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Dancer Auditions



Expressions Dance Company (EDC) is now seeking expressions of interest from male and female dancers wishing to be considered for an audition for a professional position in the company. The company is seeking to fill 1 male and 1 female position from the start of 2018.



EDC, led by artistic director Natalie Weir, is an award-winning Queensland contemporary dance company with an ensemble of 6-8 dancers. Previous Natalie Weir productions include Behind Closed DoorsWhen Time Stops7 Deadly SinsCarmen Sweet, R&J and where the heart is. Weir’s signature choreographic style requires strong ability in partner work and character interpretation.

Weir says, “We’re like a close-knit family here at EDC, not just the dancers but also the office staff. We have an environment of total support and passion for what we do.

Being an EDC dancer is all about collaboration. Not just because we often work alongside amazing musicians and other arts companies, but because I like to embrace the creativity and artistry in every individual when making new work. Each dancer brings something unique to the ensemble, which is so inspiring as a choreographer. So with every new addition, the company grows and evolves. It’s like a living, organic thing.”

EDC is seeking dancers with a solid understanding of contemporary and classical partner-work and the relevant strength to meet the demands the company’s repertoire. Tertiary training or equivalent vocational training is a pre-requisite. They are looking for dancers with professional industry experience who have strong contemporary and classical technique as well as a range of creative skills including improvisation, task work, ability to explore character, convey emotion and develop/sustain expressive movement qualities.


“I am looking for dancers who have generosity of spirit and flexibility in both body and mind.”

Natalie Weir, AD EDC


Applicants should have strong communication skills and the ability to work effectively in a team environment. EDC values flexibility in body and mind, ability to apply various movement techniques, openness in collaborating and generosity.


Register your expression of interest online by 8 September 2017.


Successful applicants will be notified via email by 20 September 2017 and invited to attend the audition in Brisbane on Wednesday 27 September at your own expense.



Machina – a chat with actor Peter Rasmussen


A chat with Actor, Peter Rasmussen…


Peter Rasmussen. Image by Nick Morrisey.


Peter, tell us about your role in Richard Jordan’s new play, Machina.

Adam is a social media addict and works in the Machina corporation. He revels in the fun and superficial side of life but this hides a deeper insecurity. He is someone who has been deeply misunderstood and has great difficulty creating meaningful relationships. It’s been fascinating exploring his need to connect with someone who means something to him. He also holds a dark secret about David.


Did you audition for Director, Catarina Hebbard? How did you prepare for your audition? Did you have to post a pic to Instagram and tweet your interest in the role? Just kidding. But not really.


I did audition. I haven’t auditioned in about seven years. Even though I knew most of the people involved it was still scary. My preparation was to discover that main objective of my character and find myself inside it, if that makes sense. Yes, I did Instagram during the Audition. Just kidding. But not really.


Can you talk about preparing for the role and what the rehearsal process has been like?

It’s been a challenging process for me but made so much easier by having wonderful people to work with. Richard Jordan’s script is brilliant. Catarina Hebbard creates a wonderful environment to work in. The rest of the cast are fun, open and very hard working.

A lot of the work has been to find how this world works and the fact that no character ever leaves the stage. Although people enter and exit scenes their story continues.

Above all, it’s been a pleasure to be working.


How do you learn lines?


Unfortunately, I’m not one of those people who read a script and have it down straight away. I’ve been experimenting with visual techniques of linking images which has been working well. Also, if you know why you are saying something and really understand the script, you can get to a place where saying the next line becomes an inevitable response to the previous line. Most of all, I try and make it fun and exciting for myself, then I remember.


What do you look for in the other characters to help you construct your character?

Back in my uni days I was taught to go through the script and see what all the other characters say about your character.

Once we get up on the floor it’s great to experiment with different things, while working with the other actors.


How important are relationships on stage? Do you have some hot tips for connecting with other actors?

Listen. Really listen. I know if I let my concentration wander off the other actor, I lose what I’m doing. It’s awful to watch two actors saying lines near each other, without caring what is happening in the other actors. That being said it’s a very hard thing to do. I like to try and get a reaction from the other actors on every line. Provided each action serves the story, this works for me.


What else do you teach when you work with actors?

I presume you are talking about my acting classes. I teach acting on Monday and Wednesday evenings at Griffith University Film. It’s been wonderful to teach talented Brisbane actors for the last 2 years. I love to see revisiting performances and we have been coming up with same amazing stuff in class. For anyone who is interested please visit my website.


