Motherland opens at Metro Arts tonight!


Three women, exiled from their homelands, find their lives are woven together across continents and decades…




Shortlisted  for  the  2013  Patrick  White  Playwrights’  Award,  Katherine  Lyall-­‐Watson’s  play Motherland  heads  for   the  stage  with  emerging  director,  Caroline  Dunphy,  and  a  stellar  cast  including  Barbara  Lowing,  Kerith  Atkinson,   Rebecca  Riggs,  Peter  Cossar  and  Daniel  Murphy.  Metro  Arts’  Season  of  the  Independents  presents  this  epic  story,   which  spans  the  twentieth  century,  World  War  and  the  Russian  Revolution.


Motherland  is  a  story  about  three  remarkable  real  women:  there’s  Nell  Tritton,  of  Brisbane’s  Tritton  furniture   emporium,  who  married  Russia’s  deposed  Prime  Minister,  Alexander  Kerensky,  and  helped  him  escape  from  the   Nazis  in  the  Second  World  War;  there’s  Nina  Berberova,  a  Russian  writer  living  in  exile  in  Paris  with  her  lover,  the   poet  Vladislav  Khodasevich;  and  there’s  Alyona,  a  Russian  museum  curator  stuck  in  Brisbane  at  the  height  of  the   Fitzgerald  Inquiry  when  her  Australian  husband’s  business  goes  bankrupt.


The  three  stories  are  woven  together  into  a  rich  tapestry  that  plays  with  history,  as  it  reveals  the  price  of  betrayal   and  the  lure  of  forbidden  love.


After  four  years  of  research  and  writing,  Katherine  Lyall-­‐Watson  is  still  just  as  intrigued  by  the  real  people  at  the   heart  of  the  play  as  she  was  on  the  day  she  started  writing.  “The  best  and  worst  thing  about  researching  history,”   she  says,  “is  that  it’s  never  finished.  It’s  been  four  years  and  Nell  is  still  an  enigma.  Her  family  helped  shape   Brisbane  and  her  life  was  extraordinary,  but  history  has  forgotten  her.  Writing  Motherland  has  been  a  way  to   bring  her  back  to  life  and  to  re-­‐imagine  some  of  the  moments  that  defined  her.”


Timeframes  and  locations  collide  and  interweave  as  the  actors  play  multiple  characters  in  this  fast-­‐paced  and   passionate  90-­‐minute  theatrical  depiction  of  true  stories.  Caroline  Dunphy’s  direction  brings  rigour  and  fierceness   to  this  contemporary  staging.


Metro  Arts  is  proud  to  present  the  premiere  production  of  Motherland.  Liz  Burcham,  CEO  of  Metro  Arts  says,   “Katherine  Lyall-­‐Watson  is  an  extremely  proficient  playwright  and  we  are  honoured  to  co-­‐present  the  very  first   production  of  her  writings.  Her  plays  need  to  be  seen.” Book here.




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