A Chat With Tom Sharah – It’s Raining Me at Brisbane Powerhouse


Award-winning cabaret performer, and star of Channel 10’s I Will Survive and Channel 9’s Mornings, Tom Sharah has an incurable case of charisma. 

Born into an Australian showbiz family, Tom emerged from the womb with an extravagant finger-snap and a smart high-kick, and has barely drawn breath since.

It’s Raining Me takes audiences on a break-neck journey through the trials and tribulations of a boy who was always way too fierce for civilian life, intertwined with ferocious renditions of some of your favourite pop and disco numbers.

It’s Raining Me is an outrageous, courageous, and distinctly contagious night of cabaret.


Tom Sharah


Hey Tom, what have you been up to since we saw you and your show earlier this year at the Noosa Long Weekend Festival?

It’s Raining Me had a final season in Sydney after we finished Noosa, which was awesome. Brisbane will be the official end of the tour, so I’m looking forward to going out with a bang. Since Noosa, I also did my first play called Three Winters Green in Sydney which was a fantastic experience and something I’d like to do more of. I’ve also been performing in a concert show called Boys in the Band which is awesome and has already taken me all over the country and overseas, so it’s been a busy time.


Are Queensland audiences different? What do you love about performing (and touring) in Queensland?

The Noosa audiences were amazing, both times I’ve done shows there. This will be my Brissy debut but I am hoping that they follow suit.


I love Brisbane as a city, and Noosa is heaven. Beautiful weather, food and people. What more could you ask for?


How do you stay show-fit? (Have you jumped on the green smoothie bandwagon yet? Did you quit sugar?)

I don’t eat a lot of sugar, but I certainly haven’t quit it. The main focus is always on vocal maintenance because these shows are a huge sing and really demanding for me. I like to eat well purely so I have as much energy as possible on stage. If I’m feeling heavy and lethargic it will be of detriment to the whole show. But I definitely don’t follow any specific diets.


Are you pleased to have been included in divaknowsbest.wordpress.com’s 25 Hot Boys of the Australian Theatre Scene? Is there anyone on that list you’d like to work with? Who else would you like to cross paths with?

That was such a hilarious surprise! I don’t know who compiled that list but I owe them a drink. It was fine company to be in. I long for the day I work with iOTA and Mitchell Butel – both of whom are great friends of mine, and total inspirations to me professionally.


Is cabaret your future or are you willing to take the little leap across to musical theatre? (We’re sad that you were overlooked for The Rocky Horror Show. I know Frank n Furter is one of the roles on your bucket list! Do you think you need more Twitter followers? Just kidding. But not really…)

I will go where the work takes me. Cabaret is my soul food, because it is so hands on. I am able to be creative and spontaneous and really hone in on my skills and individualities. If the right musical and role came along, of course I’d jump at it. But I’m quite hard to place in big mainstream shows. I don’t know if it’s in my short term future, but I’m fine with that.


As long as I am still creating and performing and singing, I am grateful.


Tom Sharah It's Raining Me


What about pop? Can you see yourself in our popular music industry? (What do you think of our reality tv talent shows generally? The Voice etc…)

I don’t think that industry is really my calling. That being said there is no denying those shows have discovered some incredible talent who wouldn’t have been given the opportunity were it not for that platform. You think of Australian talent like Guy Sebastian and Jess Mauboy, and they have really transcended the reality show stigma. They are respected and successful artists in their own right now. It’s all about getting the break at the right time.


What did I Will Survive do for you, as a performer and as a name in the industry?

It really elevated my status purely from the exposure.


People don’t realise that what might be considered a commercial disappointment in the TV world is still hundreds of thousands of people watching you every week.


It was a fantastic launching pad for me and a truly phenomenal experience.


Are you recording anything new at the moment/anytime soon?

I recorded an EP at the end of last year which is still going strong, and I haven’t really though about a follow up as of yet. I do record a weekly podcast, though, called I Love It But I Hate It But I Love It… which is available on iTunes and has developed a really loyal and strong following. I enjoy doing that a lot.


For those who haven’t seen the new show, can you tell us what to expect?

It is a really conversational, personable, high energy, funny show with a bunch of classic songs and a couple of unexpected numbers all played by a hot three-piece band. It is a project I am so proud of and the audience response over the last year has been overwhelming. It is a show I will really miss doing.


What are the stories we get in Tom Sharah: It’s Raining Me?

Plenty of hilarious anecdotes from being a highly eccentric and individual kid, plus a few stories about my crazy I Will Survive adventure.


What can you tell us about growing up in your household?

I come from a showbusiness family, so my parents have always been very supportive of my ambitions. It was colourful and wonderful and I have been lucky to have had so much access to the theatre since such a young age.


Will we see Oscar on stage this time? Do you have plans to work together in the future?

Yes my bro will be returning for this one. It feels wrong to do a show without a little guestie from him these days, so we will be giving Brisbane some acoustic harmonising realness.


Tom Sharah 2013


What makes you and Amy Housewine the perfect double bill?

We are bringing something different to the table, but at the heart of both shows are the music and the storytelling. In my opinion, that is what makes for a great night of cabaret.


I loved meeting your mum in Noosa and I know she loved your show. Is it still the kind of show that we can bring our mums and nannas to see?

Absolutely. There is something for everyone. I think it is important not to alienate any demographics, so I have incorporated a diverse range of music and have made the banter appropriate for all ages. Maybe not little kids, because I do tend to drop the occasional F-bomb … but only out of over-excitement and passion. I don’t like unnecessarily crass theatre.


This is fun for everyone. Come one, come all I say.


Three shows only – Thursday December 5 – Saturday December 7 at Brisbane Powerhouse. Book a Starstruck Cabaret Experience to get the best deal!



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