Judith Wright Centre & Lisa Wilson Projects

Judith Wright Centre 

May 15 – 17 2014

Reviewed by Simone Mutimer


Bold in its vision and deeply evocative, Lisa Wilson’s Lake  literally floods the stage to grapple with our fascination and fear of water.

Serene. Calm. Haunting. Menacing.

Lake reflects on the journey of a relationship, cascading along from sparkling reflection to murky depths; from intense beauty to chilling isolation, to utter wilderness and our innermost sense of our selves.


NOMINATED 2013 Australian Dance Awards
Outstanding achievement in independent dance: Lisa Wilson 



Lisa Wilson’s Lake is set upon a flooded stage against the sounds and trees of the Australian bushland. We are introduced to the show by the innocent and freely expressed nature spirit.
This contemporary dance performance explores the dynamics of the masculine / feminine aspects of a relationship. We journey through the inner emotional turmoil and unspoken words as they try to find an expression and a voice.
We follow the breaking down and rebuilding of the relationship through playing, fighting and isolation.
The masculine sets about trying to control and structure his environment , while the feminine – sometimes closed and lost in her creative and dynamic emotions,  flows in and out of herself trying to find a place to express and connect.
Lake is a must-see visual and sensory exploration that will draw you in and keep you captivated. The elements of nature and human nature expressed through water and human relationships. This show will keep coming back. Make sure you don’t miss it next time.

Promo LAKE from Lisa Wilson on Vimeo.

Images by FenLan Chuang


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