart’s a Mess. Katie said it was the best any kids had ever sung it with her. Mum wasn’t surprised because she knows the kids and the teachers at Matthew Flinders. Their teacher is Sally and she is excellent to teach them so well. It was my favourite song. It was groovy. I really liked how the kids could sing. Any kids can sing but these kids got to work with Katie. I’m nearly seven and I haven’t even gotten to work with Katie yet. It’s very special that they got to work with Katie. My cousin worked with Katie at her school too. Aren’t the kids lucky, to work with Katie?


Every album is fabulous. It sounds like she’s a princess when she sings.


It’s like she’s got a magic touch so all the vibrations always sound pretty, and never sound bad.


On Saturday night some music was putting me to sleep. Katie sings sleepy music AND fast music. The sleepy music is relaxing and I was sleeping and hearing it in my dreams. I curled up with my head on mummy’s foot and it was very comfy so I could sleep and listen at the same time.


I’m listening to it now (if I listen I can get more words out of me!), and I love it! It’s Elixir. On Saturday night I remember when she sang Tip of Memory and it was so beautiful I felt like I was flying. Mummy loved that one. And mummy’s favourite is always Breathe In Now. I’ve been listening to Breathe In Now since before I was born. Not everybody likes the same music but this is music I will never forget. IT WAS THE BEST!













Poppy Eponine is nearly seven and she knows what she’s talking about.









Emma Dean and Jake Diefenbach

Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts

Friday 5th October


Reviewed by Andy Clark


Geppetto Into the Woods

I was anxious about the launch of Geppetto’s EP at The Judy, as it fell at the end of a week where my favourite band had released their 6th album on Monday and I had the absolute pleasure of watching the greatest guitarist on earth perform in Brisbane on Wednesday.


But I had nothing to fear. Emma Dean and  Jake Deifenbach have been performing together for over 6 years. Their voices and musical styles are absolutely complimentary and blend together like the perfect doubles partnership at Wimbledon. Seated across the stage from each other, with Dan Hirsch drumming occasionally, like an experienced musical umpire, Emma & Jake fire shots at each other from their keyboards and lungs. Each shot is returned with precision and accuracy and the audience are the winners, lapping up each exchange as if it were Laver v Court on Centre Court.


Within Geppetto’s set there were plenty of songs that could match MUSE’s Olympic anthem for awesomeness and creativity, whilst Emma and Jake continued to swap positions from their grand piano and keyboard as each rally ended.


Despite no guitar in sight, Geppetto created an atmosphere which was as out of this world, as Joe Bonamassa’s guitars had created at QPAC’s Lyric Theatre two nights earlier.


The opening song and title track of the Into The Woods EP has intricate piano parts and Emma’s voice made me think of Kate Bush’s vocal genius. Emma is one of very few artists I have heard live who gets anywhere near the Goddess Ms Bush. The opening act Silver Sircus seemed to like performing songs by their Music GODs. Although their interpretation of Life on Mars was ok, their cover of Nick Cave’s Little Water Song lacked the depth and imagination of the version of this song on Triple J’s Like a Version 2 from 2006 on which Emma Dean played violin. If anyone is to attempt to cover Kate Bush I think they need to have an upper range to allow this. Emma could do this, but unfortunately Silver Sircus double faulted with their version of Kick Inside. I’ve been searching for over 30 years for a voice who can cover Kate Bush and I think Emma is in a very small group who can do this. Others include recent ARIA Winners, Florence & this year’s ARIA nominee glaring omission.


Geppetto performed some covers superbly.  Jake delivered a heartfelt version of Secret Love whilst the acapella version of Anthony and The Johnsons’ For Today I am a Boy as the first encore left the audience breathless.


Part way through the set Emma discussed how she is sometimes perplexed by why she continues to do what she does, whilst all around her many friends are getting married, buying houses and having babies. Two Geppetto song titles maybe reflect what Emma’s friends might encounter in that it is All Fun and Games to start with, but too often in 2012 it ends up being This is Where the Trouble Starts.


I hope Geppetto continue performing for years to come and Pinocchio can wait to be created.