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Woodford Folk Festival’s iWoodford app


iWoodford app

Available in iTunes

Launched December 1 2013


Reviewed by Xanthe Coward



I’m no techie but I love my apps! And one that looks pretty and proves super easy to use to help me get organised for our massive week at Woodford Folk Festival is a winner. Finally, after years of other developers making half-hearted attempts to build something, our awesome friends in Maleny decided to give it a shot and they’ve come up with a good looking, user-friendly, efficient app that means we can plan our entire week around The Mystery Bus shifts (yes, even Poppy has to work! She is meeting and greeting the artists this year), and not miss a thing.


I created My Program for our week at Woodford using iWoodford, developed by Kris Randall, Angel Goulter, Jule Rebeiro and Jimmy Halliday. I knew it would be good because these guys are old Woodfordians. Well, you know, they’re not THAT old, but they’ve certainly done their time at Woodford (Folk Festival!). These guys know Woodfordia well, and by sharing it via iWoodford, they’re hoping to make the whole experience easier.


It took me a little while to get to it though, because Poppy (seven years old) had to trial it and put her events in first. She browsed the Children’s Festival program and clicked “Add to My Program” without any tricky questions for me (phew!) – no worries. When she finally handed back the iPhone I re-read the artist bios for those who sounded unfamiliar and made sure I won’t miss Half Moon Run and Matt Corby by clicking “Add to My Program”. Now, Poppy and I are not able to save separate programs for this year but that’s okay because we’ll stick together at the Festival! Instead of stopping and having to flick through the book this year, Poppy will be able to tell me, “Check out My Program, Mum, so you know when to meet me at the Children’s Festival!”


The List of Artists and List of Venues provide details that are included in the printed program, and there’s a handy Shopping List on the Festival Shop page so I can make a note of the artists whose merch I want to take home with me. We’ve learned in the past to pick up our favourite CDs as soon as we see them…or we miss out!


Once we’re on site we can mark our campsite on the Woodfordia map (Mark Campsite), and then we can locate our campsite (Find Campsite). There’s a nifty Torch feature too, so we don’t trip over tent pegs and guy ropes in the night. We’ll see how it measures up to iTorch!


Within the map feature, we can click on a venue and bring up the details of the events. This is especially useful for Poppy, who can check out what’s happening in her favourite spaces, including the Big Ideas tent in the Children’s Festival. It’s just a brief blurb on each venue, which gives you an idea of what to add to your program from the venues or artists lists, or right underneath the blurb within each day’s program of events. While there are no food stalls marked on the map, you’ll find and remember your faves. We love the ice-cold rose slushies just up the road from our venue, run by Sunshine Reparatory Theatre (SRT) – That’s right! Believe the rumours!



It’s the last year of The Mystery Bus so come say HI!



If you haven’t been to Woodford Folk Festival before, the map won’t give you close-ups or direct you through the Festival site…yet! You’re going to have to get your bearings when you get there, and you will, very quickly. It’s a massive, big, busy village but it becomes familiar after the first hour or so on site.


With iWoodford at your fingertips you can get around without that big printed program in your bag, and with the confidence that you’re headed in the right direction at the right time to catch your favourite artists and workshops at Woodford Folk Festival, as well as a whole host of new entertainers and speakers you’ll be delighted to discover. Get the iWoodford app before you go and with it, get to do and see more at Woodfordia.



Download iWoodford in iTunes for just $2.99






Got feedback? The iWoodford app builders welcome all feedback! The best feedback will win but be quick because the comp closes tonight! Score a free season ticket to Woodford Folk Festival by providing your suggestion for next year’s app. Download NOW


The Mystery Bus 2011-2012

The Mystery Bus. 

You know as much as you’re supposed to. It’s a bus. And it’s a mystery.

If you’ve experienced the Mystery Bus, it’s quite likely that you’ve returned on more than one occasion and, on return visits, dragged friends and family members along with you. Sadly (luckily?) the Mystery Bus is not for children.

The MIB are not all bad

Despite the fact that we station scary Russian security guards out front (the infamous Men In Black – MIB –  the antithesis of the Woodford spirit and some of the most entertaining street theatre you’ll see) every year we get children aboard. Quite often they’ll claim to be with random hippie pseudo-parents or guardians in the queue and the adults often cooperate. When asked to confirm the relationship, they’ll LIE. I feel certain there are damaged children out there! Little kids in boardies and t-shirts and flip flops; wannabe Woodfordians who get up to all sorts of mischief because they’ve outgrown the Children’s Festival and haven’t yet grown into anything else. For these kids, there are Dippin’ Dots, Spaghetti Junction, Circadia, illegal busking after they’ve visited Circadia and the challenge of getting a seat on the Mystery Bus.

Dippin' Dots. Ice cream. Dots. Into which you dip.

I don’t mind telling you that the bus is stationary. It doesn’t go anywhere. You would have to be a magic mushroom munching hippie to assume otherwise. Oh, wait. Right. So the bus is stationary (except it’s moved each year, to a new, exciting spot, to be kept out of the way during the months of the year that the site is unused. We usually plan a special expedition to trek and find it before Boxing Day). On the bus, you are privy to an intimate live, acoustic set by a headline act from the festival line-up. The talent is unreal and artists of the likes of Mr Percival, Adem Scriven and Jesca Hoop return again and again. Amongst artist circles it’s one of the best gigs of the festival.It’s brief, it’s fun, it’s original and it’s in air conditioning!

Pre-show, there’s a show; this year it was an obscure all-female interpretive dance group (the Leggy Lesbians from Lithuania)


Okay, yeah, you got me. So it was a great backstory. It certainly got the punters in the door.

It’s gotta be one of the FUNNEST gigs of the festival. Every year the pre-show is different and we’ve got a doozy planned for next year!

There is just no stopping the evil genius of SRT’s Artistic Director, Simon Denver!

Bustles by

Swamp Thing

Nathan Kaye

See you on the bus next year, suckers!


Woodford Folk Festival 2011-2012

So many wonderful moments (and interestingly, some not-so-wonderful moments too) to describe! I’m not quite back into writing…was I ever fully immersed in it? No. Too many things. This year I will make a concerted effort to write more often. I might even try to be A Writer. In the meantime, Poppy and I are off to Mary Poppins tonight and James and the Giant Peach tomorrow night, both of which I’ll write about. I’ll leave you for now with some beautiful images from Woodfordia, put together by browndog with music by Tibet2Timbuk2


Woodford 2011-12 from browndog on Vimeo.


If you missed the magic of Woodford this year – its music, its Mystery Bus, its amazing food, its incredible people and its beautiful weather – make sure you book early to go in 2012-2013. It truly is one of those life-changing experiences and you will LOVE it.

Next post: The Mystery Bus




Woodford Folk Festival 2011

We’ve had a big year!

We’ve had a lovely Christmas and we hope you have had too!


We’re off to Woodfordia!

You’ll find us on The Mystery Bus in the Hope Island Precinct.

I’m not at liberty to tell you more but it’s safe to say that this gig is a Woodford Folk Festival institution.

This year, for the first time, you can catch LACTATE‘s show!

It’s crazy. It’s fun. It’s a bus. And it’s a mystery. Make sure you don’t miss it!

I’ll try to blog in between gigs! In the meantime, you can follow our updates on Twitter