Australia’s Got Talent and Jan van de Stool’s On It!


Jan van de Stool, International Musical Therapist, has asked me to share this exciting message with all of her wonderful ‘Fan de Stools’ here.

Tune in TONIGHT to Channel 9 at 8pm in Queensland (or at 7pm in a daylight saving state) for Australia’s Got Talent and see Jan van de Stool do that thing she does best! #dreamshavenousebydate

TONIGHT a dream will be coming true for Pieter (my husband and cousin) and I – when I will finally be on the television on the tv program – Australia’s Got Talent.

Pieter and I (and Helen of course) have, for so many years, been trying to spread my healing messages and expert criticisms to as many people as we could get to listen at my workshops in Woy Woy, and I’m proud to say we have literally helped tens of people there. But hopefully on Australia’s Got Talent we can help hundreds.
If you want to keep up to date with all the news – then make sure that you follow me on Social Medias – which Helen has got me on now. I am Twitting, and doing some Grams on the Insta, I’m also on The FaceBook and have little videos on The Tube of You. Here are the links so you can find me on those places and be my ‘friend’ (that’s not a real friend, like we are not going to have coffee and things, it’s just a word for being connected on the Social Medias):
And to give you an idea of what it is going to be like – click here to watch the advertisement that is on the television to promote it (for some reason they call me the next great Australian comedian, instead of musical therapist, which I’m very confused about, but maybe it will make sense on Sunday).
And please spread it around to your people – there are lots of people who would like it such as:
People who like Musicals
People who like Cabarets
Singing Teachers
People who like Self-Help
Dutch People
People who like comedy
Old People
Young People

If you help me spread it around, more people will watch me on Australia’s Got Talent and I will then be able to help more Australian’s feel good about themselves with expert self-help teachings and singing tips. So it’s charity really.

Jan van de Stool
International Musical Therapist
Munudji Scout Hall, Woy Woy
Jan AGT Housewife Promo

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