How do you feel about the Australian theatre scene at the moment? How is our film and television industry looking?


I am always excited by the amazing talent of Australian Theatre makers and the film and TV industry. I’m excited that people in Brisbane are embracing the arts in a big way. There seems to be more happening that ever before.


How versatile do our actors need to be and how do they find good training and good representation?

Actors always need to have a good range. Now, by good range, I mean be able to see and live inside many situations. Actors who do one well will be limited. For instance, actors who get on our soaps either learn how to expand their range and go onto international careers or get stuck in one thing, leave after three years and have no career. We must always expand and grow what we do in order to fit with the unpredictable nature of what roles become available. I highly recommend training in order to stay strong as an actor.


As an actor, how important is a public online profile? Should actors be tweeting more often? Which is your favourite social media platform for actors?

As far as I can see, social media is for actors to connect with other people in Film and TV and Theatre generally for unpaid gigs. In terms of higher end things the old systems of Agents and Casting Directors is the major way people get paid work.

I tend to be on Facebook but I understand this is pretty old hat now. I have a twitter account and Instagram is still something I haven’t tried.


Do you think we’re less social in real life than we have been in the past? How important are real life connections? Are we missing networking opportunities offline?

As a person approaching 40 I find social networking helps me stay in touch with the people I care about. We can arrange to catch up more easily than ever before. I don’t think I see any less of the people I care about because of social media. Sometimes, I feel the opposite.


If I want to hide people have about 10 different ways they can send me a message and that doesn’t include knocking on my door and saying hi. It can be trickier to have that alone time.


Machina runs May 8 – 24 2014 at The Loft for La Boite Indie.


Peter Rasmussen. Image by Nick Morrisey.





Sunshine Coast Arts Friday March 14


SCD Arts Friday March 14 2014



“You can wear red for Daniel any day, Mum. You don’t have to wait until October.”  – Poppy Eponine


Xanthe Coward




Awards season is drawing to a close and whether or not there’s a trophy to show for it, the best reward for a performer is still the applause at the end of a show and the relationships formed during the process.


Noosa Arts Theatre’s latest production, Minefields and Miniskirts, is a surprisingly moving example of the impact on artists and audiences of a carefully considered text, which is gently, lovingly interlaced with imagery, sound and lighting to tell the most horrific (and, at times, tender) of stories. Director, Jenni McCaul, and a talented cast of five (+ Jo Hendrie on vocals and guitar) have worked some magic to bring us a timely piece of historical and emotional truth from the hearts of real women who felt the full impact of the Vietnam War. I blinked back tears on more than one occasion. Clearly, the women have bonded during the creative process – there is a tangible connection between them – and unfortunately, not all of you will get to experience it. It’s a very short season in a very lovely and very intimate theatre, and if you think it might be just(ice) what you need in the coming week, you’d better book because once word gets out after opening night tonight, this show will be a sell out!



Minefields and Miniskirts is the most unassuming, quietly powerful production you’ll see on the Sunshine Coast this year.



The Sunshine Coast Theatre Alliance is a rapidly growing community of theatre makers and theatre lovers, and with the Sunshine Coast Theatre Festival coming up in August, the committee is now busy planning for a whole week of events, including forums and workshops, as well as staging their own productions for the enjoyment of artists and audiences. If you’ve never been involved in the theatre now is the perfect time to check out the local scene. With plenty of shows going on each month there is literally something for everyone at the moment! For production and audition information check out and for enquiries email


Minefields and Miniskirts

Through song and intimate storytelling, Minefields and Miniskirts shares the memories of the women affected by the Vietnam War. Featuring iconic songs from the era, these are the voices of the ordinary women who were actually there. Find out how they survived and what they believed in. Directed by Jenni McCaul and features Kitten Styler, Julia Verburgt, Sharon Grimley, Tania Nash, Jannine Ritchie and Jo Hendrie. Noosa Arts Theatre March 14, 15, 20, 21 & 22 at 7:30pm. Matinees March 16 at 2pm and March 22 at 1pm. Bookings or call 5449 9343




Accidental Death of an Anarchist

A chaotic black comedy preceded by an Italian street festival has taken over the Student Guild (uni club) at USC. Performing Arts Kollective (PAK), directed by Peta Beattie, presents Dario Fo’s Accidental Death of an Anarchist for one more weekend. USC Student Guild March 14 & 15 at 7:30pm and March 16 at 6:30pm. The Be Italian Festival starts an hour before show time. Bookings




