QTC & Dead Puppet Society

Bille Brown Studio

May 5 – 17 2015


 Reviewed by Xanthe Coward


Poppy and I fell in love with little Argus in 2013 at Brisbane Powerhouse, where the show was the humble highlight of their PowerKids festival. You can read our original review, which reveals a little more of the story, here.


Dead Puppet Society created magic with this beautiful production, and we’re so glad it’s back! But only until this weekend so be quick! Book it! And then come back here to find out why you can’t miss this special storytelling event…




You know the feeling that flutters up from somewhere, tickles your heart and the tip of your nose, and bursts into a million bright yellow butterflies when you come across an old favourite toy or a ribbon bound bunch of love letters in the bottom of the box of special things stashed under your bed? THAT’S ARGUS.


It’s a gorgeous show, full of every emotion and offering the perfect solutions to global problems of displacement and loss. LOVE. AND LOOKING OUT FOR EACH OTHER. WHO WOULD’VE THOUGHT?



“If we’re together it doesn’t matter where we are. Even the dump can be made beautiful. We can have a party at the dump.” Poppy Eponine



It’s an ancient story made new by the simple retelling of it. A little guy – Argus – loses his friends and travels the world to locate them. Through his bright eyes we see how big and frightening and wonderful and awesome our world is. There are physical, emotional and ethical challenges – and big, loud, egotistical evil dudes wielding red spades – but there is joy in something as simple as a tiny flower and in the acts of sharing, and giving and receiving simple gifts.




Nathan Booth, Laura Hague, Matthew Seery and Anna Straker make an impressive ensemble, bringing to life every character with a deceptively simple arrangement of hands, voices and recycled kitchen things. It’s extraordinary to look away from the illusion, magically lit by Jason Glenwright, to watch four expressive faces, another entire performance happening above the performance space. Director and Designer, David Morton hasn’t attempted to hide the puppeteers, nor the musicians (Brisbane’s Topology: Robert Davidson, Therese Milanovic, Christa Powell and Composer, John Babbage). Babbage’s score encapsulates dreams and fears, and known and unknown places and people.



Argus is a little show with a big heart, fondly known as “the little show that could”. Argus is a gift that keeps on giving to audiences of all ages, moving us beyond words and worlds.




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