School For Scandal


School For Scandal 

heartBeast Theatre

Trinity Church Hall

12 October – 26 October 2013


Reviewed by Meredith McLean


heartBeast’s latest production to grace Church Street’s Trinity Hall is a night of scandalous schemes and ludicrous banter. But the show appeared monumental in the cozy building. As Micahel Beh, the Artistic Director, said after opening night with thank yous and champagne, “We always say we’re going to do something small next,” but this is never the case with heartBeast theatre.


heartBeast School For Scandal


The space was transformed into an arena stage for School For Scandal. The changing lights brought an intense focus to the show. One of the most astounding elements to this production are the costumes. A whole team of talented ladies were the tour de force behind this visual splendour. I’d never seen attire of the 1770’s so loud and bright in my life.


heartBeast School For Scandal


The play is loaded with history. Not only the history of the original Sheridan text, but the parallel narrative of Vivien Leigh’s actual scandals behind the stage.


Talk of lesbian lovers; adultery, mischief and true love mingle together in this burst of colour.


The absurd, ritualistic qualities of the show can be confronting at first glance. But as the show progresses the chortling characters and their bizarre greetings, and their unique way of speaking becomes part of the intrigue.


heartBeast School For Scandal


It’s always wonderful to see these self-funded thespians grow. This production certainly was a ballsy challenge. But from the depths of their own pockets, heartBeast transformed Trinity Hall, every single aspect of it. The lighting, the sound, the costume, even the draughty breeze trailing through the door felt naturally part of the ambience. As if it were put there just for the play.

heartBeast’s School For Scandal continues until the 26th of October. Go there, listen to lies and lovers, and see School For Scandal yourself before the month is out.



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