Motherhood Out Loud


A contemporary comedy comprising 20 entertaining vignettes, Motherhood Out Loud shares the sincerity and brutal honesty of true stories by several writers. Directed by Jacqui Mata Luque and featuring Susie Pritchard, Wendy Silvester, Alice Rea, Naomi Clasholm, Debbie Pitura and more. Buderim Memorial Hall March 14, 15, 21 & 22 at 8pm and March 16 & 22 at 2pm. Bookings or call 5445 2515


A Little Night of Music – Songs From the Silver Screen


Rarely do we see this calibre of talent on a Sunshine Coast stage but for one night only we welcome some of Australia’s top musical theatre stars to Flinders Performance Centre (March 21) at 7:30pm. Local dancers from Fierce Studios will join hosts, Todd and Sami from Hot91FM, and a line up that stars Patrice Tipoki (Fantine in the upcoming professional touring production of Les Miserables), Simon Gleeson (Valjean in the upcoming professional touring production of Les Miserables), Amanda Harrison (Wicked), Chelsea Gibb (Chicago), Mark Vincent (Australia’ Got Talent) and Laura Tipoki (Associate Musical Director at Wicked).  All proceeds go to MontroseAccess, supporting children with disability. Bookings To get a special price for Sunshine Coast Theatre Alliance members and students email








Chelsea Gibb_B&W

Patrice Tipoki_B&W


Four Weddings and an Elvis


Share in the hilarity of the most memorable matrimonies witnessed by Sandy, a four-times-married-three-times-divorced wedding chapel owner. FourWeddings and an Elvis is a heart-warming comedy featuring Coolum Theatre Players’ Jennifer Rousset, Wendy McDermott, Richard Kent, Marilyn Davies and more. Book a table of 8 and BYO nibbles and drinks at Coolum Civic Centre March 21, 22, 28 & 29 at 7:30pm. Matinees March 23 & 30 at 2pm. Bookings


Date Claimer – Songs From the Tavern


Songs From the Tavern brings together local talent and friends for a fundraiser for Joan Benson, local arts identity and staunch supporter of Sunshine Coast performing arts. Enjoy a night of music, dance, drama, comedy and more at Maleny Community Centre April 4 & 5 at 8pm. Bookings 5494 2841




BATS will hold auditions for Drifting, winner of the Edythe Brook Cooper 2014 Playwriting Competition on Monday March 17 at 7.30 pm at Buderim War Memorial Hall. Written by Jo Denver, Directed by John McMahon. Each year, members of the Rossi/Sullivan family get together for the Christmas break. This year a new life joins the family, and a much loved member, Enid, slips further into Alzheimers. For details or to book an audition email


In the Heights


USC Performing Arts Kollective (PAK) will hold auditions for award winning Broadway musical, In the Heights, on Tuesday March 18 at the yoga room at USC Sports Stadium. For details or to book your audition email


Sweet Fanny Adams


Directed by Errol Morrison, Sweet Fanny Adams tells the tales of rivalry between the infamous Kitty Divine and Fanny Adams, brothel owners in 1930s Sydney. Not as dark as you might think, this is a musical comedy and a whole lot of fun to perform. Auditions at Studio 2 Dance academy, Rigby Street, Nambour March 27 & 31 at 7pm. For details or to book your audition email or call 0412 396 373


Jerry’s Girls


Celebrating the music and lyrics of award winning Broadway composer, Jerry Herman. Information night at Noosa Arts Theatre March 26 at 7:30pm. Auditions at Noosa Arts Theatre April 2 at 7:30pm (soloists) and April 6 at 10am (ensemble). For details or to book an audition call 5449 9343


Sweet Charity

Charity Hope longs for love but has bad luck with men in this light-hearted musical comedy. Auditions Coolum Civic Centre April 7 at 7:30pm & April 9 at 7pm. For details or to book an audition call Director, Linda Gefken 0402 414 637




Sunshine Coast Arts Friday March 7



SCD Arts Friday March 7 2014


Xanthe Coward


Patrice Tipoki_colour

Sunshine Coast to host top musical theatre talent


Never before has the Sunshine Coast seen so many of Australia’s best musical theatre stars together on the same local stage. This year, after a sell-out show in 2013, A Little Night of Music returns for one night only, at Flinders Performance Centre in Buderim on Friday March 21. Hosted by Hot91FM’s Todd and Sami, A Little Night of Music features Patrice Tipoki (Fantine in the upcoming professional touring production of Les Miserables), Simon Gleeson (Valjean in the upcoming professional touring production of Les Miserables), Amanda Harrison (Wicked, An Officer and a Gentleman), Chelsea Gibb (Chicago) and Mark Vincent (Australia’s Got Talent). Joined on stage by our favourite local talent, don’t miss a spectacular evening of the very best songs from the silver screen. With all proceeds going to MontroseAccess, supporting children with disabilities, this is a must-do very special event.


