debase Productions

Judith Wright Centre Shopfront

November 19 – 21 2015


Reviewed by Meredith Walker




It has been said that one of first things in creating a character is to find their walk. But wigs, it seems, also offer opportunity to easily establish a character… or characters in this case.


As writer/performer Liz Skitch demonstrates in her comedy show “Spoilt”, there are so many nuances to characters. After entering as herself, she transforms c/o five different wigs and a handful of accessories into five entirely distinct but stereotypical female characters, all spoilt in their own way.




Sucking in her cheeks and sticking out her chest, she morphs from bridezilla Sonja to scatterbrain reality tv star Larissa, famous for her burlesque number on “X Factor” and desperate to maintain her tenuous celebrity status. Then, with hunched shoulders and bulky beads, she becomes Sue, a sarcastic wedding co-ordinator, ageing years in a moment. From Botoxed celebrant Jacqui, willing to share her most intimate secrets to anyone who will listen, to Australia’s Toughest personal trainer, Peta Swift, once captain of the Australian Netball Team and now celebrity trainer on “The Biggest Loser”, her energy never wanes in representation of the essential narcissism at the core of each character.




The characters’ clever connection is through a celebrity wedding, at which audience members are also in attendance, including as the mother and father of the bride and bridesmaids crew. Although a lavish affair, complete with New Idea coverage, it is also a very weird wedding, thanks to an unanticipated Act Two twist. Despite only this loose narrative, however, Skitch’s performance is dynamic enough to carry the evening. Her affection for the characters and their quirks is clear. And her impersonations of the exaggerated personalities are as remarkable as they are entertaining.


Beyond just wigs and accessories, down to the finest nuances, her physicality, vocals and mannerisms combine in each instance to create perfect depiction, making audience members spoiled for choice of a personal favourite.




“Spoilt” is a strangely entertaining show: mostly entertaining in Act One but sometimes a little strange in Act Two. Still, with its catchy soundtrack (because what wedding is complete without some ‘Nutbush City Limits’) and many comic moments, it is loads of fun, including through its mild audience participation.


More entertainment than social comment, it includes a stack of silliness that makes it a great, giggly night out.




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