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Sunshine Coast Theatre Alliance Inaugural Soiree

It happened! It happened last Saturday actually, and we’ve been flat out since then so here it is, a little late; a little wrap up of the Sunshine Coast Theatre Alliance’s Inaugural Season Launch and Soiree.

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The evening was a great success. Hailing the beginning of a new era in local theatre, invited guests and media were offered a sneak peak at what’s coming up on our Sunshine Coast stages at the Season Launch and Soiree, hosted by Rosanna Natoli of Seven Sunshine Coast News, at the Buderim Tavern. The event successfully brought together rival theatre groups from across the Sunshine Coast, for the first time since the defunct STA (STAR) Awards, to celebrate in style and to launch their 2012 season programs for an audience of media representatives and special guests, including Style Director for the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival, Zoe Champion and Members of Parliament, Fiona Simpson and Steve Dickson.

Rosanna Natoli, Sam Coward, Steve Dickson. Image by Anjie Greve.

Sam Coward, President of the Alliance, praised the initiative and hard work of the Alliance in “raising standards”, for hosting the Soiree and for continuously raising the profile of theatre as the first choice in local entertainment. Sam challenged members to get along to each other’s shows this year, which include Coolum Theatre Players’ Flying Feathers, Lind Lane’s A Bad Year For Tomatoes and That Scottish Play, Caloundra’s Sherlock Holmes and Noosa Arts Theatre’s production of David Williamson’s (George Negus speaks to David here) heartwarming play about a twilight love affair, Travelling North, directed by guest director, Steven Tandy (read Kate Foy’s fascinating interview with Steven here).

“Such is the magic of theatre where the audience witnesses the wonderful creative cocktail that has brought everyone together, to share their talents and wholly entertain,” said Sam.

In the past 12 months, some 50 productions have been staged by Alliance member groups, equating to more than 500 performances with attendances exceeding 50 000, equating to a conservative one million dollars being injected into the local economy. In return, the theatre companies are giving local and visiting audiences affordable entertainment; something for everyone, from musicals, dramas, comedies, one-act plays, pantomimes, workshops and the presentation of the finalists in two playwriting competitions.

Zoe Champion & Sam Coward. Image by Anjie Greve.

Zoe Champion, Style Director for the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival, deemed local actress, Marilyn Davies Best Dressed and “the epitome of elegance and style.” Marilyn was presented with tickets and limousine transfers to The Escapist’s award-winning production of boy girl wall, starring Helpman Award nominated Brisbane actor, Lucas Stibbard, at Nambour Civic Centre in June.

Marilyn Davies (Best Dressed) & Patricia Waterson. Image by Anjie Greve.

A great success and the beginning of a new era for Sunshine Coast theatre, the inaugural Sunshine Coast Theatre Alliance Soiree, brought together the theatre makers and theatre lovers of the Sunshine Coast, for an evening of celebration without the usual competition.

Carly Partridge & Alli Pope. Image by Anjie Greve.

Luke & Melissa Lanham. Image by Anjie Greve.

Susan Dearnley, Jennifer Rousset, Evie Somerville. Image by Ajie Greve.

Angel Goulter & Xanthe Coward. Image by Anjie Greve.

Taking mental notes for next year's event. Image by Anjie Greve.

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For further details about local productions month by month, pick up the Sunshine Coast Theatre Directory from a foyer, a café or a library near you or take a look at the website


Sunshine Coast Youth Theatre Festival: Adjudicator’s Comments

Adjudicator’s Comments

Adjudicator: Karen Crone

Junior Section

  • Fantastic work by some of these young performers, especially by those that had to play 2 roles
  • We could relate to Switch On/Switch Off (everybody has had a fight over the remote control)!
  • I loved the three girls dressed the same
  • I loved the grandmother
  • Feet first for multiple roles. Start with the shoes. Be as diligent offstage as you are onstage.
  • Grandma/nurse great non-verbal work.
  • Repair shop: nurse and repairman, he went into his monologue and the nurse wandered off. Pay attention to detail, exits and entrances (establish place)
  • Nobody Famous: Barry playing two roles, the arm in a cast, the Italian accent; helping to tell the story.
  • Phantasmal: great premise
  • Energy thru to the end of the lines. Just as when we sing a song, you must breathe there, there etc = phrasing. Same technique applies when you are presenting dialogue.
  • Taylor had beautiful comic timing but a little too quiet. If we can’t hear we can’t laugh.
  • Re balance of the stage: Each of the plays were well staged. Best place on stage is CS

