2high Festival Launch


2high Festival Launch 


This Must Be the Place

Friday October 30 2015


Attended by Katelyn Panagiris




2high Festival has a long history of supporting Brisbane’s emerging producer, providing a unique learning experience in festival management, under the mentorship of many industry professionals. This year the team has programmed a vibrant and energetic festival combining in the mix, a program of science.


The Backbone 2high festival is the official unofficial training ground for festival workers, artists, administrators and leaders in the industry. With an alumni group that would make universities blush, and support and acknowledgement for the experience industry wide – 2high has long been the place to cut your teeth in the industry and to exchange knowledge with tomorrow’s leaders.


2high is a circus trick. One standing on the shoulders of another. An ongoing exchange of trust. 2high represents the relationship between the mentor and the mentee who work together to synergise and share their knowledge, networks and abilities throughout the festival making process. This relationship, coupled with tangible experience and ongoing training specific to festival management is what truly sets the 2high experience apart and has made this experience such a success.




Since its inception in 1994 Backbone Youth Arts has built, shaped, created and reinvented the 2high festival to respond to the changing needs of the industry and emerging arts workers. What do we need to learn today to be prepared for the demands of our audiences and artists tomorrow?


The 2016 2high Festival boasts many exciting contemporary works from artists across multiple art forms. The three-day long festival in January, co-presented by Metro Arts, is comprised of six interesting programs, as well as installations, ideas and pop-ups.


The Science program, curated by Elizabeth Long, is dedicated to seeking new knowledge at the crossroad of science and art. Works include Stand Back, I know Science, Water Pollution, Lenguas Ironicas and Sweat of the Earth.


The F-Word program, curated by Sophie-Jane Huchet, is a feminist program with space for discussions, zines to read and performances including Don’t Read The Comments by Digi Youth Arts, The Girlfriend Experience by Taryn Allen, Mess by Young Goose Productions and You Mad, Bro? by Brodie Shelly and Madeleine Little to name a few.


The performance program, curated by Hannah Farrelly, presents two unique platforms: YAAS and Bare Bones. YAAS, or the Youth Arts Australia Showcase, is designed to showcase some of Australia’s best young artists in performances I am by Bust a Move Dance, Joyride by The Light Ensemble, Interrupting the Internet by YAK YAK Youth Arts Kuranda and Parental Guidance Recommended.


This program exemplifies 2high’s commitment to an inclusive space where all voices are heard and valued.


Bare Bones is dedicated to theatre, dance and circus that is primal and physical. Performances include Sonic-Body-Actions, Imago, Eye Resolution, Sisyphus, The Mechanics of Entanglement, Naked, Submerged, An Act of Intimacy and many more.


There will also be music performances by Airling, Aquila Young, Fierce Mild, Quintessential Doll, Pontouf, Jouk Mistrow, Born Joy Dead, Landings, Georgia May, Sean Anthony, Brendan Maclean, Phoebe, Opaeka, Ella Fence and Yóste in a Music program curated by Roy Gordon, Aidan Hogg and Steph Linsdell.


Finally, the I am Vital program, curated by Kaitlyn Tighe, celebrates what makes each and every one of us vital. You can visit the I am Vital Selfie Booth throughout the festival and use #IamVital to express why we are vital (as artists, as people).


2high Festival 2016 is a truly exciting festival with something to satisfy the diverse tastes of every art lover in Brisbane as Metro Arts is filled to the brim with music, dance, circus, theatre, installations, pop-ups and discussions. It promises to be an inclusive, eye-opening festival, celebrating the vital part that the arts play in our community. Don’t miss it! January 15 – 17 2016





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