Special prices for student groups and Sunshine Coast Theatre Alliance members (email



Sunshine Coast Theatre Alliance AGM

After three years in the position, President of the Sunshine Coast Theatre Alliance, XS Entertainment’s Sam Coward, was re-elected this week in a unanimous move to continue bringing new groups to the Alliance and new audiences to local theatres. Stephen Moore was elected Vice President, Julie Marshall Treasurer and Samantha Fazldeen Secretary. The Alliance welcomes new members and supports pursuits in the performing arts for fun and for industry. Details


Winning Playwrights National One-Act Playwriting Competition

Congratulations to the finalists of the 2014 Noosa Arts Theatre National One-Act Playwriting Competition, Frank Wilkie for his play, The Devil’s Dance, Michelle McCormick from Western Australia for The Invitation, and Michiko Beatrice Lee Parnell from Western Australia for Instructions For Two or More Players. This is Noosa Councillor Frank Wilkie’s second time as a Finalist. No surprises there, as Wilkie’s wonderful theatrical work has been entertaining us for years. The three one-act plays will be staged in July at Noosa Arts Theatre, with two special performances included in the Noosa Long Weekend Festival program. Details and


NT Live War Horse

Have you ever experienced the life-sized puppets of South Africa’s Handspring Puppet Company, who bring breathing, galloping, charging horses to thrilling life on stage? See the only Sunshine Coast screenings of the National Theatre’s acclaimed production of Michael Monpurgo’s novel War Horse adapted for the stage by Nich Stafford, at Noosa Arts Theatre today at 1pm & 7:30pm, Sunday at 6:30pm and Monday at 10am. Bookings or call 5449 9343


Accidental Death of an Anarchist

PAK presents Dario Fo’s hilarious slapstick comedy, which allows its characters to rollick into spectacular absurdity whilst the status quo tumbles into mayhem, and profound political discontent. An evocative and highly entertaining production preceded by Italian themed entertainment and food festival next to the University club. Bookings




Minefields and Miniskirts

The true stories of women who experienced the Vietnam War are poignant and funny. After all, no bomb ever killed the Australian sense of humour! Featuring iconic songs of the era and local talent including Jo Hendrie, Sharon Grimley, Julia Verburgt, Kitten Styler, Tania Nash and Jannine Ritchie, Minefields and Miniskirts is full of surprises. These are ordinary women revealing the extraordinary ways they survived a war. Noosa Arts Theatre March 14, 15, 20,21 & 22 at 7:30pm, March 16 at 2pm and March 22 at 1pm. Bookings or call 5449 9343




Motherhood Out Loud

A contemporary collection of personal truths and funny commentary about the small successes and pitfalls of parenthood, Motherhood Out Loud will make you go home and thank your mother! Featuring Susie Pritchard, Debbie Pitura, Cathy Quinn, Wendy Silvester, Matt Nisbet and more. Buderim Memorial Hall March 14, 15, 21 & 22 at 8pm and March 16 & 22 at 2pm. Bookings or call 5445 2515


Four Weddings and an Elvis

Sandy, the four-times-married-three-times-divorced owner of a wedding chapel in Las Vegas, has certainly seen her fair share of matrimonies!  In this hilarious and heart-warming romantic comedy, we witness three of her most memorable:  Bev and Stan, who are getting married as revenge on their exes;   Vanessa and Bryce, two arrogant, aging stars who are tying the knot as a publicity ploy;  and Martin and Fiona, a gentle postal-worker and a tough ex-con who couldn’t be more in love!  However, the final wedding is the most touching of all! Coolum Civic Centre Friday March 21, 22, 28 & 29 at 7.30pm and March 23 & 30 at 2pm. Cabaret seating (tables of 8). BYO Nibbles & Drinks. Bookings or 07 5446 2500



PAK presents the Queensland premiere of In The Heights for an August season. Auditions Monday March 18 at the Yoga Room USC Stadium from 10am (musicians) and Tuesday March 11 from 10am (actors, singers, dancers). PAK productions are open to all USC staff and students. For details email




Jordan Russell reporting from NYC

That’s right! Our very own Jordi Russell (Maria in West Side Story and Sarah Brown in Guys and Dolls), a graduate of Matthew Flinders Anglican College, took off  to NYC last week and reports here on her experiences auditioning for four tertiary arts courses.


