Daisy Pulls It Off


Daisy Pulls It Off


Buderim Memorial Hall

October 4 – 12 2013


Reviewed by Xanthe Coward




Denise Deegan didn’t write Daisy Pulls It Off as a comedy, but it’s riotously funny in parts and overall, a top night out for the whole family, which is not something that our local theatres offer on a regular basis. This is certainly something different, refreshing; it’s time we had more of it!


Like settling into one of Shakespeare’s classics, it takes a little while to get the gist of what these “plucky young gels” are going on about but once we’ve switched on, tuned in and taken on board the nuances of the language (bell-like exclamations of “JUBILATE!” not withstanding) this clever little parody of all things proper and British is delightful. Half the cast is able to play it perfectly straight and the performances from these girls are superb.


They include the super talented Anna McMahon as Daisy Meredith, Rachel Fentiman as Monica and Megan Anning as Sybil. We can’t see the tongues-in-cheeks but we know they’re there and that alone makes this show worth catching before it closes this weekend. It’s pantomime for grown-ups, a true send up of the proper British boarding schools recognised by many of the more mature members of the audience. But regardless of age and experience, the perfectly flawed characters and fabulous adventures, including pillow fights and treasure hunts will have every member of the family chuckling.


Anna McMahon & Megan Anning

Anna McMahon & Megan Anning


When Daisy wins a scholarship to attend Grangewood School for Young Ladies it’s not all sticky buns and hot cocoa.


She must prove her worth through a series of (mis)adventures, save her chums and play hockey like a pro. Indeed, the hockey match is an outstanding scene – my favourite – and proves once again that Simon Denver is a director of a different kind.


If you’ve seen his stuff before you’ll recognise the little touches and if you’re new to this brand of theatre on the Sunshine Coast, well, welcome! And enjoy. Let’s hope BATS keep this good co-pro thing going and produce a few more of the lighter variety of plays just like this one. If you’ve been away from the theatre for a little while, it’s a topping idea to come back!



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