The Devil Wears Leigh Buchanan


The Devil Wears Leigh Buchanan

Brisbane Powerhouse & Troy Armstrong Management

Brisbane Powerhouse Visy Theatre

April 17 – 18 2015


Reviewed by Xanthe Coward 




Edit: Leigh Buchanan and I keep running into each other in foyers and at the bar before and after other people’s shows and finally, during Brisbane Cabaret Festival, I realised I hadn’t posted THIS



He’s Brisbane’s favourite sharp-tongued socialite and a real-deal fashionista. I adore him. And his shoes.



Buchanan is delicious in his debut cabaret show (it actually debuted in 2014), just divine.



I missed it the first time and managed to catch the return season of The Devil Wears Leigh Buchanan at Brisbane Powerhouse in April and I ‘reckon there’s life in it yet.





The Devil Wears Leigh Buchanan is a cheeky, naughty, sparkly little late night number that your mum would tell you is too short to wear out! (And wouldn’t approve of you wearing to breakfast the next morning)… CHEERS! #lovemymum



This designer cum scene-stealer cum cabaret star has done it all before, under the guise of his nemeses, Barbara Windsor Woo (you may experience an a-ha! moment! YOU MAY KNOW HER). This show is not hers, although she and “Nanna” both make appearances, it’s Buchanan’s show and he shines simply as himself. Or as close to almost-nearly-himself as he’ll let us see. And the glimpses are gorgeous, letting us in on hilarious anecdotes, hot secrets and top fashion tips, as well as some surprisingly moving moments, including an exquisitely raw and ready rendition of I Think It’s Going To Rain Today, which became one of my favourite songs ever when Bette Midler sang it in Beaches. I was twelve.






Buchanan insists that the show I experienced was not his best but if that’s the case I can’t wait to see (and hear) more from him. While there’s some work to do around range and pitch and musicality, there’s a genuine comedic talent here, and quirky confidence; it’s the natural ability to entertain a crowd, a combination of factors completely eluding some of the newbies to the genre at the moment (they’re the ones who just wanna’ get up and sing their story because CABARET), despite these elements being pretty essential to the success of a cabaret show. If those shows are the Target shoes, Buchanan is Louboutin.




It’s a well-crafted piece with a whole lot of pizazz, just like anything I’ve seen Buchanan design. More, ploise.





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