Sugar Sugar

Sugar Sugar

Anywhere Festival & Candy Shop Show Australia

Retro Bar, Kenmore

11-21 May 2016

Reviewed by Jackson Kellaway


Sugar Sugar was my last show to see during the Anywhere Festival and what a good one to end on. I decided to take my mum with me to this show. She enjoyed it because she lived through most of the eras that the girl group took us through. I last saw the girls from Candy Shop Show at last year’s Anywhere Festival. Last year they took us through the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s so I was pleased to know that this year they continued on that journey.

The show was held at the Retro Bar, Kenmore, which is a really funky space. It is a nice atmosphere with a wall lined with couches and the floor scattered with small chairs. A fully stocked bar featured specially designed cocktails named after each of the girls; Miss Peppermint Twist (Maureen Bowra), Miss Skittle (Jenny Usher), Miss Starburst (Anna Welch) and Miss Everlasting Gobstopper (Natalie Renouf).

The four girls represented each of the decades; 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. The stunning girls started the show with a variety of songs and short dance sequences which were well put together including my new favourite song Liquid Lunch. Then each of the sweethearts spoke about their chosen decade. These were broken up with short intervals for audience members to top up their drinks or order some finger food from the bar.

The 90-minute show was very entertaining and I am impressed with the talent. The harmonies were beautiful, the costumes were colourful and precise, and the dances were high energy! The show was enhanced by the projection on the back wall that was used to show certain music videos throughout.

My favourite number was The Rich Man’s Frug which is a Bob Fosse creation. The ladies did an amazing job technically bringing this Frug to life. If you know the Frug or you’ve done any Fosse choreography, you know how difficult it can be and how much stamina is needed. It is clear these ladies have put a lot of time and energy into this show and it is inspirational for me as a performer to see the quality of performances that are popping up during this festival.

I look forward to seeing what Candy Shop Show Australia will do in the future, especially if they are a part of Anywhere Festival 2017. 


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