Risk’s Spring Awakening at La Boite tonight and tomorrow night!


See Spring Awakening tonight and tomorrow night only, at La Boite’s Roundhouse Theatre…



We saw Maia Knibb, who plays Ilse in this production, in Coolum Theatre Players’ production of Urinetown…






Director of Spring Awakening and playing the role of the Adult Male is David Harrison. Spring Awakening tops off what has been a massive year for David; it’s the fifth musical he’s performed in this year and the second he’s produced through Risk. After battling with skin cancer surgery which left him rather prominently facially scarred, the single father of two presumed his performing days were behind him. This attitude lasted all of about 2 months in the latter half of 2012, and performing in the smash comedy, [title of show] in February this year saw him return to the stage. It seems he’s refused to get off it since! [tos] was followed by The Last Five Years, the one act play Far From Perfect, The Music Man and last month (with his eldest daughter), The Sound of Music.


By establishing Risk in 2012, David sought to change the perception of music theatre in the Ipswich region, whilst seeking to showcase local and out of town talent to the wider Brisbane audiences. Despite receiving some well-meaning advice from several people (ie “you can’t perform Spring Awakening in Ipswich!”), he put together his creative team and cast and has done it anyway. Upon seeing the talent he had assembled for the show, he arranged for a short season at The Roundhouse Theatre, a huge gamble but one he believes in. Almost entirely self funded by himself and co-founder and close friend, Jim Orr, Risk Productions and Spring Awakening were born out of a belief in musical theatre being more than just light entertainment.



“Music – nothing touches the soul like music does. So why not perform terrific musicals that touch the soul and heart? That make you think? This show – well, it’s an amazing show. It entertains and it shocks and it touches you. It’s a wonderfully well rounded and beautiful script with astonishing music and I challenge anyone to come along and not be moved by it.” – David Harrison, Risk Productions Inc.






Winner of 8 Tony Awards, including Best Musical, 4 Drama Desk Awards, 4 Laurence Olivier Awards and a Grammy, Spring Awakening has been thrilling audiences across the world since it premiered on Broadway in 2006. Written by Steven Sater with music by Duncan Sheik, Risk Productions Inc is bringing this electrifying show to The Roundhouse for 2 nights only.


This landmark musical brings a fusion of morality, sexuality and folk induced rock that takes you on a journey of self discovery in a powerful celebration of youth and rebellion. Controversial and daring, this will be a production to remember.


Australia’s only purpose built “in-the-round” theatre, The Roundhouse is a perfect venue for Risk’s Spring Awakening.


Risk Productions Inc advises that due to adult language and themes, this show is suitable for mature audiences only.





2 Responses to “Risk’s Spring Awakening at La Boite tonight and tomorrow night!”

  1. 1 Joanna H
    November 5, 2013 at 1:34 pm

    I took a ‘risk’, if you will, to see this show at the Roundhouse Theatre and i must say that it was incredibly average, considering how much this has been talked up through their social media campaign, as well as via interviews and websites such as these.
    The cast performed well, in that many of them were noticeably experienced. Maia Knibb put on a convincing and suitably subtle performance in the role of Ilse. As did the girl who played Martha and the man who portrayed Hanchen. I did, however, find it difficult to connect with Moritz, which was awfully disappointing considering what a large role he plays in the development of the story. Despite these highlights, the most disappointing facet of this production was that the direction was less than outstanding, often feeling somewhat awkward in its lack of flow or underdeveloped speech and character. The stage design and use of the stage in this venue seemed confused and unfinished, again showing mistakes that are the calling card of poor understanding of stage work and direction.
    The music was good in that the cast seemed well rehearsed and confident of their song structure, yet the musicians were occasionally iffy, though overall did a fairly good job.
    The performance, though acceptable, was not the amazing uplifting spectacle that it was advertised as. Perhaps Mr Harrison should have taken the ‘well-meaning’ advice of his peers and stayed away from this ‘huge gamble’. Overall i felt this show earned about a 6/10, the cast and the script itself shone through in the brief periods of flow that occurred, yet the obvious awkward direction was distracting and took away from the beautiful understatement that is written into this amazing show.

  2. 2 Megan T
    November 5, 2013 at 6:41 pm

    I also attended a performance of Spring Awakening and found the show to be forgettable. While the cast were strong, their performances could not make up for the woeful direction. The cast spent a lot of time sitting or lying on the stage, with a raised stage and flat seating I was unable to see much of what was happening. The front of house aspect of the performance was completely disorganised. Many of the audience member were unsure as to when the performance was due to start and were left waiting on the street as the doors were opened late.

    From all the hype on Facebook, I was expecting a pro-am performance instead of amateur at best. As I mentioned earlier, the cast were very strong and really carried the show. The young performers in this show maintained their energy and provided the few moments of enjoyment.

    The choreography and music direction were both tight and strong. It is such a pity that this production didn’t have a more capable director.

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