Intermediate Section

  • Romanov. Just astounding. I was transported. I was actually taken back in time. This production should tour to Sydney and then nationally.
  • The detail with the costuming
  • Sisters worked as an ensemble
  • The direction almost seamless
  • The detail: footsteps and something falling takes you out of the play. Quiet backstage!
  • I was affected by the performances
  • Well-balanced ensemble, all supporting each other and all telling the story
  • I was impressed with those who were able to work non-verbally and with the slower pace of the older man (Nicholas)
  • Gossip: she wrote, directed and played Bella. Sometimes it’s good to take a step back from your work.
  • Interesting staging: at times it worked and at times it was clumsy.
  • I wanted to see more unison work
  • I was confused by the choice of an American accent. I needed justification for it.
  • Some of the voices – interesting choice of a mix of personalities but I wanted something to justify it in the text
  • I got a little lost with the story. Revisit the piece and break it down. Be in it or step outside of it.
  • Use of the red worked
  • It grew as we went along. Stronger towards the end of the piece.
  • Romeo and Juliet: used the auditorium to their advantage
  • Romeo and Juliet was fantastic, energy wonderful. Tristan was fantastic. His face was very alive. If I can feel it you can feel it but we’ve also got to see it.
  • Re pre-empting laughs: Find that line where you can control yourself. Be careful.
  • For the chaos of the piece there was a great control
  • Great sense of depth and fabric with the use of the AV
  • I loved the use of theatrical blacks on everyone and then each costume donned helped to tell the story.
  • Hannah (director) kept the hat gag going and did a mighty job of covering when the music didn’t come on. Fantastic. Thinking on her feet.
  • You must be so incredibly proud of the youth you have on the Sunshine Coast! Thank you!

Karen Crone & Elizabeth Mahoney

Jasmin Tuppack & Karen Crone

Playwright, Peta Beattie, Director, Robyn Ernst, Adjudicator, Karen Crone and (most of the) cast members of Romanov!


Sunshine Coast Youth Theatre Festival: Results


Karen Crone

  • Best play (intermediate) Romanov
  • Second Best play (intermediate) Romeo and Juliet
  • Best director (over 25) Robyn Ernst
  • Best director (under 25) Brandon Manday
  • Best unpublished play Peta Beattie: Romanov
  • Best actor Patrick Rykiert
  • Best supporting actor Tom Jermyn
  • Best actress Katherine Ernst
  • Best supporting actress Elizabeth Mahoney
  • Adjudicator’s award Ashleigh Cooper
  • Best play (junior) Phantasmal
  • Second best play (junior) Switch On/Switch Off
  • Best supporting actress Jasmine Tuppack
  • Best supporting actor Braydon Munroe
  • Best actress Jaida Wardie
  • Best actor Jaiden Velt

Certificates of Distinction were awarded to:

  • Jaziel Turpin
  • Billie Kugelman
  • Jyothika Pratap
  • Samantha Forte
  • Jasmin Tuppack
  • Taylor Russell
  • Travers Southwell

Karen Crone & Robyn Ernst (BYTE)

Peta Beattie (BYTE) & Karen Crone


sunshine coast theatre festival: results

Sunshine Coast Theatre Festival August 19-21 2011

Buderim Memorial Hall

Adjudicator: Karen Crone

The Donahue Sisters – Act 1 Theatre (Best Play, Best Director, Best Actor in a Drama – Female)

Vectura – Excalibur Theatre Company (Second Best Play, Best Supporting Actor Comedy – Female, Adjudicator’s Award)

Nothing – Noosa Arts Theatre (Third Best Play, Best Actor in a Comedy – Male)

God Goes To A Shrink – SAD Theatre (Best Unpublished Script, Best Actor in a Comedy – Female)

So! Where Is It?” – Random Acts (Best Actor in a Drama – Male)

Bar and Ger – BATS Theatre Company (Best Supporting Actor Drama – Male)

Mistress Macbeth – Dalby Players (Best Supporting Actor Drama – Female, Certificate of Distinction)

Punch – Golden Glove Productions (Best Supporting Actor Comedy – Male, Certificate of Distinction)

Not Forgotten – Brisbane Arts Theatre (Certificate of Distinction)

Death of An Anarchist – V1 (Certificate of Distinction)

Roulette – Hills Players (Certificate of Distinction)

A Game – Ipswich Little Theatre (Certificate of Distinction)

Into The Mist – Random Acts (Certificate of Distinction)

Mark Lucas (Adjudicator’s Award) & Excalibur debrief with Sunshine Coast Theatre Alliance President, Sam Coward
The festival continues with the youth section on Saturday September 3rd at Lind Lane Theatre, Nambour.

sunshine coast theatre festival: day 3 adjudicator’s comments


KPS Productions

  • very difficult topic. Intriguing that David wrote it, directed and performed in it. sometimes, what we need to do is to step back.
  • Re fals signals: Think very carefully about what you are doing non-verbally. What are you doing with your body?
  • Alarna – emotional in both plays but very different style of playing
  • Pitch, dynamics
  • Intrigued with what would happen with the dead body
  • When you play with two different roles…you had time to change your shoes…it changes the way you walk, the way you move through space (little details but that applies to everyone playing multiple roles. What can you do? Often, it can start with the way you walk).


