All Dolled Up


All Dolled Up 

Brisbane Powerhouse & THISISPOPBABY

Brisbane Powerhouse

9th October – 11th October 2013


Reviewed by Meredith McLean




Panti is Ireland’s premier ‘gender illusionist’ and the only drag queen to have performed a solo show in the national theatre there. THISISPOPBABY are the ‘enfant terribles’ of the Irish theatre scene, known for ripping up the space between popular culture, counter culture and high art, bringing new audiences to theatre through their shows, musicals, arenas at music festivals and performance art club WERK.




All Dolled Up is more than your typical drag show. Don’t be worried, there is plenty of make up, false lashes and false boobs to pull its weight as a fully fledged drag cabaret comedy. But there is so much substance to the life of “Panti” who you will no doubt love when you meet.


Known by some as the Queen of Ireland she will regale you with tales from her life. Some take place in her very own hometown; others are strange anecdotes from the Orients, while some stories feel like a music doco about the 70s clubbing scene of Ireland.


Besides her incredibly fascinating laugh she has a wit as sharp as the fake acrylic nails she might be wearing. She will have dragged every celebrity of the seventies through the mud before the night is through. Be warned, she may even talk to you about your fashion sense and sexual preferences.


All in good fun this show is very accepting with little gems of wisdom here and there about love and life. It would be impossible for someone like Panti, who has had such an extraordinary life, not to learn a lesson or two. Truly, jokes aside, there is material from her life that could easily secure a neat book deal. Think Augusten Burroughs-esque and you’ll understand what kind of exciting book that might be.


Do not distress – there is a musical number! With red glittering curtain and all. This is one hour of a good giggle, and 18+ giggle mind you, but a giggle nonetheless.




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