oops! …I did it again!


oops! …I did it again! I wrote something that somebody didn’t like but this time I wrote it without checking my facts and I’ve been corrected! (Once I wore a red catsuit too, it was velour and not pretty like Britney’s PVC. In fact, I wore it on a number of occasions and there were always a number of women who visibly recoiled every time they saw me coming in that outfit but I’M NOT APOLOGISING FOR THAT).







You might not have noticed that occasionally somebody comments on this blog. And you would be right to let it pass you by, I know; you’re busy. However, this one is too important and it would be remiss of me to not mention it.


In my last post I told you that La Boite Theatre Co was MIA from the Matilda Awards and that simply isn’t true. AD David Berthold couldn’t be there – we knew that – and so, making an appearance instead, was GM Rhys Holden and a few other staff members. I’m sorry I missed seeing you there, guys!


I take full responsibility for misleading you, if you too were under the impression that La Boite was not represented at #matildas13 supporting industry friends and colleagues. Sometimes, perception is reality, but this time my perception was WRONG. BLOGGER FAIL.


My sincere apologies to La Boite and also, HAPPY DANCE! Because #mtcCock


SEE YOU THERE! (Yes! Make sure I see you there!).




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