  • Fantastic.
  • Re business: theatre business. You have to rehearse it. make something of it. make it into something.
  • Be careful of delivering lines upstage. Don’t do it too often. We need to see the dial. Very, very important.
  • Re exposition: like introducing an accent, allow time for the audience to “tune in”.  Reg and Dora could have used the stage more.
  • We learn our lines and we’re very proud of the fact that we know our lines and we just say it. we don’t actually really connect with what it is we’re saying. The comedy in miracles fell a little flat. Take the time. It’s really scary when you’re doing a comedy and you don’t get a laugh. I challenge the younger company to really think about what you’re saying.
  • Older characters, think about what you’re doing with your bodies.

Business. If you’re uncomfortable, we’re uncomfortable, if you’re anxious we’re anxious, if you’re enjoying it, we’re enjoying it. don’t pre-empt.

It’s interesting the amount of dead plays we’ve had! There’s something going on!

Sam: one of the things about live theatre is that things can and do go wrong… This company had a choice. They could come out with a script and have the part read but very bravely, this company has decided to attempt to go on without a script and with the support of the other two actors. So this is exciting! Director, Susan O’Toole will be appearing as Angela in Not Forgotten (Lucy Flook taken violently ill).

  • Amazing. Without a script. It’s one thing to be sitting out there and watching and directing a show. But when you’re actually in it… they listened to each other. Really, honestly listening to each other. Adrenalin – we could feel it. Drew listening and responding.
  • Heartbreaking story. We forgot about the fact…Susan became Angela…we got into the story. A real credit to them.
  • Table angled to see them better
  • Beautiful, statuesque woman entered and put her handbag on the ground. She made a particular point of straightening out the jacket and I thought it was an interesting choice to put the handbag on the ground
  • From the mother, I wanted to see more of the attitude to the place, to the cake, about everything around her, about Angela.
  • Nice offer made to the belly…
  • Dramas…maybe there’s been a typo. There’s something about a dark comedy. It teases you. The ensemble work – really working together as one – Joh Sayles, director of the Donohue sisters. Dominique seen by them but not by us (as per the script). Interesting choice. Great unison work.

The Game:

  • The build, use of repetition, then the destruction. Really interesting. Very intriguing.
  • Carter really strong and where I wanted everyone to be from the beginning
  • Re importance of warm up, not only with the body but also all of the articulators.

The Donohue Sisters

  • What an amazing story.
  • The staging of both fantastic. A little concern with the cloth floor (the game) – safety
  • Re door frame: door frame set DSP and the three gentlemen were placed behind the door frame. I was concerned the door frame was cutting them off.
  • You bring energy onto the stage – positive or negative – like when you enter a party
  • Wonderful relationship and a great idea but he (the boy) was not 100% comfortable. He did a great job.
  • Lewis: even when you’re playing pedestrian you still have to find the dynamic in the script
  • Wonderful performance by Dianne. A matriarch of the theatre (just like Babette Stevens). Even for someone so skilled, we still get taken sometimes by laughter. Be very careful – you can’t repeat yourself – so you’re best to hold. Comedy is literally a ride. The last element we put onto a show is our audience.
  • Support from Julie and Phillipa and men empathized with the nurse
  • Well produced and well staged
  • Acknowledgement of the production guys. We’re dealing with live theatre…
Beautiful storytelling today.

I’ve had a fantastic time!


sunshine coast theatre festival: Day 1 Adjudicator’s Comments

Adjudicator’s Comments – Karen Crone

Day 1: Friday August 19th

Session 1

A fantastic start to the festival. Very strong performances.

  • Be aware of the balance of the stage
  • We are like a picture in the frame (proscenium)
  • Re profile: we need to see the face
  • Re non-verbal: actors may feel it but we – the audience – have got to feel it
  • Each play was well-staged in terms of production value in the time allowed, set up and struck efficiently
  • Re the engagement of actors: acting is listening
  • Consider the notion of acting vs being
  • “I loved the idea of being God!” (God Goes to a Shrink)

Session 2

What an interesting second act!

  • Strong performances
  • The relationship between the two (Jacqui & Rainee) was strong
  • There was space between characters and relationships
  • When Beth (Rainee) broke through the 4th wall, her light could have been smaller
  • The use of props in the last two plays was exceptional
  • In The Bough Breaks, there was a lot to pack and most of it was played upstage. Consider where you have the suitcase
  • So! Where Is It? was really quite remarkable! It was an interesting read but I was looking forward to seeing it staged…
  • The stagecraft was really quite fantastic
  • The stage combat was amazing
  • Man 3 (Simon) showed us that acting is listening. He read his newspaper, he drank his coffee, he didn’t have too many words. At one stage, he was almost out of the picture, on the cross, eating the apple and I felt that perhaps he could have come in a bit
  • It had a real A Clockwork Orange feel to it
  • The china cup smashed and “I left the play and became a human worried for the human. A person concerned for a person.”
  • And the end! It was a pretty good pash, really!
  • Were you on the edge of your seats, like me?!
  • See you tomorrow!

N.B. I may or may not have paraphrased some comments. It was late.