Each university had specific audition requirements for what I needed to prepare. These were very specific, especially for the classical auditions.
For the first two (Musical Theatre) auditions at AMDA (American Musical and Dramatic Academy) and PACE University I sang cuts from the songs Till There Was You from The Music Man, by Meredith Wilson and I’m Not Afraid of Anything from Songs For a New World by Jason Robert Brown. The monologues I chose for the AMDA audition were Debbie from Love and Money by Dennis Kelly – this monologue was quite full on with a fair bit of swearing and risque content but at the end the panel said they really liked it as it was so contrasting to the songs! They also said, “This is New York – nothing is too risqué!” so that was great!
The monologue I had chosen to do at PACE was Harper from Angels in America by Tony Kushner, but unfortunately due to time restraints, no one was able to perform their monologues. That one is yet to be performed…
My third and fourth auditions were for a Bachelor of Music in Classical Voice. I auditioned at Mannes College – The New School For Music and at the Manhattan School of Music.  For both these auditions I had prepared 4 songs but in the auditions I only performed two of them. The first song was selected by me and for both auditions I chose to sing Mit Einem Gemalten Band by Beethoven. The second song was selected by the audition panel.  One of my repertoire options is written by an American Composer called The Crucifixion and is quite a new piece for me – so I was hoping it wouldn’t be chosen – but of course it was! The song is called The Crucifixion, composed by Samuel Barber. Despite not being overly familiar with the piece, I was quite happy with how it turned out.
There were different time frames around the preparation of each audition piece. I have been singing some of my classical pieces for over a year, others for only a month or two. While this was the case, I definitely felt very prepared going into each audition, having researched the Universities, the courses on offer, the teaching staff, the location, the background information on my music, the composers, the shows the music is from, the plays of the monologues, and the characters I play in the monologues and songs. I used 5 months to prepare for auditions, from the time I started the first application to the end of my final audition so I have had time to do the research! It was really a great relief to have completed all the aspects of my applications to each of the universities. I now have the fun task of waiting around to be told my fate… will I get in?! I should hear back from each of the universities by the first of April.

During this waiting time, I am living in a shared apartment in Brooklyn with some other international students. I am volunteering with
ASTEP (Actors Striving to End Poverty), which is a wonderful organisation connecting performing and visual artists with underserved youth in the U.S. and around the world to awaken their imaginations, foster critical thinking, and help them break the cycle of poverty. I will initially volunteering through the administration side of things, eventually moving into doing more hands on volunteering. The people involved at the New York office are so lovely and I’m really looking forward to working with them!
Newsies. Well, I’m not sure if its coming to Aus, but if it’s not it should be! It is such an incredible show – from the outstanding choreography, to the impressive set, and beautiful storyline. It is such an ensemble show with outstanding leads that don’t steal all the spotlight (a bit like when we did West Side Story at Noosa Arts Theatre; a really strong cast all round). It has moved up my list to being one of my favourite shows. I am already trying to find a day to see it again!
The fashion here is really quite exciting! There are all sorts of things on people here. Yesterday, I saw a lady walking around in 2 degree weather with stockings and THONGS!!! Bit too crazy for me…! There have been old ladies in bright blue fur coats, and other fashionistas covered in labels from head to toe! I saw a guy wearing leopard print tights, fur coat and high heel boots – that was certainly a highlight! Just one day on the town means you can truly see everything that fashion has to offer.
I’m not much of a bagel person… so I personally haven’t found NYC’s best bagel BUT I did find a charming little coffee shop near where I am living in Brooklyn called the Breukelen Coffee House. It has great coffee, and outgoing staff and a real urban feel. Last night I walked past and they were having an open mic night, and they invited me to come along to their Jam Night next week (with my trumpet) so that should be fun!
Yesterday the weather finally started to warm up… from highs of 2 degrees. Yesterday went as high as 13 degrees and I was wearing way too many layers so I could almost say, “Yesterday was uncomfortably HOT!” Ah, such a contradiction to the weather in Aus right now hey?!

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