Cirque Adrenaline


Cirque Adrenalin

QPAC and Tim Lawson & Simon Painter

QPAC Concert Hall

January 7 – 17 2016

Reviewed by Henry Elvis & Oscar Maton

Cirque Adrenaline_20151007_053043_506

WOW! This circus really lives up to its name.

https://www.youtube.com/embed/CbACmW4NlWw“>Cirque Adrenaline’s opening sequence has so much in it that on opening night we didn’t know where to look and what to watch. There is a Russian Swing Act to begin with that is pretty impressive but very short. Actually, most of the acts are pretty short. It’s as if they only have a short amount of time and have to fit in all of the really good tricks very quickly.

The Contortionist on the Aerial Hoop is very expressive and some of the positions she gets into made us squirm in our seats.

The Clown, Dizzy, is probably the best as he is on so many times. He asks for audience participation, which is okay, but I’m glad he didn’t pick any of us out of the crowd. On Opening Night he was a bit mean, pointing out that one of the guys was fat and we thought he didn’t need to do that. He was very funny though. He was also a good juggler and acrobat.

The Wheel of Death, which finishes the first act, is the highlight as far as danger and tricks are concerned.

Two young guys start inside the wheels, at first with some flips to warm up, and then they run and jump around the outside of the massive contraption. At any moment they could fall off, and on Opening Night they nearly did, but managed to save it just in time.


This circus has lots of different acts. High Bars, Ropes, Trampoline and Hand to Hand from some acrobats who obviously have been performing their act for a long time. They really know how to make it look good and get the audience to like them. The porter climbed a ladder with his partner doing a one arm handstand on his head! That is a great trick.


There is a cool fire twirler, who fills the stage with fire, and a straps duo who perform crazy tricks and spins in a short amount of time. The motorcycle Sphere of Fear was noisy and fast and fun. At one point a crazy lady stood in the middle of the cage while three motorcyclists did laps around her.

The music is loud and the lights are bright and colourful. Some of the costumes are weird but the men mostly look like pirates so that’s okay. Mum and Dad said it reminds them of a Vegas show. Maybe they mean the dancing girls.

It’s not the best circus we’ve ever seen (with Mum and Dad both working on Cirque du Soleil shows we’ve seen a lot!), but we really enjoyed it and recommend you go and see it!

https://www.youtube.com/embed/CbACmW4NlWw“>Cirque Adrenaline is an awesome night out for the whole family!


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