I Love A Sunburnt C*ntry


I Love A Sunburnt C*ntry

Anywhere Festival & Foxy Morons

Hotel LA, Petrie Terrace

11-20 May 2015


Reviewed by Jackson Kellaway




Well, the 5th show of the festival and I feel like a seasoned professional. It has been an amazing week.  I Love A Sunburnt C*ntry was very entertaining, and going off the title I’d guessed it was going to be quite rude and it definitely didn’t disappoint. When I arrived I could spot the Foxy Morons immediately because they were dressed as flight attendants getting ready to “take us on a tour of the land down under and maybe some of Australia too”. Phrases like this one riddled the entire show, which made it all the more entertaining.

The Foxy Morons, Shazza and Jaimee-lee, were our tour guides for the evening and gave us all the lowdown on what it means to be Australian. During the evening there were mentions of certain political figures, many native creatures and even a shout out to Mark Holden who was a definite blast from the past for me.

As far as Anywhere Festival performances go, this was certainly one right up my alley, any show including profanity, alcohol and quick costume changes is going to be a favourite. The ticket price also includes a pub meal, which is even better! The girls referred to a TV screen throughout that was on the wall opposite to me which at times was hard to see and occasionally the tech guy was a bit slow on the clicker but he was fired before the end of the show so that’s okay. A small interval broke up the show which allowed for people to go grab a drink and one for the two performers as well, promoted frequently throughout the show. You also had the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets for your chance to win a prize, which I know for certain included a bottle or two of wine, of course!

Shazza and Jaimee-lee were a very tight knit duo throughout the show. Whether it was their fantastic harmonies or their synchronised dance moves, everything was very rehearsed. The pair improvised well and they bounced off each other creating a fast pace for the entire performance. Almost so fast that some of the Australian colloquialisms were hard to catch or by the time you had processed it they had moved on and had said 5 more hilarious one-liners since.

I can definitely see this show being very successful if they choose to perform it again, and I look forward to seeing what other creations the Foxy Morons come up with.





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