Matilda Awards 2014


Matilda Awards 2014

Monday March 9 2015




So I just posted this year’s noms (#matildas15) and noticed this DRAFT. FROM THE MATILDA AWARDS LAST YEAR. SORRY ABOUT THAT. Interesting to see so many of the same issues coming up every year, right throughout the year… some of the conversations have been happening here.


Working on GAYBIES gave me the perfect opportunity recently to engage face to face with industry friends who all had excellent observations and valuable feedback to offer. I spoke with Margi Brown Ash specifically about the industry forum I’ve mentioned below and it’s time to make that happen.


2014 was my first year on the committee and I had the same questions that many friends had, about how the awards could continue to evolve and serve the industry. Well, we’re listening to feedback and we’re evolving! These were my thoughts after the 2014 awards evening took place last year…



Ah, the Matilda Awards. I’ve written before about the conflicting feelings I have for arts awards, and I had a heap of soul work to do before I accepted the invitation to join the committee. I finally figured I see SO MUCH good work that I see no reason for that to go unrecognised. Still, there are questions and the committee welcomes feedback. In fact, having chatted with many delegates and industry peeps at Drama Queensland’s state conference on the weekend, I already have a good idea of some of the notions that now need to go to the committee. Have you got thoughts or comments about the awards?




I propose the evening take place SOON and be facilitated by Dan Evans or Lucas Stibbard or Margi Brown Ash or Katherine Lyall Watson, and the opportunity given to whomever feels the need to speak. In the meantime, feel free to COMMENT BELOW OR ON THE MATILDA AWARDS FACEBOOK PAGE OR EMAIL ME xanthe@xsentertainment.com.au


The Gardens Theatre, for the first time in 27 years, was filled to capacity on Monday March 9 with 450 theatre makers and theatre lovers in attendance. In addition to the the nominees, their families, fans and friends, we welcomed Queensland Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, and Krista Adams, Jackie Trad, Matt Foley, Ian Walker, and the amazing and inspiring Wayne Blair.




To be eligible, theatre workers have to have made, in the judges’ opinion, a commitment to the State, for example, by either beginning their careers or living and working mainly here, or by having a strong identification with Queensland. This means that interstate actors who come here for one production are not eligible, nor are touring productions that do not originate in Queensland.


The Matilda Awards are considered on a par with the Sydney Critics’ Awards and Victoria’s Green Room Awards, and given their importance, it is essential that their profile keeps growing, not only within the state but also nationally.


Originally decided solely by professional theatre critics, the award nominees and winners are now selected by a slightly enlarged group that includes reviewers, commentators and theatre professionals but not the general public.


Reflecting the local industry’s professional diversification, in addition to plays, the committee now considers specific musical and physical theatre forms, which have been added as Silver Matilda commendation categories from 2013. However, opera and dance are not included.




There are five premium Matilda Awards, represented by gold trophies. A Gold Matilda is awarded for outstanding work in any area of the professional theatre industry, which also includes independent productions. These awards may be for a single work in the preceding year or for a body of work.


In addition to the five Gold Matildas, there are 12 Silver Matilda Award categories:


  • Best Mainstage Production
  • Best Independent Production
  • Best Direction
  • Best Male Actor in a leading role
  • Best Female Actor in a leading role
  • Best Female Actor in a supporting role
  • Best Male Actor in a supporting role
  • Best New Australian Work
  • Best Emerging Artist
  • Best Design (set or costume)
  • Best Technical Design (lighting, multimedia or sound)
  • Best Musical Theatre Production (including musicals and cabaret)


There is no minimum number of eligible nominees for an award to be made in any category. However, the judges also reserve the right to forego a particular category if they deem there are insufficient eligible nominees of merit in that year.


Receiving a Silver Matilda commendation does not disqualify a theatre worker from also receiving a Gold Matilda in that same year.

The judges compile a comprehensive list of all the productions that are eligible for that year.


For a practitioner to be nominated for work on an individual production, that production first must comply with the following guidelines:


  • the production was either a fully professional production – pro-am, community and student works are not eligible
  • international and national touring productions are not eligible
  • the work must have been seen by at least half the judges.


If there is no category for a show that impressed all the judges, a category may be created to reward that show.


A production remounted within five years of its original staging may be considered eligible if, in the judges’ opinion, any alterations have effected significant difference between the versions.


Guidelines for voting:


For each category, a short list of four nominees will be made (to be released on the website prior to the ceremony), unless there were insufficient worthy candidates to do so.


The voting process is preferential. Committee members will award four points to their first choice, three points to their second, two to their third, and one point to their fourth.


The aggregate points received by an eligible production will be averaged by attendance to ensure a fair weighting of votes in proportion to the number of committee members who saw each.


Judges cannot vote in categories where they have a conflict of interest – for instance if they or a family member has been involved in a production in any way.



Rosemary acknowledges the 10 voluntary committee members involved in the awards process





Steven Mitchell Wright
for directing A Doll’s House
and directing/designing Caligula

Tim O’Connor
for realising a new vision for Harvest Rain

optikal bloc
for projection and video work on Pale Blue Dot,
The Mountaintop
, Wuthering Heights,
and 1984

Simone Romaniuk
for designing Macbeth and Australia Day

Sven Swenson
for co-producing, writing and acting in
Angel Gear and Dangerfield Park

“Well… It appears the emperor may be wearing at least a tasteful g-string…” – Sven Swenson




Best Mainstage Production
Queensland Theatre Company


Sue Donnelly accepts the award for @, declares that commercial work funds new work




Lord Mayor’s Award for Best New Australian Work
(Proudly Sponsored by Brisbane City Council)
written by Richard Jordan,
La Boite Indie
& MadCat Creative Connections
with the support of QPAC

Angel Gear
Best Independent Production
La Boite Indie & Pentimento Productions
with the support of QPAC

Sven Swenson
Best Male Actor in a Leading Role
Angel Gear

Helen Christinson
Best Female Actor in a Leading Role
A Doll’s House

Damien Cassidy
Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role
A Doll’s House

Cienda McNamara
Best Female Actor in a Supporting Role
A Doll’s House

Steven Mitchell Wright
Best Director
A Doll’s House

Simone Romaniuk
Best Design (Set & Costumes)

optikal bloc
Best Technical Design (Lights, Multimedia & Sound)
multimedia design – Pale Blue Dot

Casey Woods
Bille Brown Award for Best Emerging Artist
for her performance in Angel Gear

Best Musical or Cabaret
Harvest Rain Theatre Company


Congratulations to all recipients of the 2014 Matilda Awards!

View all 2014 nominations or see a list of past winners.

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