Job’s Right – The Second Coat comes to the Sunshine Coast

Job’s Right – The Second Coat

It’s a cult of a play…

job's right1

Wanna know what REALLY happens on a job site?!

When Job’s Right pulled the curtain at The J in March 2008 over 4700 people on the Sunshine Coast had witnessed what could only be described as “a cult of a play”.

Perfectly described by one of the hundreds of local tradies who saw it as “Raw .. real .. earthy … and funny!”, the original play was centred around a gang of house painters led by work-weary Rick. Along with his offsiders, the politically incorrect Murph and the lovable larrakin Wally, the fellas stumbled and bumbled from one disaster to another. Somehow they survived to paint another day.

Well, it’s seven years later and they’re back! Rick, Murph, Wally and their social conscience, Spanner. Writers, Brett Klease and Simon Denver, have penned a brand new script. And has anything changed? No! It’s another day … another site … another client … another stuff up!

Same dog. Different fleas.

job's right2

The client, Mrs Hunt, wants a shrine to her late husband built so she can communicate with the spirit world. She is backed by Nathaniel, her Designer / Colour Therapist / Feng Shui expert. If you add to this mix a feisty female carpenter, Potty, and Mrs Hunt’s belligerent son, Michael, the fur is gonna’ fly. If it can go wrong it will go wrong!

Warning: This play doesn’t not contain bad language. It contains HEAPS of bad language. It doesn’t contain men behaving badly. It contains men behaving VERY badly. This play is not funny. This play is REALLY, REALLY funny. It has all the right laughs for all the wrong reasons.

Featuring some of the Sunshine Coast’s top talent, Job’s Right – The Second Coat is hardcore comedy at it’s best! Remember, it’s NOT for kids, but it’s for everybody else! Don’t miss it!

Book online or call the venue nearest you.

The Events Centre, Caloundra May 14, 15 & 16 (Bookings: call 549 10702)

Nambour Civic Centre May 28, 29 & 30 (Bookings: call 5457 777)

The J, Noosa June 3, 4 & 6 (Bookings: 5329 6560)

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